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Breakfast of Champs

by on Sep.08, 2015, under Broke Straight Boys

Jaxon Ryder And Brody Lasko Raw

Jaxon Ryder And Brody Lasko Raw

We got our boys up early this morning, but for good reason..fucking. Brody and Jaxon seem a little sleepy but I’m sure their primal instincts will kick in and wake these boys up. Of this I have no doubt.

The boys come in close to lock lips. Once they lips meet they only part as each stud removes article after article of clothing. Once both boys are down to just their underwear they can’t help but to fondle one another. Brody suggests that they 69 to which Jaxon all too happily accepts. They both are able to take each other’s shaft down to the root. Brody forces Jaxon’s dick down, almost choking on it.

Once Jaxon dick is good and wet, Brody sits right on it and slowly allows his hole to adjust. He begins to bounce ever more fervently as his gets reacquainted with the blissful pain of having his asshole filled with cock. Jaxon allows his to ride for a bit before taking over and fucking him deeply from below. He then has Brody lay face down with his legs spread wide apart. Jaxon slips back into him and resumes pounding that bubble ass. They look wide awake now as they fuck like horny teens on prom night. Brody moans loudly with each stroke Jaxon delivers into his bowels. Jaxon flips Brody onto his back and continues to pound until Brody cums all over his stomach. Jaxon follows up by painting Brody’s hole with his own load.

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Eyeful of Boys

by on Aug.11, 2015, under Broke Straight Boys

Brody Jaxon And Justin 3 Way

Brody Jaxon And Justin 3 Way

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a three way. Today Justin, Brody, and Jaxon are here and more than ready to play! This seems to be a great combo of guys, let’s see what happens.

These guys waste no time! Clothes start disappearing and cocks start hardening. Soon they’re in a cock sucking chain, with Brody sucking Justin, and Justin blowing Jaxon. They change it up so that Brody and Justin are getting blown.  Then it’s Justin getting all of the attention and affection, with both Jaxon’s and Brody’s mouths sharing his cock. Jaxon suggests that its time for Justin to get fucking. Justin does not disagree. He lubes up and sits right on Jaxon’s dick. Brody makes out with Jaxon until its his turn to fill Justin’s hole wrapped around his cock. Justin bounces up and down on Brody’s big dick Jaxon sucks his cock.

Jaxon gets on the all fours and sucks Brody’s dick while Justin rims his sweet ass. After get that ass nice and wet Justin lets Brody fuck Jaxon. Once Jaxon is used to the cock, Brody begins to let him have it, pushing every inch into his tight hole. Jaxon gets his payback soon as Brody bends over and and yields his bubble butt to him. Justin lays under Brody and sucks his cock as his ass is pounded. These boys go at it until there’s cum everywhere! One guy even gets hit in the eye!

Brody Jaxon And Justin 3 Way

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Conquering Chandler

by on Jul.14, 2015, under Broke Straight Boys

Chandler Scott and Brody Lasko

Chandler Scott and Brody Lasko

The time has finally come for Chandler to give up his virgin ass and I can’t think of a better recipient than Brody Lasko. Chandler doesn’t normally seem shy but he’s certainly a bit nervous today. That’s understandable. Having a dick in your ass for the first time can be scary. I’m sure he’ll be fine.

“Let’s go”, Brody exclaims for going in for a deep kiss. Chandler used to be apprehensive about kissing dudes, but thea has gone out of the window. The boys kiss for some time, their clothes disappearing piece by piece. Once undressed, Chandler’s dick is out for the taking and Brody does just that, he takes it. Using his hand and skill mouth, he gets Chandler nice and hard before taking off his shorts and feeding Chandler his own stiffening wood. And Chandler goes to work on it, delivering some Class A head.

The boys get up and Chandler looks on nervously as Brody lubes and wraps up his cock. Chandler lies down on his stomach and Brody pushes his dick right in, forgetting that it’s virgin ass he’s fucking. Brody clearly doesn’t care. The kid just fucks away, pounding Chandler nice and deep. Chandler takes it, moaning with pleasure throughout. Brody digs him out nicely in the scene, putting the newbie into various positions. I couldn’t be happier. This is just the fucking I wanted for my favorite new kid on the block. Chandler must be enjoying it too because he cums while Brody is balls deep in his ass. Delicious!

