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Pierre and Nick Gill

by on Dec.15, 2014, under Sweet & Raw

Nick Gill’s had a hard day so he heads to his friend Pierre for a massage. The oil is hot but Pierre’s touch is hotter. Next thing he knows, Nick’s got his mouth full of cock. Pierre pumps away, fucking Nick’s face before returning the favor and ending up in a 69. The twinks rim each other and it’s a toss-up on who’s getting fucked first. But Nick is the one that needs to release the tension the most so Pierre slides home, stretching his sweet, raw hole. Once he’s good and relaxed, Nick then turns the table on Pierre, fucking him bareback and making him moan before delivering a tasty load straight to the mouth. Pierre strokes one out from there, which Nick tastes, and shares with his masseuse. And now Nick is well and truly relaxed!

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Sven Laarson and Shane Hirch

by on Dec.08, 2014, under Sweet & Raw

After a rough day at the studio, there’s nothing Sven Laarson and Shane Hirch like better than rushing home and taking their time getting down and dirty. Dark-haired Shane teases his blond twink boyfriend then whips his dick out, swirling his tongue around the head of Sven’s cock, sucking him into a frenzy. But two can play at that game. Sven returns the favor, driving Shane crazy with his hungry mouth, each still wearing the sexy lingerie they wore during their shoot. Flipping into a 69, the slender twinks devour each other before a quick game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors.” How else do you determine who’s going to get fucked first? Sven takes Shane, fucking his sweet ass bareback before flipping and giving up his own delicious pink hole for a balls deep ride.

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Patrik and Thomas Fiaty

by on Dec.01, 2014, under Sweet & Raw

Thomas Fiaty is taking a bubble bath and having a bit of fun by himself when Patrik shows up. The bigger, beefier jock type takes a shower, still fully hard after fucking a friend in another room. Thomas jerks off in the tub, watching Patrik wash and rinse off. The tattooed hunk then gives himself an enema, teasing Thomas with a show. After joining Thomas, the two trade blowjobs and Thomas rims Patrik’s tight, hot ass. He thinks he’s going to fuck the jock but ends up bent over with the fat, uncut slab of meat stretching out his sweet, raw hole. Thomas pumps out an incredible amount of jizz while riding Patrik before dropping to his knees and eating the inked jock’s load.

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Jason Mike and Troy Stevenson

by on Nov.24, 2014, under Sweet & Raw

Jason Mike and Troy Stevenson love their sexy lingerie underwear. Pretty and fem in black lace, Troy likes the taller Jason and his silky red boxer briefs. But what Troy really likes is what’s inside: Jason’s cock. The pierced, inked, and edgy twink goes down on Jason, sucking him like a pro. Jason returns the favor before moving on and tonguing Troy’s sweet pink hole. The bareback bottom twink straddles Jason and rides him, pulling off for some ATM (ass-to-mouth) before getting back on and fucking himself down to the balls. Jason continues pounding Troy, eventually fucking the cum out of him before tasting the load, the shooting his own seed into Troy’s mouth and all over his face.

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Robin Few and Martin Love

by on Nov.17, 2014, under Sweet & Raw

Robin Few and Martin Love take a break from cleaning the warehouse for a bit of raw fun. Jock and twink feel each other up and make out before taking turns sucking cock. Martin shows off his strength and agility, impressing Robin further with his rimming techniques before sliding his juicy, uncut cock home. The bareback twink, hungry for more, takes everything Martin has to give him, enjoying the sweet pleasure pain racking his body. Martin is inventive in the way he fucks Robin, eventually rewarding the twink with an explosive load and cum facial. Hungry Robin greedily swallows before unloading himself. Martin slurps and tastes the delicious twink juices and savors the taste with his bareback fuck buddy.

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Johnny Lax and Luke Skyler

by on Oct.13, 2014, under Sweet & Raw

Luke Skyler has a thing for his boyfriend Johnny Lax, especially when he’s shirtless and doing the dishes. The tall and slender twink is so aroused he has to pull Johnny out of the kitchen and into the bed immediately! There, the two proceed to kiss and make out until they strip naked. Johnny goes down on hung Luke who returns the favor by rimming his sweet little hole before working his long, uncut tool in the eager bottom’s tight ass. After pounding his boyfriend raw, Luke sprays a big load straight into Johnny’s mouth, who eats every drop like a good cum whore should.

