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Vadim Black fucks Tate Thompson

by on Mar.26, 2014, under Broke Straight Boys

Vadim Black Fucks Tate Thompson

Vadim Black Fucks Tate Thompson

I’m pretty sure my brain is going to explode after this encounter. Vadim Black and Tate Thompson? Together? #instantwood. Vadim (I call him Darth Vadim because we’re tight like that) is finally going to get some penetrating action. It’s time to help him delve a bit deeper into his curiosities, about 9 inches deeper to be precise. The last time he was here he received an amazing blowjob from Paul Cannon. He says he’s nervous but I’m sure he’s at least a little turned on by the prospect of sexing with Tate; one of my personal favorite broke boys. Let’s get it.

They drop trow and reveal their sexy asses. Tate squeezes Vadim’s little bubble butt and comments that it makes his look “mammoth.” That’s some good ass on both of them if you ask me. Besides, it’s not what’s on the outside that counts; it’s the inside and soon enough Vadim will be all up in Tate’s insides. After reviewing each other’s assets Vadim pulls Tate close and they begin to kiss like long lost lovers. And I drool with envy just watching. Tate gently leads Vadim’s head down to his dick and Vadim…wait for it…puts it in his mouth. A gay angel just got a pair of Louis Vuitton wings. Finally! Vadim begins to suck Tate’s cock. I’ve been waiting for this for some time. The dark and handsome Vadim has never been sexier than he is now with his lips wrapped around Tate’s shaft. He takes it well for a newbie, almost deep throating at couple of points. “Damn” is all Tate can say when Vadim asks if it’s good. Tate gently rescues Vadim from his knees and begins to kiss him again. They won’t be straight for long if they keep that up. Tate lays Vadim on the bed and begins to suck him off. Vadim grabs Tate by his blond hair to help guide his mouth up and down his dick. That uncut cock of his just grows and grows as he works on it. Tate definitely knows what he’s doing. Vadim enticed and ready to fuck lubes up. Tate lies on his side and Vadim gently slides in raw. Vadim lifts Tate’s leg up and he begins to bully that ass with his uncut beast. “Fuck me”, Tate begs at a whisper. Vadim continues to do just that while nibbling on his neck and ear. Tate asks to be fucked harder and Vadim obliges.

Vadim puts Tate on all fours and continues to fuck away. Tate’s sexy ass bounces off of Vadim. That juicy booty of his is hungry for all the pounding Vadim’s meat can give it. Tate arches his back, the universal sign for “this ass is your’s daddy”! He repositions himself on his back and Vadim picks up right where he left off. Tate starts to play with his dick while coaching Vadim; telling him to go faster. I’m sure Tate’s sexy ass can take quite the beating. Vadim picks up the pace as requested, making Tate moan loudly. Tate’s a verbal little fuck and I love it. “Oh yeah, right there” he chants over and over. Soon a juicy load of cum is spilling out of his dick and into his belly button. Vadim follow suit and spews cum all over his first bottom boy. What a fucking! Tate was just the right boy to show him the ropes. Now I’m ready to see if Vadim will allow one of these guys to pop his cherry…

Watch Vadim Black Fuck Tate Thompson Here

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