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Instant Three-way!

by on Feb.01, 2016, under Eurocreme

Hooking up in the club, these three lads are in for a long night full of hot sex and rampant butt fucking that will leave us all exhausted. Matt Hughes and his famous 11-inch dick are back and in fine form as it gets shared around Czech superstar Alex Stevens and curly haired Philipe Delvaux. Alex is looking so buff, his abs rippling with muscle, and his biceps bulging beyond belief! Sucking Matt's meat, he takes as much as that handsome face can manage before his ass slowly opens up with Philipe's rather thick meat as Matt shares his around and gets his tongue around Alex's rock hard cock. Proving highly versatile, Philipe proceeds to take all Matt has to offer and the cum showers begin!

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SwimBoy Threesome

by on Oct.12, 2015, under Eurocreme

Super hung coach Kayden Gray has a focus that can never be broken, especially when it concerns two of his young charges in the form of Kamyk Walker and Jeremy Chris. Watching the two boys making out on the sofa next to him, dressed for the pool but getting their exercise in a much more entertaining way! As dark haired Jeremy and blond boy Kamyk start to get into it, Kayden takes over and fits between them, his giant dick swinging in front of them, as big as their arms and the greed in their eyes is easily visible! Both sucking on it and taking it in turns to stretch their throats, Kamyk is the slim young fucker to get the real treat, Jeremy opening up his hole with his hot tongue and juicy dick first, fucking him as Kamyk slurps down Kayden’s shaft. Once nicely open and loose, Kayden takes his turn on Kamyk, turning him over so we can see his smooth pale skinned body getting fucked hard and deep, ready for the cum covering it’s about to get!

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Midnight Threesome!

by on Sep.28, 2015, under Eurocreme

Huge dicked Steven Prior and super sexy Brice Farmer wake up, both with raging hard-ons and decide the best way to get them down is by having some dirty sex in the dorms. Lead star Bradley Roberts is disturbed and sure as hell doesn’t complain at the sight he’s seeing. Soon joining in, the threesome is hornier than ever, each cock getting a real tongue worshipping from everyone before dark haired Brice lubes himself up and rams his handsome dick into Bradley, spit roasting him between the two. Looking so horny, Brice slaps his balls against Bradley’s peachy butt, Steven then gets a turn feeling Brice inside him, having his enormous dick swinging in motion!

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Adam Hanks, Gery Owan and Marco Bon Phoenix

by on May.18, 2015, under Sweet & Raw

Marco Bon Phoenix and buddy Gery Owan are sitting on a park bench, catching up. Little do they know they’re being photographed by paparazzi Adam Hanks, who lurks behind the bushes. After a while, the pervy photographer is unable to resist. He approaches Marco and Gery and chats them up, offering the Czech cuties money to go back to his place for a private photo shoot. They horny bastards readily agree and, once back at Adam’s studio, it doesn’t take long for the clothes to come flying off. Beefy hunk Gery is soon sucking Marco while stroking his own thick, uncut, and juicy dick. But Gery is more of a top and is soon fucking Marco’s face while offering up his balls for service. Soon, however, Gery invites Adam to join them, which is exactly what the man wanted in the first place. The 3-way is soon engrossed in heavy duty cock sucking, with Adam in the middle, sucking Gery, while getting sucked by Marco. Then, before you can say fifty shades of gay, Marco is cuffed, his face stuffed full of meat and his sweet raw hole lubed. Gery slides his raw dick home and the bareback sex pig loves it! Gery and Adam spit-roast and tag team fuck the willing, cock hungry twink but Adam is soon lusting for cock. The photographer ends up with his face in Marco’s crotch, his hole stuffed and pounded. This unleashes Adam’s inner whore for he’s soon bouncing up and down on Marco, riding the twink while stuffing his face full of Gery’s meat. The beefy, dark-haired hunk gives Marco a facial and the cum greedy pig eats and tastes his freshly churned jizz before upturning his ass and getting creamed by Adam, who leaves him with a seeded, cum-sloppy hole. Lucky Adam then ends up with a mouthful of hot twink cum.

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Frankie Stone, Shawn, and Giorgio Varese

by on Apr.06, 2015, under Sweet & Raw

During a masked ball, Frankie Stone and Giorgio Varese find a secluded spot for some horny bareback action. The scene opens with beefy Giorgio bent over the bar getting his ass rimmed by Frankie, who clearly knows how to stretch a good hole open. Giorgio then devours Frankie’s fat, uncut piece, sucking him like a good whore when Shawn appears with his personal bodyguard. After making sure Frankie and Giorgio aren’t hiding any other weapons of mass destruction, other than their cocks, he steps back and lets Shawn join in on the cock sucking action already in play. Shawn first sucks Giorgio, who sucks Frankie. Then Shawn and Giorgio swap positions, with Giorgio fingering himself and sucking Shawn, who sucks Frankie’s big cock. But after a while both cocksuckers want the big dick so Shawn and Giorgio service Frankie’s shaved curved cock and smooth balls. Shawn’s bodyguard is still around, keeping a low profile as he watches the Boss’s son make a pig of himself. Soon Giorgio is spit roasted between Shawn and Frankie, sucking the Boss’s son while getting fucked with Frankie’s large slab. Shawn soon wants in on that action and bends over a stool while Giorgio and Frankie spit roast the blond twink. With his mouth full of Giorgio’s meat and his ass stuffed full of Frankie, Shawn allows Giorgio to bend over and together, side-by-side, get plowed by Frankie until the three stand up and stroke their cocks and blow some thick, creamy loads of pig cum.

