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by on Jan.28, 2015, under Broke Straight Boys

Cage Kafig Is Back To Flip Fuck Vadim Black Raw

Cage Kafig Is Back To Flip Fuck Vadim Black Raw

BSB has obviously been in the process of hunting down some of our fan favorites; guys we haven’t seen in a while. Cage Kafig has returned with a beefier body, longer hair, and some brand new tattoos. He’s going to be with Vadim Black who also has some new ink. These boys are a perfect pairing, both are tatted up with hot bodies and huge sexual appetites. Oh, and let’s not forget that they’re two of BSB’s top ten models.

They start off with some sweet lip action, deeply kissing one another. Cage simply tells Vadim that he wants him to suck his dick and Vadim agrees with no hesitation. It must be nice to simply request someone as hot as Vadim to suck your  dick and have it happen. Vadim sucks on Cage’s dick, working it over to get it hard. With those excellent oral skills of his, he succeeds is no time. I almost forgot how perfect Cage’s cock is. Watching that perfect cock worked on by Vadim’s sexy mouth is stirring to say the least. Vadim gets on top of Cage, straddles his face and begins to fuck his mouth. Vadim’s body is fucking beautiful! This boy is art in motion as his rides Cage’s face.

The guys transition into the 69 position before Cage lubes his cock up and allows Vadim to slide right on. Vadim bounces up and down, taking as much of Cage’s long pole as he can. That’s quite the weapon Vadim is playing with. Cage gently strokes Vadim’s dick while enjoying the feeling of Vadim’s hole wrapped around his man bat. Vadim gets Cage on all fours and tries to get his cock inside. It takes a couple of tries, after all it’s been a while since Cage has had pork in his hole. Once Vadim is inside, he begins to thrust his fat cock deeper and deeper into his ass. Cage is clearly in some discomfort, but he takes it like a pro with each blow. Cage is accustomed to pain, he’s a fighter after all. His face bright red, Cage switches places with Vadim. He stuffs his hot cock right back into Vadim’s open hole. He fucks Vadim hard, giving as good as he got. Vadim gets his revenge soon though. He flips Cage right onto his back and fucks a hot milky load right out of him. Ropes of cum land on Cage’s chest. Vadim quickly pulls out and pops his own wad. Wow! This was quite the bout of fucking.

Cage Kafig Is Back To Flip Fuck Vadim Black Raw

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