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Justin Greil Leaves Boyfriend Petr Kluk With A Cum-Filled Hole

by on Dec.02, 2013, under Sweet & Raw

Justin Greil and Petr Kluk have only just met but they’ve been growing close very quickly. One way to ensure they cement their bond and have it go deeper is with sex. And there’s no sex they enjoy better than sweet, raw fucking. Bareback. Skin-to-skin and cock-in-hole. The trouble is that with their busy work and school schedules, they don’t have a lot of time to get into some balls deep action. But now, as we catch up with them on their very first romantic weekend together, we witness first hand just how dirty these innocent looking playthings can be! First, dressed in kinky male lingerie, Justin shows Petr all the guys he tricked with before they met. Petr is fascinated and allows himself to be persuaded to take a cock and ass pic. This only serves in turning them both on even more. Soon, they two are making out and taking turns sucking each other. Cherry red lips open wide to slowly, sensuously, make love to some fresh twink and jock cock. When Petr returns the favor, however, he wants more and dives further to bury his tongue in Justin’s amazingly sweet and delicious pink fuckhole. Justin’s eyes roll back into his head as Petr brings him pleasure with his tongue and finger. In a surprise shift, however, it’s Petr who gives up his ass and Justin takes it like a champ, as if he’d been doing this all his life!

Petr enjoys a good deep fuck but he also enjoys a throbbing shaft penetrating his tight ass. While riding Justin, Petr’s dick is bouncing up and down and swinging back and forth, so Justin grabs hold and starts pumping. Soon, Petr’s juices are flowing and a huge thick load of creamy white jizz is spewing forth, splattering all over Justin’s belly. Greedily, Petr laps it all up and shares it with Justin in a cum-swapping, load sharing kiss. Minutes later, after they’ve each had a chance to savor Petr’s cum, Justin gets his bareback boyfriend back on all fours. He strokes out a heavy load, leaving Petr with a cum-filled hole before working his cock back inside for seeding, ensuring that their bond is cemented with puppy love and some hot DNA.

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Alex Stevens fondles Thor’s hammer

by on Jun.10, 2013, under Sweet & Raw

Relaxing with a good book, Alex Stevens is enjoying being out on the patio in nothing but a pair of tiny underwear. Along comes Thor, horny and in need of a hole to ram his cock into. Next thing you know the book is forgotten and both, Alex and Thor, are sucking each other balls deep. In a 69 position, they each have access to sweet, pink, hungry fuckholes that beg to be licked and rimmed, fingered, then fucked. Thor slides into Alex first, giving him a raw ride that makes the blond practically shudder. Then Alex flips the tables on Thor, sliding home into the handsome brunette and fucking the cum out of him. Thor erupts with a rich and creamy load then Alex soon follows with his own seed, which Thor readily laps up like a kitty drinking his milk!

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Threeway Pool Fuck Fest

by on May.27, 2013, under Sweet & Raw

I love naked pool parties and it looks like Thomas Fiaty, Joey Intenso and Pierre do too! Once the Speedos are off they have nothing on the mind except playing in the pool, playing with each other, and some bareback fucking! After Pierre films Joey and Thomas messing around in the pool, the three of them start sucking the fat cocks all around them. Thomas can’t wait to sit on Joey’s fat uncut cock riding him raw and hard. Thomas then repositions himself into a fuck sandwich servicing dicks at both ends. Pierre ends up on his back both sucking and getting sucked before he shoots his own load before getting a double facial!

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Unzipping the Forbidden Fruit

by on May.20, 2013, under Sweet & Raw

We all like putting things in our mouths right? Sam Brooks loves putting things in his so he has a banana but it is obvious that he is horny. He is wearing underwear with a zipper for easy access to his hot hole and starts fingering himself when Billy Webster walks in. He offers his cock for Sam to enjoy and Sam takes the whole length into his throat easily. Sam, in his slutty underwear, wants Billy’s cock so bad that you can see his hole puckering with excitement. Sam really rides it like a pro, his own cock swinging around and balls bouncing all over the place! The superhung twink with the fat cock sprays his cum all over Sam’s chest!

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