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Brett Swanson and Greg Jameson

by on Mar.31, 2014, under Randy Blue

Brett had a plane delay and arrived late, so we had no time for pleasantries. The cameras and lighting was set up, Greg was hard, and we were ready to go. Brett had not even met his scene partner, Greg Jameson before the cameras even started to roll. But when he came on set, he was elated to find a hot straight stud with a long hard cock just waiting for him. Brett slipped his clothes off so that he was wearing nothing but a jock strap. He wanted to start this hot gay porn movie with a bang. He sucked on Greg for bit, and then sat his ass on his face. Greg lapped up at his bubble butt before getting Brett to feed him his dick. Greg did some hardcore porn sucking until Brett decided to sit on top of Greg. Greg slid his dick in. These two nude straight men began to fuck as if the world was about to end. Whether it was riding or missionary, or finally doggy, Greg loves to jack hammer into Brett like a fucking rabbit. Finally Brett was getting fucked so hard that he shot a load that hit the mirrored wall he was fucked up against. Then Greg pulled out and came all over his ass. This is what fucking is all about. Come see the hot free gay porn trailer over at Randy Blue.
Featuring:   Brett SwansonGreg Jamesom
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Kurtis Wolfe fucks Richard Pierce

by on Mar.27, 2014, under Randy Blue

So sometimes, it takes a while to set up the lighting and and get the cameras ready. And sometimes the models can get a little bored waiting. When I was finally ready to to shoot, I happened upon an adorable Richard Pierce fast asleep on top of Kurtis. I almost did not want to wake them. But hey, we had a scene to shoot. Once they woke up, they asked if they could sleep some more. I told them to just start kissing and see how things go. After about a minute of making out, Kurtis said he was ready to fuck now. And what started out as an innocent slumber morphed into some hot hardcore gay porn. These two jocks heated up the scene with some deep throat cock sucking. Then Kurtis bent over Richard and started to eat out his smooth butt hole. Then he put on a condom and shoved his dick deep inside. He fucked Richard doggy, then missionary until finally Richard came while riding him reverse cowboy. Then he pulled out and Richard came all over his smooth bubble butt. They tried to go back to sleep, but realized they were covered in cum. The same way you will be after jerking it to this hot scene. Come to Randy Blue to see the free gay porn trailer and Free gay porn pics of this epic fuck fest.
Featuring:   Richard PierceKurtis Wolfe
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Working Up an Ethan Sweat

by on Mar.25, 2014, under Randy Blue

We took Ethan Sweat to the Hollywood Sign. He had never been to Los Angeles before and was in awe at how fun the city is. This is one horny straight man that likes to have fun. We got him topless outside, and he even took us back to the bushes to flash his ass. He then told us about one hot outdoor sex tryst he had with a girl in the woods. All of this talk got him horned up, so we took him back to our massage room and let him get oiled up. He poured the oil all over his ripped pecs and biceps. He pulled out his dick and went to town. He finally finished off in a flesh jack and cream pied it. By the end, Ethan really lived up to his last name. So go ahead and watch all of our free gay porn trailers and free porn pics here at Randy Blue.
Featuring:   Ethan Sweat
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Angel Santiago rains cum down from heaven

by on Mar.17, 2014, under Randy Blue

It must be the rapture. Because an Angel just came down from heaven. That may sound cheesy, but take a look at this hot fucker. He is fucking PERFECT. He has the bone structure of a runway model. he has the body of a movie star. And he has an ass that you could just get lost in. And when he smiles at you, you will be willing to hand your life over to him. The only bad bone in this boys body comes from when he steals your breath away. His first foray into gay porn has him in a swim suit showing off his sweaty six pack. He lays back and puts some baby oil on his skin. His pecs glisten in the sunlight as he lays back to catch some rays. He starts to get horny and decides to let things get a little hard core. This sexy straight stud pulls out his pud and begins to whack at it hard. Finally he takes it inside where he can show off his hot ass. He stands up and nuts all over the cameraman. But trust me, the cameraman did not mind at all. When you have an angel raining cum down in your face, that is the closest to happiness you will ever get. Come now and see all of his free gay pics, and his hard porn video at Randy Blue. The best video porn on the web.
Featuring:   Angel Santiago
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Abele Place & Kurtis Wolfe

