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James Nearwater

by on Aug.10, 2018, under Broke Straight Boys

Tall, lean, and Hung!  James Nearwater is a married man, in between jobs, so his wife “made hime” contact BrokeStraightBoys to put his big dick to work!

Big str8 married dick-James Nearwater!

You can tell he and his wife have an adventurous side, so naturally, James is not shy.  He is a little reserved, because doing gay for pay is brand new to him, however. Here’s his solo!  You can see every inch and crevice of his toned bod.

When you think about just how tall he is, you can just imagine how big that straight boy cock must be, being that it looks big on even his tall daddy frame! Here’s your link to see in HD this married man’s work stick!

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Ari Nucci and Richie West

by on Jun.28, 2018, under Broke Straight Boys

Richie and Ari just may be the most polar opposite personalities in the house.  Richie is still new to doing porn and not quite as confident as you’d think.  And Ari, well,.. Nucci loves to pound straight boy booty, like it’s his duty!


More Daddy on Boy action in this scene, as to be expected.  But what you don’t expect, is that Ari tries to give Richie a bit more of his gentler giant side.  He knows the newbie is pretty terrified after hearing about how Ari lays the pipe with his bedroom arsony.  So it’s a nice surprise for Richie that he takes it easier on him.

They both put on a great show for you, complete with Ari flexing dick and biceps!  Ready for your interracial daddy on ginger boy fix?! Click HERE for the video!!!

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Aron Fills Ben Dover’s Ass

by on Jun.19, 2018, under Broke Straight Boys

Another Daddy Collision in this update for you.  Two of the most masculine guys in the house.  One very macho-dom type in Aron Kronos, and the other, big, loveable, teddy bear, veteran favorite, Benjamin Dover!

The action starts with Ben on his knees, giving his now trademark straight boy deep throating effort and gagging his way to a slobbery, tearful blowjob.  Then Aron returns the favor before flipping Ben over and giving him a good rim job.  Aron makes sure to give you great views of his hairy straight manhole, and big dangling balls and cock.

Naturally, the next stop after that, is Pound Town!  Aron drives his muscle cock into Ben and goes to work!  Ben has learned from his girlfriend how to take a big dick via strapons, but Aron still gets him screaming, so the muscle man covers his mouth in one moment.  Thankfully, it doesn’t work.  No more spoilers!  Here’s the video!!!

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Big Daddy Benjamin Dover Bends Over Liam Andrews

by on Mar.15, 2018, under Broke Straight Boys

Big Dick Ben (maybe an understatement) has really grown into quite the remarkable performer.  A genuine straight hunk who grew curious for cash thanks to his girlfriend using a strapon on him.  He’s all smiles each and every time as the camera starts rolling!  Your newb ginger Liam tried not to smile, because of his braces.. (Awww!) But Ben’s smile is TOO Infectious for anyone to resist, including us behind the scenes!

Big Dick Ben Dover Bends Over Liam!

If word hadn’t got out already, and being that Liam is one of our first timers, we made sure to give him ample warning that Ben has one of the biggest dicks he’ll ever see!  Let alone, TAKE!   Liam was was pro and ready for you to see him take on that Buck Dick Challenge!

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Outdoor Helping Hands

by on Jan.18, 2016, under Eurocreme

Exhausted from a day of training, blond twinks James and Lyle sneak a quick nap in the shade, although young Lyle can't relax until he’s sorted out that raging hard-on he hasn't been able to get to all day. As James slowly wakes, he catches Lyle in the act, and agrees that it's time for that all important jerk-off! Laying back on the grass, the two pull their standard issue shorts down to their ankles and their big dicks in their hands, sharing each other, and jerking hard, their balls bouncing in motion as they edge closer to orgasm, little Lyle shooting first, swiftly joined by James, emptying his load down his shaft and into his tuft of hair.

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Cute Twink Delivers Hot Ass To Donkey Dick Businessman

by on Dec.09, 2013, under Sweet & Raw

Super hung Luke Desmond is bored and it shows. Why else would he check to make sure his colleagues are gone before opening up his favorite porno? Then again, lately his monster cock is ALWAYS hard. So he whips it out and strokes stroking the massive donkey dick. Except he’s interrupted by a delivery he’d forgotten about. He races to cover up and to hide the movie he’s been watching. But as luck would have it, and as it usually happens in real life, he forgets to mute the movie. With Lyle right there, present to hear all the groaning, Luke is mortified. Until Lyle mentions that what Luke’s been watching is one of his favorites. That’s when Luke relaxes, and offers up his stiff cock for the twink to suck. Lyle doesn’t say a word and wastes little time in dropping to his knees and service the massive piece. Luke eventually works his tongue into Lyle’s hole, spitting and licking into it, recreating one of his own favourite porn scenes before sliding home. Lyle’s spit-lubed hole takes all of Luke and his monster piece, who starts slamming and pounding. Moving from the desk to the chair, then back again, Lyle shoots his load all over himself before Luke makes a delivery of his own, all over Lyle’s chest.

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Leo Marco And Lyle Boyce Suck And Flip Fuck

by on Oct.28, 2013, under Sweet & Raw

Lyle Boyce is caught in the middle. Poor thing! But he’s far from innocent, having lusted after and finally gotten his hole stretched by Kayden Gray. Still, the poor lad believes in fairy tales and romance and he hates to see his friends tearing each other apart. Uncertain on what to do, he’s unable to sleep. So he heads downstairs where he finds Leo Marco the CottageBoy, his secret crush, resting in front of a roaring fire. Leo can see Lyle’s different from the rest and both finally see how perfect they are for each other…at least, for the moment. Leo offers Lyle to stay with him for a few months. Taking him up on the offer, they lean in for a kiss, and the heat off their bodies makes them never want to stop. Slowly caressing each other, the budding romance is hard to miss as they fumble and fall around on the cushions. Meanwhile the fire just gets warmer, casting a sexy glow on their bodies as they entwine. Leo and Lyle suck each other, then flip fuck in a sexual encounter they’ll never forget. Come morning, their story is staying in France as Lyle’s fucked up friends head back to London licking their wounds.

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