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Eyeful of Boys

by on Aug.11, 2015, under Broke Straight Boys

Brody Jaxon And Justin 3 Way

Brody Jaxon And Justin 3 Way

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a three way. Today Justin, Brody, and Jaxon are here and more than ready to play! This seems to be a great combo of guys, let’s see what happens.

These guys waste no time! Clothes start disappearing and cocks start hardening. Soon they’re in a cock sucking chain, with Brody sucking Justin, and Justin blowing Jaxon. They change it up so that Brody and Justin are getting blown.  Then it’s Justin getting all of the attention and affection, with both Jaxon’s and Brody’s mouths sharing his cock. Jaxon suggests that its time for Justin to get fucking. Justin does not disagree. He lubes up and sits right on Jaxon’s dick. Brody makes out with Jaxon until its his turn to fill Justin’s hole wrapped around his cock. Justin bounces up and down on Brody’s big dick Jaxon sucks his cock.

Jaxon gets on the all fours and sucks Brody’s dick while Justin rims his sweet ass. After get that ass nice and wet Justin lets Brody fuck Jaxon. Once Jaxon is used to the cock, Brody begins to let him have it, pushing every inch into his tight hole. Jaxon gets his payback soon as Brody bends over and and yields his bubble butt to him. Justin lays under Brody and sucks his cock as his ass is pounded. These boys go at it until there’s cum everywhere! One guy even gets hit in the eye!

Brody Jaxon And Justin 3 Way

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Mouth to Mouth

by on Jul.13, 2015, under Broke Straight Boys

Kayden Winters and Justin Riggs

Kayden Winters and Justin Riggs

Kayden Winters can’t get enough oral action. Today he’ll get to show off his skills with another elite oral performer, Justin Riggs. Justin makes his intentions clear, he wants to taste Kayden’s sweet ass. Kayden is in for a treat.

After some steamy kissing, Justin’s lips lead him down to Kayden’s hardening dick. Justin proves why is he is one of the best cocksuckers in the business. He deep throats every inch that Kayden has to offer. Kayden, eager to show what he can do, pushes Justin onto the bed and fucks his mouth. As Kayden uses Justin’s mouth like a toy, Justin takes the opportunity to finger Kayden’s ass. Afterwards, Kayden relinquishes control and allow Justin to do what he does best, eat his ass. Kayden moans as Justin work his ass over.

They swap places and it’s finally Kayden’s turn to give head. He’s new but as a guy he knows what a good blow job should feel like. They get in the 69 position and Justin once again has an opportunity to rim Kayden while receiving head from the newbie. These two devour each other until the finally release, cumming all over each other!

Kayden Winters and Justin Riggs

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The Exhibition Match

by on Jun.21, 2015, under Broke Straight Boys

Chandler Scott and Justin Riggs (ft. James Andrews)

Chandler Scott and Justin Riggs (ft. James Andrews)

Usually, I hate exhibition matches. I like it when there’s something on the line, something to be won or lost. But all that shit goes out the window when it comes to sex. Today the newbie, Chandler Scott is going to fuck Justin Riggs while James gets to watch and learn. This is going to be the best lesson he’s ever been a part of. Let’s see how how these guys performed while being watched.

The boys kiss, slowing and deeply. Justin hand creeps down Chandler’s pants and quickly unbuttons them. He rubs Chandler’s stiffening wood through his boxer briefs. He pulls it out, allowing him full access to suck Chandler’s veiny shaft. I don’t know how he does it but he takes all of Chandler’s cock down his throat. James better be taking notes. Once Justin has Chandler rock hard he pulls out his dick for Chandler to taste. Chandler’s mouth gets Justin’s wood nice and stiff. Justin bends over the bed and offers his ass as a meal to Chandler, who rims it until its clean and quivering.

As his saliva rolls down Justin’s inner thigh, Chandler lubes and straps up. Justin puts his air in the air and it’s soon filled with Chandler’s fat dick. Chandler pushes in deep sending Justin into a moaning fit. Chandler pounds Justin deep, making his ass jiggle and bounce. James looks on while Chandler uses Justin’s man pussy like a toy. This is one of the hardest fuckings I’ve seen in a while and we all know that Justin loves to be fucked hard. Chandler puts Justin on his back and continues to run his cock through Justin’s guts. Justin takes as much as he can until Justin’s blasts a hot load of cum from his cock. That doesn’t stop Chandler, he fucks until he’s ready to cum. When it’s all over, Justin is covered in man milk. That was a great lesson. I hope James took notes.