Chandler Scott and Brody Lasko

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Frat Boys

by on Jun.03, 2015, under Broke Straight Boys

James Andrews Fucks Brody Lasko Bareback

James Andrews Fucks Brody Lasko Bareback

We’ve got James Andrews and Brody Lasko back and it’s been a little while since we’ve seen either of them. Sha asks James about why he chokes when sucking dick. This answer is obvious to me; the kid is straight and doesn’t like to suck dick. Moving on. I’m excited to see this pairing because they remind me so much of the frat boys I went to college with. Bring out the paddles and let’s get to hazing.

The boys undress but take their time doing so, giving them time to suck face for a while. James may be straight and not a cocksucker, but he’s a great kisser. The boys fondle and grope each other while continuing to kiss passionately. James lays back on the bed and allows Brody a chance to show him how a conquer and cock. Brody’s dick sucking skills have Brody transfixed. Hopefully, he’s learning a thing or two from the show that Brody is putting on. James switches places with Brody and puts his lesson to work. He doesn’t go all the way down but he doesn’t choke either. We’re going to go ahead and call that process.

James lifts Brody’s legs into the air, spits on his tight pink hole and then proceeds to finger it. He wants that ass ready for his cock. Honestly, this is one of the hottest fingerings I’ve ever seen…yeah, we’ll leave that right there. Once, he’s open, Brody lets James push his fat cock right inside of him. That pink hole of his stretches and wraps nicely around Brody’s dick. James digs his guts out let his a girl. He flips Brody over and makes his bubble butt bounce while fucking him hard from behind. James lets Brody ride him, allowing Brody to use his cock however he wants. This does the trick and has Brody cumming all over James’ chest in no time. James pulls out of Brody’s peachy ass and paints it with his own jizz.

James Andrews Fucks Brody Lasko Raw

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Passion X2

by on Jan.09, 2015, under Broke Straight Boys

Brody Lasko and Vadim Black

Brody Lasko and Vadim Black

Damn I love these two! If I didn’t know any better, I’d say Brody and Vadim could be lovers (BTW knowing them personally can be a really fantasy killer). When the scene starts we find Brody straddling Vadim and they are engaged in some hot spit swapping. I’m instantly hard. Vadim peels Brody’s shorts down just far enough to start to blow him. Brody, of course doesn’t mind. He caresses Vadim’s coal black hair while watching him go to work on his dick. And work is exactly what Vadim put in, swiveling his head and leaving no part of Brody’s cock dry. They make out as Vadim lays him on his back to continue sucking on his dick.

Eager to feel Vadim deep inside of him, Brody slides right onto Vadim’s hot pole with no hesitation. This boy has come a long way in dick riding . He alternates between riding and bouncing up and down. Vadim can’t seem to get enough of either. He pushes Brody on his back and stuffs his meat rod back inside the boy’s tight hole, taking complete control. He fucks Brody like he’s trying to renovate his insides. Vadim gets Brody’s hole wide open. He pulls out and plays with it in front of the camera to prove it.

“It’s your turn” he says to Brody who eagerly jumps behind Vadim and pushes his pole into Vadim’s waiting ass. He passionately fucks Vadim from behind, only  slowing down to kiss him. He gets Vadim on his stomach and really begins to play hi sass, plunging as deeply as he can. Man, what I wouldn’t give to trade places with either of them right now.

Brody, back on his knees, gets grabbed by the waist and hair by Vadim who starts to really beat that ass up from the back. Vadim makes that hot ass bounce nicely off of his torso. Soon, they sit back on the bed and they blow their milky wads before engaging in one last kiss.

Brody Lasko and Vadim Black

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Different Day, Different Dick

by on Dec.13, 2014, under Broke Straight Boys

Dakota Ford and Brody Lasko

Dakota Ford and Brody Lasko

Brody is about to get his ass broken in, for real. Dakota gotten to really fuck anyone in a while so he’s in for a treat because this is only Brody’s second time bottoming. Dakota, as you all know, is the resident bottom so I hope he takes some time to teach Brody and thing or two.