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Ruslanchik, Maxim and Nikita

by on Mar.02, 2015, under Sweet & Raw

Ruslanchik is a sexy little fucker. The twink is smooth and well built with dark hair, a tight butt and washboard abs. With Maxim and Nikita's help, Ruslanchik is naked, sucking on Maxim's huge, curved, and uncut cock while Nikita spits, fingers, then eats out his hole. Ruslanchik soon finds himself on his back, legs spread while Maxim fingers his hole and Nikita sits on his face and sucks his cock in a 69 position. Then, as Ruslanchik rims Nikita, Maxim spreads the horny twink's sweet raw hole and pumps him full of young meat. The twinks switch it up repeatedly, with Ruslanchik and Nikita taking turns in a spit-roast before Maxim can't take it anymore and lets go with a load that both, Nikita and Ruslanchik, take on the face, then share in a kiss.

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Val Horner, Alan Craft and Frank Myers

by on Feb.23, 2015, under Sweet & Raw

Alan Craft and Val Horner are hanging out with their buddy Frank Myers. It’s his birthday and the two are there to help him celebrate. After a bit of bubbly and blowing out the candles it’s time to blow some cock. Big cock. But not before they take turns showing off what they were blessed with, stroking one another as they get all warmed up. Since it’s Frank’s special day, he gets first crack at Val’s big dick before sharing it with Alan. Frank wraps his lips around that pretty piece of meat again quick while getting serviced by Alan. The guys then take turns sucking and getting sucked, with Val delivering some terrific cock-to-face smacking, before rimming the birthday boy. Val and Alan take turns spit roasting and tag teaming the bareback birthday boy, giving him the present he most wants in the world. Big. Raw. Cock. And it’s bareback fucking all the way as they trade positions, swapping holes. Sitting side-by-side, Val and Alan then kick back while Frank climbs on board, riding each of them in turn, repeatedly, until they blast off all over his face, giving him a delicious double cum facial. Now THAT’S what we call the icing on the cake!

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Young Suits in Threesome Fuck

by on Feb.23, 2015, under Eurocreme

It’s been said that clothes make the man. There’s definitely some truth to that, judging by Johan, Nic and Richard, a trio of gorgeous young men with terrific bodies and big cocks. They look great in their business attire but look even better out of their clothes! The horny threesome treat themselves, and us, to some of the hottest mutual dick sucking, spit roasting, and fucking we’ve seen in a while. Be sure to have plenty of tissues on hand ‘cause you’re in for a treat with some H-U-G-E loads!

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Nick Daniels, Robin Few, Pierre, Nick Gill and Martin Love

by on Jan.05, 2015, under Sweet & Raw

Nick Daniels, Robin Few, Pierre, Nick Gill and Martin Love kick off the New Year with a bang! These fetish fuckers show us exactly what we need to get the blood pumping on a cold winter’s day. We start off with Nick Daniels, collared and having a smoke with his buddy Robin Few. The two take turns sucking each other before Robin rims and fucks his cock hungry buddy. Robin is pounding away when Nick Gill shows up to take over. Nick and Robin are busy spit-roasting the collared twink when Pierre shows up for a go at that sweet, pink hole. Meanwhile, Daniels moans away, in heat now that he’s got TWO fat uncut dicks in his face and another up his ass. Robin, Pierre, and Nick all takes turns tag teaming the collared Daniels, feeding him all the meat he can handle before the big stud shows up: Martin Love. The sexy, inked hunk joins in on the fun and each of them takes turns pounding Daniels before unloading their jizz all over his well-fucked ass.

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Lucas Davidson Tricked, Spit Roasted And Tag Team Fucked

by on Oct.21, 2013, under Sweet & Raw

Kayden Gray comes downstairs the morning after all hell broke loose only to find a note. It’s from his now former boyfriend, Zac West. Apparently he’s had all he can stand and he’s not going to put up with Kayden’s antics any longer. Pissed, but spotting another chance for hot sex, he tells Lucas Davidson about Niall getting nailed by JP the night before. Hurt and humiliated, Lucas leaves the house and heads to the bar for a respite from the drama and to be alone with his thoughts. But Kayden isn’t the type to leave well enough alone. Not when there’s a wound involved and he can take advantage of a situation. And after a while, it happens. Lucas opens his mouth and starts sucking on what is probably the biggest cock he’s ever had. The handsome young man loses himself in sex, sucking like there’s no tomorrow, only to find he’s been tricked by Kayden. Now there are TWO cocks for Lucas to suck! Not that he minds, especially now that he’s single again. Lucky Lucas is spit roasted and tag teamed fucked by Kayden and JP, his hole stretched out. And who should come around the corner just as they’re all spunking? None other than Lyle Boyce. Oh, boy. What’s a twink to do with all this drama?

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