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Shy Guys?

by on Nov.20, 2015, under Broke Straight Boys

We’ve got two of the hottest guys in the BSB crew and they’re finally going to hook up. I”m shocked to discover that off camera Gage is far less “reserved”. Now I’ve never though of Gage as shy at all, but I’d love to see how outlandish he can get. Tanner, who has been gotten broken in quite nicely, will be his screen partner. He is admittedly a bit nervous in front of the camera. Maybe these two can help bring each other’s true selves out.

There’s instant chemistry. These two cannot contain their attraction to each other. They kiss passionately as there clothes come off. Gage kisses all over Tanner’s neck and chest before being rolled onto his back. Tanner distracts Gage with some gentle kisses of his own as his hand sneaks into his shorts. Once Gage’s thick meat is out Tanner gets right to sucking it. Gage doesn’t let him have it for long though; he’s too hungry for cock himself. Tanner has a lot of cock to feast on as Gage soon finds out. He stuffs every bit of the shaft in his mouth and even allows Tanner to face fuck him for a while.

When they’re done sucking each other off, Gage lubes up Tanner’s dick. He slowly backs up on it and by the look of his face he’s surprised by how far his ass has to stretch to accommodate all of it. Tanner begins to bang his man box out mercilessly. Gage has to bend over completely to brace himself for the blows. Gage then talks Tanner into taking some dick himself and has him sit on top of him and ride it. Tanner slides on it slowly, trying to allow his tight hole to adjust. Gage can’t help himself though, he starts to fuck him from below. The ass must be good because Gage doesn’t last long. He quickly pulls out and cuts all over his chest. There’s only one problem, Tanner hasn’t nutted yet. He takes advantage and squeezes his cock back into Gage’s booty and pummels his insides until he’s squirting cum all over the boy’s gaping hole!

Tanner Valentino and Gage Owens

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