Chandler Scott and Justin Riggs (ft. James Andrews)

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Powers vs The Power Bottom

by on Jun.11, 2015, under Broke Straight Boys

Dustin Powers and Justin Riggs Raw

Dustin Powers and Justin Riggs Raw

This may be a new pairing for all of us, but certainly not for Dustin and Justin (I would simply call them Powers and Riggs but I’d feel like I was writing for a bad 80’s cop show, so bear with me), they’ve worked together through another studio before. So today is a happy reunion for these two. But don’t get it twisted, Dustin is straight and will still have some challenges with this scene.

Dustin isn’t quite ready to kiss but pushes through his hesitation with a little help from Justin. Justin damn near attacks Dustin in a lip lock. He tongues him down and and forces him on his back. After some forceful kissing, the boys undress. Justin straddles Dustin’s face as he sucks his cock. Dustin had some issues kissing but doesn’t seem to mind rimming a hot hole. After being rimmed, Justin backs up and tea bags Dustin.

Wet and ready, Justin sits right on Dustin’s throbbing cock and allows his ass to swallow the entire shaft. Justin, being the thirsty bottom that he is, knows how to use a dick to his personal delight. He bounces up and down, allowing his cock to swing freely as Dustin pummels his cakes from below. Dustin puts Justin on his back and continues to bash his ass. Justin grunts and moans throughout. Dustin fucks Justin good until he’s ready to bust. He pulls out and straddles Justin’s face right blowing his load right on his face. Justin, inspired by the freshly milked cock in his face, blasts ropes of cum all over Dustin’s ass and legs.

Dustin Powers and Justin Riggs Raw

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Penetrating Nerves

by on Mar.24, 2015, under Broke Straight Boys

James Andrews and Justin Riggs

James Andrews and Justin Riggs

James Andrews (and that beautiful head of curly hair) is back and is going to fuck a guy for the first time. He stutters a bit while answering questions and his knee bounces constantly, the boy is a nervous wreck and I love it. Justin, his scene partner, looks pretty excited and more than willing to help James get over his nerves.

It takes some convincing from Sha but James gets warmed up and begins to stroke Justin’s cock. After a little more coaxing James bends down and puts a bit of Justin’s dick in his mouth. He chokes, at first, but eventually gets more of it in his jaws. James starts with just the tip but eventually takes about half of it. It’s clear that this is his first time sucking a guy’s dick but Justin is going to give him a first hand lesson. Justin takes James’ huge cock all the way down to the balls. Damn, that’s a lot of cock to swallow. James puts his hand on the back of Justin’s head and forces him to continue deep throating. This boy may not know how to give just yet but he certainly knows how to receive. Justin’s slurps as he devours every inch.

Justin gets on all fours of the bed and helps James enter his hole. Once in, James just fucks away. It’s a good thing that Justin likes dick otherwise he would have been hurt by that thing. He pushes every bit of his tool up Justin’s man box. That’s the type of deep penetration I dream about! Justin moans lightly as James holds him down and strokes his insides. Justin rides his dick, showing James that he can do it better than the chicks he’s been with. James puts Justin oh his back and fucks the boy until he launches a mega load of gooey cum on his  chest and face! James pulls out adds his own milky wad to the mix. Now, if only we can get James to bottom….

James Andrews and Justin Riggs

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The Dick Down

by on Feb.21, 2015, under Broke Straight Boys

The Dick Down

The Dick Down

Justin Riggs is here and has grown something just for the fans (and for Sha). He has grown out those pubes. I hope you guys are happy! I don’t think his scene partner, Vadim, cares either way. He’s just happy he’ll be getting some of Justin’s hot ass.

The boys waste no time before removing their shirts and kissing all over one another. They strip down to their underwear and Justin takes full of advantage of a mostly nude Vadim before him, licking him up and down, kissing all over his body. He stands up and Vadim pops his cock into his mouth. All that dick finds its way down Vadim throat. Justin pulls out of Vadim’s mouth and being the sexy freak that he is, kisses and briefly sucks on Vadim toes. Vadim lays back and watches as Justin transitions from his feet to his hot Russian sausage. Justin can no longer be called a newbie because no newbie can suck dick like he does. He has Vadim brick hard in no time. Vadim puts his wood to good use, fucking Justin’s mouth in a few different positions.

