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“Tears of Joy” are a good sign

by on Mar.01, 2014, under Broke Straight Boys

Sergio Valen Fucks Jason Matthews

Sergio Valen Fucks Jason Matthews

Why do we love Sergio Valen? Because he likes to rip the clothes off other straight boys and says shit like “let’s get down to dick sucking!” He is joined by Jason Matthews and Jason’s juicy ass (yes, his ass deserves to be introduced separately). After a conversation about call center unions, air traffic control, and birds in cockpits (yeah, we go there at BSB), dick sucking is exactly what they get into. Sergio commands Jason to sit down right before he wraps his warm mouth around his cock. “You’re making my eyes water!” Sergio says after feeling Jason’s dick grow in his mouth. “That’s a good sign”, Jason retorts as Sergio continues to inhale his cock. Sergio gets Jason’s piece nice and wet, bobbing his head up and down, as Jason watches intently.

Soon Sergio is asking “is it my turn yet?” Jason is all too happy to reciprocate as he starts to suck, pulling Sergio’s dick into his mouth and going down to the balls. Sergio takes a seat while Jason’s mouth continues to twist on Sergio’s meat. Jason starts to deep throat causing Sergio to exclaim, “He doesn’t fuck around!” This blogger agrees. With Jason’s forehead nearly touching Sergio’s abs in the process of giving head, Sergio decides that he can’t wait any longer. They move over to the bed and lube up. Jason jumps on and starts to ride Sergio’s dick like a boss! It’s hard to watch without being jealous of one or both of them. Sergio’s package is stretching Jason’s hole, but Jason must not mind because he leans down and starts to passionately kiss Sergio. Yum! Jason hops off of Sergio’s dick and gets on all fours; offering his ass for more pounding. Sergio obliges. Jason’s man globes bounce off of Sergio’s torso as he bangs him.

Sergio flips Jason onto his back, folds his legs up, and resumes to fuck the “oh’s” and “ah’s” out of Jason until he is begging to be fucked harder. I’d be willing to bet that Jason’s not thinking about call center unions now. Even though he doesn’t say please, Sergio begins to ram his cock in that pretty hole hard. Jason’s hole adjusts as Sergio slides his piece in and out with no objection. Cum squirts from Jason’s dick; landing all over his stomach and chest. Sergio follows suit by adding his own steamy load to the mix. He then smears their DNA mix with his hand and is offered the opportunity to lick it up. He declines (damn!) but it looks good enough to eat if you ask me.

Watch Sergio Valen Fuck Jason Matthews

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