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Wax Statue Aaron Aurora

by on Apr.26, 2012, under BoyNapped

You will never have seen so much hot wax poured all over one of our boys in your entire life. Aaron Aurora takes a bucket of the stuff while blindfolded and tied up. Then he’s made to suck Ashton Bradley’s cock and kiss his captor intimately. It’s one hell of a hot video.

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Jonathan rocks back and forth while he strokes Trey’s raw cock

by on Apr.20, 2012, under SD Boys

Looking to party before he goes out, Trey wants to see if Jonathan has what it takes to keep him entertained. Jonathan, ready for a little bash himself, takes Trey up on his offer. These two twink SDBoys, can really let loose when it comes to a good soirée.

The two kiss deeply, as they feel each other up and out. Comfortable with one another, both Trey and Jonathan take turns blowing. Jonathan tastes the first meat, but Trey stays on Jonathan’s to harden him up for fucking; Jonathan will be the top, Trey the bottom. As they whisper and laugh, they focus in on sucking and kissing; within minutes both are rock hard. “Ah, suck my dick,” Jonathan says, Trey happily complies. Jonathan, going down on Trey, pays special attention to the balls and head. As Jonathan moves atop Trey and sucks, a smile comes over his face, as he buries his face in Trey’s ass. The intense sucking and licking of Trey’s hole, has him panting and moaning; Jonathan remarks, “you like me eating your ass, don’t you?” Trey moans, “yeah” as he grabs on to Jonathan’s arms and his toes curl.

Going inside Trey, Jonathan rocks back and forth while he strokes Trey’s dick. Jonathan then lies flat on the bed so that Trey may ride him. With soft moans and pants, we can tell these two boys have found a fun rhythm. Both are fully flush in the face and watch each other’s reaction to the fucking..

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Out For Some Hot Ass

by on Apr.19, 2012, under Out In Public

In this weeks Out In Public update were out in the local shopping center and we spot this nice young boy driving up and right away my boy savkov jumps at the opportuinity and to be honest I think this guy(patrick) had the hots for my boy as well because they went at it all over the shopping center even getting caught by people walking around but that didn’t stop them at all they took the action back to the men’s room and that’s where the real fun began for real! I hope you guys enjoy this update,Stay Tuned!
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Twink Boys Bareback Fuck Fest

by on Apr.19, 2012, under

Talk about the most perfect twinks I’ve ever seen. This duo of raw sex-loving beauties have ripped and smooth bodies, not to mention a sex drive that can only be appeased by deep, bareback sex. I just want to get in the middle of them.

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Colby Keller fucks his huge cock into bodybuilder Jaxton Wheeler

by on Apr.19, 2012, under Randy Blue

It's been a while since we've seen Colby Keller and he's looking awesome. Tall and lean, he's got that hairy muscular jock look that everyone goes crazy for. And so handsome. We asked him what he would like upon his return to Randy Blue and he said he wanted something in a sexy beefy hunk with lots of muscle. We knew he would love Jaxton Wheeler, one of the hottest hung bodybuilders around. And as soon as Colby got a look at him he knew he'd have to tap that ass, no doubt about it. Mutual blowjobs were a great way to start the scene which got Colby so horned up he couldn't wait for some major ass fucking. And as big as Jaxton is he just melted once Colby rammed his huge dick deep in his hole. Colby worked Jaxton like a human sex doll, running his hands all over that deliciously furry body and fucking him as hard as he wanted to go. And once Jaxton's legs were in the air he was practically begging for it. But turnabout is fair play so when he got his chance he turned the tables on Colby and not only stuffed his ass good but he busted a nut all over his hot furry face.

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Calvin Croft’s Glory Hole Facial

by on Apr.17, 2012, under BoyNapped

Back in his favourite cruising place, the mill toilets, Calvin is once more hungry for cock, and boy does he get it. With a huge dick rammed through the opening for him, Calvin makes light work of bringing the monstercock to orgasm all over is face. Yummy.>

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Going Commando – Military RAW Twink Meat

by on Apr.17, 2012, under

Military meat comes in xtra large if the twink duo in this video are anything to go by. The army boys give each other head before the raw weapon fucking begins. You’ll be ready to enlist by the video’s conclusion.

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Adi Hadad loves showing off his nice big cock

by on Apr.17, 2012, under Randy Blue

Adi Hadad's energy is infectious. You can't be around him and not get all wound up and excited. He's so handsome and has this anything goes attitude that you know whatever situation we throw him into he's just going to be amazing. At 25 years old, this dark haired stud has been working the live chat like nobody's business. He's been working his lean muscular body like crazy and getting tighter and more ripped with each passing week. And he's got just the right amount of dark hair splattered across his olive skin that covers just the right parts of his body. It makes you just want to run your hands all over him. He's so eager to please and up for anything so you can just picture him in some hot interracial video with pretty much any of our other models, or a sexy three way. He loves showing off his nice big cock and that beautifully round ass of his. He bends over and reveals the perfect fur rimmed hole that you either want to lick or fuck. And you know he'd let you because he's down with whatever.
Featuring:  Adi Hadad

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Jayden Tyler loves getting his ass fucked by Diego Sans

by on Apr.15, 2012, under Randy Blue

Diego Sans is a wild spitfire of hot Latino passion. So it was only natural that we put him with one of our newest horny college jocks, Jayden Tyler. They wasted no time getting to the kissing. t seems like they were hot for each other long before we started shooting. Then Jayden takes all of Diego's beautiful uncut cock all down his throat and give him an incredible blowjob. Diego isn't about to let Jayden have all the fun so he gets down on his knees and really goes to town on this gorgeous stud, first engulfing his cock then rimming his sexy ass. And while Jayden is on his back with his legs in the air Diego rams his cock like a the horned up muscle stud that he is. And Jayden is loving getting his ass fucked by such a hot stud.
Featuring:  Diego SansJayden Tyler

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Nick Sterling is ramming his big tool into Trevor Tran

by on Apr.08, 2012, under Randy Blue

There is something really exciting when you get to watch two guys getting it on and one just totally takes charge of the situation. Nick Sterling knew he was going to have fun with Trevor Tran the minute he laid eyes on him and decided to just use him as his own personal sex toy. He gently glides his huge throbbing cock right down Trevor's throat, carefully guiding his head with his hand. Laying him out flat on the couch he then playfully face fucks him. Nick didn't want to shoot his load too soon so he leveled off a bit and went down on him for a while. This brought out a new side to Trevor and after giving Nick a really hot blowjob he flipped him over and rimmed him as well. But Nick was still the one in control and the time for foreplay was over. He wanted some man ass and he wanted it now. He bent Trevor over and fucked him like he hadn't fucked in, well, it is Nick Sterling so I guess you could say he fucked him like he hadn't fucked all day. Yeah, that about sums it up. And from the looks of it, Trevor was all about having Nick's delicious cock ramming into him at ninety miles an hour.
Featuring:  Nick SterlingTrevor Tripp

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