Vadim puts Justin on all fours and forces his big dick inside. Justin seems hurt at first but soon the pleasure of having his walls stroked takes over, making him moan loudly. Vadim batters Justin’s booty. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Vadim this eager for some man hole. He has Justin’s ass jiggling away as his dick quickly in and out of his boy pussy. They fill the air with lusty groans. This is certainly one of the best fucks I’ve seen in a while. Justin is getting the kind of pounding that I (and you) need more often. It certainly does the trick for Justin because he spews gooey cum all over the side of the couch and carpet. Vadim pulls and and dumps his baby milk right onto Justin’s tongue!

Vadim Black Dominates And Fucks Justin Riggs

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Up in the Air

by on Feb.02, 2015, under Broke Straight Boys

Kaden Alexander and Justin Riggs

Kaden Alexander and Justin Riggs

Justin is still getting used to having gay sex in front of the camera. So to ease him into today’s scene Kaden is going to try to bench press him. Oh boys! Kaden almost succeeds but eventually relents to the awkwardness of trying to bench the human form.

Even though the impromptu workout didn’t go as planned it does loosen Justin up. He and Kaden get things heated with some steamy kissing before Kaden stands on the bed and stuffs his dick into Justin’s mouth. Justin works on that uncut pole, getting wet and stiff. He holds the balls while his mouth glides up and down the shaft. He then has Kaden lay on his stomach. If you know Justin then you should know what’s coming next. He opens up Kaden’s ass cheeks and sticks his tongue right into Kaden’s sweet hole. Kaden moans in pleasure as he is completely at the mercy of Justin’s rimming skills. Ready to take over, Kaden flips Justin over and takes the lad’s cock into his mouth. But he doesn’t let Justin just lay there. He picks him up, puts him against the wall, and gives him a blowjob while holding him into the air. Wow! Once they’re back on the bed, Kaden sits right on Justin’s face while continuing to suck his cock.

Eager for some dick, Justin lays on his back and allows Kaden to slide his huge cock right inside. Kaden opens Justin’s hole with some nice, slow, and deep strokes. He must be hungry because he also feasts on his toes. “Gimme that dick” Justin moans as he spreads his legs even more. Kaden picks Justin up again, fucking the kid in mid air. Justin is being straight up dominated in this scene. But after fucking Justin on all fours, Kaden can’t last any longer, he pulls out and dumps a hot creamy load in Justin’s ass and then eats in out! Justin flips over and busts all over his abs and chest. What a performance!

Kaden Alexander and Justin Riggs

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Cum Flavored Kisses

by on Jan.24, 2015, under Broke Straight Boys

David Hardy and Justin Riggs

David Hardy and Justin Riggs

One of my personal favorite BSB boys, David Hardy is back and is ready to have his turn with the newbie Justin Riggs. They’re determined to really give the fans what they’ve been asking for and that’s a show. No need to delay, here we go.

The boys lose their clothes quickly and Justin gets right to work on David’s cock. In no time, the headmaster has David’s dick fully erect and ready to conquer. Justin’s not done with it though. He continues to inhale David’s sausage, sliding his mouth up and down the pole. To return the favor, David lays Justin on his back and begins to blow him. The camera does us all a favor and gets a beautiful shot of David’s hairy hole. Now, I’m salivating. David works Justin’s dick over good before licking his way down to Justin’s hole. He brings Justin’s ass right into his face and munches on it until he’s had his full.

Ready to fuck, he quickly lubes up and pushes his beef pole right into Justin’s boy pussy. Justin moans loudly as he tries to get used to the feeling. Justin takes every inch as David speeds up and really starts to pummel his asshole. Justin’s long moans and groans fill the air which lets me know that David is doing quite a number on his insides. They switch positions allowing Justin to sit on David’s dick. He rides him hard before Justin takes over and fucks him even harder from below. If you’re wondering why he’s one of my favorites, this is why. He sticks his fingers in Justin’s mouth forcing him to suck them while bouncing up and down on his dick.

Justin spins around, and rides in reverse cowboy. I easily blow my wad watching Justin’s ass work David’s rock hard pole. Close to cumming himself, Justin lays back on David’s chest. He jacks his cock hard while David continues to fuck the shit out of him. He explodes, unleashes loads of cum on his abs. David quickly gets Justin on his knees and blasts a milky treat in his mouth. Justin gives the gift back by kissing David with a mouth full of his own seed. This definitely catches David by surprise. It caught me by surprise as well! Wow!