Brody finds Dakota sunbathing with nothing on but some shorts. Hungry for cock, he quickly pulls Dakota’s shorts down making his dick flop out. Brody pops it in his mouth and starts to blow him like a meat obsessed whore. He licks the shaft up and down getting it nice and moist. Dakota tells him to take his clothes off and he obeys. Once Dakota’s cock is nice and slick he switches places with Brody and lubes his dick up. Dakota shows no mercy; he busts through Brody’s barely uses ass with his huge prick showing no hesitation. “Oh fuck”, Brody yells in pain as Dakota begins to pound away. Brody’s legs are held straight up in the air, giving Dakota the ability to get every inch of his boy bat into Brody’s body.

He flips Brody over and bangs him out form the back. The look on Brody’s face is one of pain and sheer delight. It’s a face all good tops are familiar with. Dakota sits on a rock and Brody slides right back on his pole. Dakota jacks Brody’s cock form behind as Brody continues to grind and swerve all over his cock. He’s doing such a good job that even Dakota has to admit that he’s “all over that dick”. Dakota bends him over once more and tastes his sweet hole before shoving his cock back inside. Brody holds onto a gate, bracing himself against Dakota’s rough thrusts. Unable to hold out any longer; Brody cums while Dakota is still inside of him. Dakota pulls out and dumps his load right on Brody’s ass.

Dakota Ford and Brody Lasko

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Three course meal

by on Dec.07, 2014, under Broke Straight Boys

Tyler, Brody, Vadim 3 Way

Tyler, Brody, and Vadim 3 Way

Yum! Tyler White, Brody Lasko, and Vadim Black, altogether in one room?! These are arguable the three hottest guys BSB has to offer and they’re set to give each other the business.

The boys, sides by side on the bed, begin kissing and fondling one another. Vadim attacks Tyler and pulls his pants off while Tyler and Vadim suck face. Soon, Vadim and Brody are taking turns sucking Tyler’s thick cock. Tyler has the pleasure of having one hot guy devour his dick while another toys with his nipples. Tyler can’t help but to moan loudly as these two boys compete for his affection with their tongues and lips. Ready to return the favor, Tyler bends over and sucks on Brody’s cock while Vadim continues to play with his. Tyler switches and begins to gobble on Vadim’s meat.

After some steamy foreplay, Brody gets bent over the bed and Tyler all but shoves his cock in his as. If Brody has an objection we won’t’ be able to hear it because Vadim already has his meat rod in his mouth. Tyler fucks Brody hard but not hard enough to distract him from giving Vadim some awesome head action. Eager to feel Brody’s insides, Vadim drags him to the edge of the bed and takes over fucking. Tyler stands on top of the bed and stuffs his cock in Vadim’s mouth before tea bagging Brody.

Brody won’t be the only one getting fucked. Vadim lays Tyler down and sits right on his cock and begins to use it as his personal toy. He rides hard while Brody sucks Tyler’s dick. After taking as much wood as he can, Vadim lays down and lets his two partners rain cum down on him. HOT!

 Tyler, Brody, and Vadim 3 way

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Just Taste It

by on Nov.28, 2014, under Broke Straight Boys

Brody Lasko and Zak Parker

Brody Lasko and Zak Parker

Zak Parker is new to BSB so of course we’ve got to break him in with a nice BJ form one of our own. Brody Lasko has stepped up to do the honors and is eager to play the mentor role with a newbie. Zak is nervous but he’ll get past it.

Brody gets things heated up with some timid kissing. Zak is caught off guard at first but he closes his eyes and goes with it. Slowly but surely, Zak clothes begin to disappear until he’s got nothing on but some bright yellow briefs. Brody pulls Zak’s cock out before completely peeling his undies off. He wraps his lips around Brody’s cock as Zak just sits back and enjoys having a boy work him over. Brody removes his clothes and gives Zak some more lip service before getting back to work on Zak’s thick dick. Zak mentioned in his interview that he loves a girl with stamina. Brody is no girl but I think he could go a while if he wanted to. Zak stands up and puts his cock into Brody’s face, who devours it once more before requesting to see Zak’s ass. Zak obliges. He turns around and gleefully shows off his nicely toned ass. Brody compliments him by smacking it and spreading his cheeks so that we can see his asshole. Hopefully, that’s a preview of what’s to come with Zak. I’d love to see this stud take cock.

