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Member Faves Jos Alvarez and Ben Dover

by on May.22, 2018, under Broke Straight Boys

Jos Alvarez stays his normal chill and humble self, even after we disclose to him his high member rating status.  He is, however, even more eager to show his appreciation by giving you another good straight boy gone gay performance.

Ben is his normal cheerful, let’s get paid and get laid self.  When the other boys finally do get a scene with him, there’s always two classic moments.  One, when they pull down his undies and see his big dick for the first time.  And two, during fluff time, when there’s the debate of who has the biggest dick on the BSB roster, LOL.

Ben starts the action with giving Jos some oral before Jos returns the favor. Both guys are eager to please YOU, so they gag and choke in effort to give you some nice and slobbery blowjobs.  Before long, Jos is pounding away on Ben’s straight boy hole, and even fucks the cum out of him!  See it all HERE!

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Jos Alvarez and Jordan Hart

by on Mar.26, 2018, under Broke Straight Boys

Not only is Jos Alvarez a member favorite, but he’s also usually one of, if not THE-Best liked guy in the house during our Film Weeks.  So naturally, chill demeanor Jordan Hart took a liking to this pairing as well.

Jos can work well with anyone (Very true), but you can see these two already had some chemistry before Jos goes to Pound Town on Jordan’s Ass, leaving his handprint on his ass cheeks for a long while.  See the video HERE!!

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5 Guys, 1 Bed part 1

by on Nov.27, 2011, under Randy Blue

What do you get when you put five of our hottest Latino models together in one room, on one bed. You get the hottest Latino Gang Bang this year, possibly this decade. A lot of these guys have worked together in the past but not all at once. Diego Sans hit the ground running on Randy Blue, easily holding his own with our established models like Chris Rockway and Malachi Marx. His sparkling personality and humorous outlook are only outweighed by his ravenous sexual appetite and amazing bottoms skills. Raphael Cedano would fuck twenty four hours a day if he could. He's as sexual as he is hot, and is amazing as a top or a bottom. Dante Ferraro is the newest of the group, and he went from his first RB solo right into the fire, and loved every second of it. Jorge Fusco may not speak a lot of English but who needs to speak when you can fuck like he does. And Nicco, who's been with us the longest. It was his birthday the day we filmed this and he commented that it was like one huge Randy Blue birthday present. This shoot was so hot we could't settle for just one video. Expect lots of cocksucking and rimming as these guys let things get wild. And one lucky guy gets to be hot Latino cum dump. And if you like what you see, check back later in the week for Five Guys, One Bed pt 2.

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Ash Tayler & Nicco Sky

by on Jun.06, 2011, under Randy Blue

Nicco Sky is a sexy, latino smooth muscle stud. His chiseled abs and hard pecs make his small frame stand out in a crowd. That and his absolutely adorable face. Ash Tayler is a beautiful mixture of blond jock stud and down to earth jokester. He can tickle your funny bone and give you a boner all in the same conversation. And his sexy buzzcut makes everyone want to rub his head. These guys wasted no time getting to the good stuff. Nicco lapping at Ash's briefs was a signal that he was hungry for cock and was more than ready to get a taste. Ash was all about it but hated being without a nice stiff rod in his mouth so they compromised and folded themselves into the hottest 69 of the year. But Ash just couldn't get his ravenous sexual appetite satisfied and pretty soon he flipped Nicco onto his side and rammed Nicco's hot bubble butt with his rock hard meat stick. Ash may look all sweet and innocent with his warm smile and dimples but when he's fucking some hot stud's horny ass he's all about the rough stuff. And the harder the better for Nicco who shot his thick creamy load with such force it smacked him right in his own face.
Featuring:  Nicco SkyAsh Taylor

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Diego & Roman with hot ass fucking video

by on Jan.10, 2011, under Randy Blue

Roman Todd has a little surprise for Diego Sans. Well, not so little. He needs to practice for an upcoming bottoming scene and what better way than with a real live cock? Especially if it comes attached to the incredibly sexy Diego Sans. So Roman offers up his smooth milky white ass to this hot Latino sex machine for some hardcore interracial good old fashioned butt sex. But not before giving Diego a blowjob that would curl his toes. Then Diego goes down on Roman's college jock cock and then rims his beautiful bubble butt. When the ass fucking starts it's no surprise that Roman didn't need much practice. He's such a horny stud who loves cock and once Diego gets done with the first round of hole hammering he practically leaps on top of his thick rod and rides it so hard he shoots his load all over Deigo's smooth chest. And once he's done, Diego shoots a load that goes all the way up his six pack abs and hard pecs and it almost hits him right in his adorable face.

Featuring:  Roman ToddDiego Sans

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Corey & Keith Worship Their Gay Hustler’s Big Cock

by on Nov.25, 2010, under Gay Rent Boys

Corey and Keith attack their Latino gay escort’s huge dick with their mouths. Its a sucking tag-team effort, Corey clearly taking the best prize for deep throating. After receiving a marathon blow job Nathaniel takes his cock in his own hand and pumps out a few fountain like spurts of cum. It looks like the gay rent boy got to enjoy all the cock sucking action just as much as his buyers!

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Latino Gay Hustler Cock Sucking Scene

by on Nov.24, 2010, under Gay Rent Boys

Keith and Corey have succeeded at getting a gay hustler (a Latino) who’s prepared to perform on camera. They want to get their money’s worth so start at at some pretty comprehensive cock sucking footage. Corey gets his white cock sucked off first by the expert lips of the gay escort. In the full video they finally swap and Corey is taken aback by the size of the dick that is growing in his mouth. The more he sucks that hustlers cock the bigger it gets and he does a really impressive job at deep throating that Latino monster cock. Corey’s sperm are real olympic champion swimmers!

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Keith’s Gay Hustler Fucks His Face

by on Nov.17, 2010, under Gay Rent Boys

Nathaniel is a Latino gay hustler who doesn’t mind making out with anyone, as long as they pay. For 1:1 action Corey and Keith have to fork up 300 bucks. Stripping off Nathaniel’s shirt and pants to reveal a slender tanned torso and a huge cock, Keith gets stuck into that delicious dick and in turn get’s his cock sucked. But, impressed with Nathaniel’s big dick he just wants his face fucked. His mouth gets rammed and stuffed with manmeat eventually making Keith spill his own seed unto himself.

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