by on Mar.13, 2014, under Randy Blue

Kurtis Wolfe is such a sweet and lovable guy. However, when he gets horny, he turns into a merciless fuck machine. Abele Place is quiet and reserved. But when he is ready to take a pounding, there is no holding him back. These two were really excited to work together. They spent the whole evening together at the Cybersocket Awards. Watching who won best gay porn star and best hardcore video, they decided they needed to compete. They wanted to make an award worthy video for their fans. When they got to set, they were ready to fuck. They began kissing and instantly they both got hard. They took turns sucking each other off. Then Kurtis took Abele to the bed and ate out his ass. Once his hairy hole was hot and ready, Kurtis slid his dick inside. Abele rode his cock and then got fucked on his back and doggy style. Kurtis finished by shooting a hot load all over Abele, hitting his furry chest. Then Kurtis went down and sucked out his cum, letting it all go in his mouth. Come to Randy Blue for the best gay porn. And remember, there are free gay porn pics of all of our hottest scenes.
Featuring:   Abele PlaceKurtis Wolfe
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Brutus Butler

by on Mar.10, 2014, under Randy Blue

It is easy to see how Brutus Butler started out as a club bouncer. He is 6 foot 4, pure muscle and has a face that came straight out of the movie 300. He is one intimidating fellow. As he hovers over you, this bisexual hottie may seem like he can break you like twig. But he really just wants to bend you over and fuck your damn brains out. He has tribal tattoos on his arms and chest, that accentuate his huge muscles. This man is pure and unadulterated beefcake. And when he pulls out his dick, you can watch him turn into hot fucking gay porn model right before your very eyes.
Featuring:   Brutus Butler
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Max & Skylar Free Gay Photos

by on Mar.06, 2014, under Randy Blue

Sometimes after a long hot muscle workout, you need to relax with a good rub down. Skylar is the go to guy when it comes to a Randy Blue massage. But with our a growing clientele base, he needs some help. He has decided to recruit our new gay porn hunk, Max Michaels. Skylar tells Max to give him a massage so he can see his technique. Right away, there is tension. Max is enamored by how hot Skylar is, but he wants to remain professional. He needs this job. Then Skylar orders him to get the massage oil on his hole. Max obliges. Suddenly Max is finger fucking Skylar. Skylar demands that Max eat it out next, insisting that this is what the clients want. Soon Max is asking if he can kiss the clients. The two start to make out and blow each other. Their hard dicks are smothered in spit and massage oil. Max asks if he can fuck the clients. He then proceeds to fuck the blazes out of Skylar. And Skylar loves every minute of this hot straight jock turned gay porn star pounding away at his hole. They each take turns blowing loads into their mouths, and then snowballing their cum between their tongues. I think Max got the job. And remember, when it comes to Randy Blue Porn, all of our photos are free. Randy Blue is the place to go for hot free gay porn photos.
Featuring:   Skylar WestMax Michaels
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Max Michaels

by on Mar.03, 2014, under Randy Blue

Max Michaels looks like the guy who would have been the captain of the football team. The guy that won homecoming king. The guy you jerked off to every night wishing he would take you to prom. He has those classic American looks that make him seem downright wholesome. But this guy is anything but. This former straight stud has recently come out as bisexual, and he told us that he has a lot of catching up to do when it comes to fucking some hot naked men. And what better place to explore than in the world of gay porn. This blond adonis has a beautiful chest and big juicy nipples that anyone would kill to suck on. Ih this video you can see him play with his hot cock then finger fuck himself until he gets so worked up he shoots a geyser of cum all over the room.
Featuring:   Max Michaels
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Lance Alexander and Adam Hardy trade hot nude photos

by on Feb.27, 2014, under Randy Blue

Adam Hardy is greeted at the door by Lance Alexander. The two had been trading hot nude pics and finally they needed to meet in person. All of this tension caused them to explode with passion. Adam started sucking off Lance. Then Lance got face fucked by Adam. Then Adam fucked the hell out of Lance. Finally Adam pulled out and shot his load right on top of that quivering hole. Feeling that hot cum on him made Lance lose it and bust a nut. This is the hot gay porn video you have been waiting for.
Featuring:   Lance AlexanderAdam Hardy
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Free Porn Pics of Austin Wolf Fucking Shawn Abir

by on Feb.20, 2014, under Randy Blue

Austin Wolfdecided to interview our latest solo, Shawn Abir. We pick up where we left things off. Shawn just jizzed all over Austin, and he begins to wipe the cum off of his chest. Austin was excited by the best gay porn video he just made and wanted to keep the ball rolling. He asked Shawn to suck his dick and Shawn was more than happy to oblige. Then Austin shoved Shawn down and sucked his cock and ate his ass. Then he fucked Shawn hard and fast until Shawn came buckets all over his own hairy chest. Austin pulled out and nutted all over Shawn, hitting his furry hole.
Featuring:   Austin WolfShawn Abir
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