Zak stands on top of the couch where he begins to fuck Brody’s mouth. Brody is turning into a real pro; he doesn’t gag at all.

Brody Lasko and Zak Parker

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Yeah, Just Like That

by on Nov.27, 2014, under Broke Straight Boys

Taylor White and Brody Lasko

Taylor White and Brody Lasko

Tyler is back and I don’t know about you but I’m happy to see that he’s got a haircut. Today we’ve got him paired up with Brody, and they’re expected to flip…RAW. This is a pairing that I’ve been looking forward to, let’s get started.

Kissing, Brody and Tyler are all over each other from the beginning. Brody’s hand finds itself fondling and rubbing Tyler’s dick through his jeans. They quickly get rid of his clothes and Brody uses his oral skills to show Tyler just how much he’s learned in the past few months. Brody takes every inch of it down his throat before Tyler drags him to the side of the bed and shows him his own oral skills. Tyler’s full lips glide up and down Brody’s stiff dick.

Wasting no time, Tyler spreads Brody’s legs and pushes his cock deep inside, making Brody scream out in pleasure. Tyler fucks Brody like it’s been years since he’s had any. Brody holds on tightly to the sheets, trying his best to brace himself against Tyler’s strokes. Brody flips over and gets on all fours where Tyler continues to bully his hole into nothingness.

Brody, ready for revenge turns Tyler around and lubes him up. He squeezes his thick cock into Brody’s tight boy pussy and starts stroking him hard and deep. Tyler’s ass isn’t huge, but the one he has is bouncing as Brody pounds him. Brody not only strokes Zeno’s insides, but he only strokes his cock while sending him into a frenzy. They transition into missionary position where Brody drills his insides, kissing his body all over Tyler while calls out in pleasure. Tyler cums on his stomach while Tyler is still inside him Tyler pulls out dumps a huge load on Tyler.

Tyler White And Brody Lasko

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Brody opened up

by on Nov.16, 2014, under Broke Straight Boys

Ayden Troy Fucks Brody Lasko

Ayden Troy Fucks Brody Lasko

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Ayden Troy. Since he’s been gone, he’s added a tattoo of his son’s name to his collection of tats. He’s going to add a new boy to his virgin ass collection today; Brody Lasko. That’s right, its time for this newbie to get the ribbon cut on that cute ass of his.

Stripped down to their underwear, the boys begin with some gentle kissing . Brody takes off his last bit of clothing, exposing his rock hard dick. Ayden takes the bait and wraps his lip around it. Devouring over half of it. He licks up and down the shaft, getting it nice and wet. Brody sounds pleased, as he watches Ayden’s mouth glide up and down his cock. Ayden stands, allowing Brody to show him his own head skills. Brody hasn’t been around long but he’s already come to take Ayden’s dick in all the way down to the base. He gently fondles Ayden’s s balls while feeding on his fat dick.

Brody gets on the floor and willingly offers his ass to Ayden. Ayden wastes no time; he gently pushes his cock in. He starts off with some nice slow strokes, letting Brody’s tight hole get used to the pressure. Ayden loves every bit of this virgin man pussy. He moans and groans with every penetrating pump. They move over to the bed where Brody sits on his cock and starts bouncing. His virgin hole is loosening up quite nicely, so Ayden begins to pound him hard from below. Ayden bends him over on the bed and continues stroking his insides. That cute hairy asshole is taking everything Ayden’s big cock can give. Brody releases a juicy load while getting dicked from the back; not bad for a first timer. Ayden pulls out and cums on Ayden’s ass. Nice way to open up what I hope will be a well-used ass on BSB.

Ayden Troy Fucks Brody Lasko

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