David Hardy and Justin Riggs

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“Are you still there? Are you okay?”

by on Jan.20, 2015, under Broke Straight Boys

Paul Canon Fucks Justin Riggs Raw

Paul Canon Fucks Justin Riggs Raw

Well, the time has come for Justin to experience the joys of bottoming. Paul Cannon will be breaking into that asshole himself. Justin doesn’t seem to be too nervous, but he’s not drowning in excitement either.

The boys slowly undress and show off their beautiful bodies. Paul puts on a workout exhibition in the nude, which puts everyone in the mood, including me. The boys sit back on the couch where Justin decides to show off his natural skills as a cocksucker. This guy is one of the most orally talented guys on the site, so the fact that he has Paul brick hard so quickly is not a surprise. Justin grips the cock at the base as he slurps his way up and down the shaft, Paul watches in ecstasy and delight. He rubs on Justin’s dick and ass while getting serviced. Paul lets Justin lay back as he reciprocates taking it down to the base. As Paul sucks, Justin thrusts his hips, effectively fucking Paul’s mouth. Paul uses his hand and warm moist mouth to send Justin into a fit of moaning. These two are certainly the best cocksuckers BSB has.

Ready to break in that virgin ass, Paul pushes Justin’s legs back, lubes up and tries to push inside. Justin’s hole is tight and it causes some pain for both of them. Paul gets some more lube and tries again. This time he’s able to get half of is cock in. “Go slow, dude”, Justin pleads. Paul obliges, but only momentarily before picking up the pace a bit. Justin breathes heavily, taking in both the pleasure and pain of his first time getting fucked. Once Paul is in his rhythm, there’s nothing stopping him. He begins to plow through him. Justin continues to deal with the feeling of begin ripped open as Paul digs deeper and deeper.

In order to give Justin a “break” Paul sits back on the couch and allows Justin to sit on his dick. Justin, whose ass is wide open, slides right onto Paul’s man beater and starts to ride the veteran like he himself has been around for awhile. Justin leans back and lays on Paul’s chest as Paul takes Justin’s cock in his hand and jacks him off. Paul squeezes a hot milky load right out of Justin before putting the newbie on his hands and knees and splattering cum on his ass.

Paul Canon Fucks Justin Riggs Raw

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Passing the Torch?

by on Jan.17, 2015, under Broke Straight Boys

Justin Riggs Fucks Damien Kyle Bareback

Justin Riggs Fucks Damien Kyle Bareback

Damien is back and is ready to teach Justin a thing or two. Damien can play any position but we all know that he’s best when he’s on the bottom. Justin will have the pleasure of having his first topping experience with one of the best bottoms BSB has ever seen. Let’s break this kid in.

The boys undress and Justin climbs on top of Damien. They begin to make out and fondle one another. Damien tells Justin to suck his cock and the newbie does as he’s told. He pulls Damien’s briefs down just far enough for his big dick to flop out. He wraps his lips around it and takes every inch down to the balls. If Justin keeps this kind of performance coming he will become the best cocksucker at BSB. They switch places and Damien takes his turn at bat. He comments on how big Jason’s dick is after trying to fit all of it into his mouth. I must agree. I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of that monster. Or would I? They maneuver into the 69 position before Justin flips Damien over and begins to eat his ass. I can see he has fallen in love with the taste of booty. He drills his tongue deep into Damien’s hole.

After getting Damien’s hole nice and slick with Saliva, Justin tries to push his dick inside. It takes the newbie a second and some coaching but he finally gets it inside. Damien opens nicely for his student, allowing every inch into his guts. Justin has Damien moaning loudly in no time. “That’s such a big dick!” Damien yells as Justin’s cock drives deeper and deeper. Justin puts Damien on his knees and forces him to arch his back so that he can get a better angle. He’s turning into an aggressive little fuck.Damien takes control and decides to ride Justin, making him to moan in pleasure. Both of them seem to be thoroughly enjoying each other.

Once Justin has Damien on his back it’s just a matter of time before they’re both ready to nut; and they do so almost at the same time! Wow! What a pairing. Justin reminds me so much of a younger Damien Kyle that I can’t help but wonder if this is a passing of the torch. Either way, I’d love to see these two together again.

Justin Riggs And Damien Kyle Raw

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