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SDBoy – Ty and Travis

by on Jan.14, 2013, under SD Boys

TWatching these two sexy guys together, I remind you that the "SD" in, does not stand for "succulent" and "delicious," but maybe it should. Ty and Travis are barebacking and flip-flopping in this "all inclusive" fuck me too video; all aboard, a wet and bumpy ride for sure!

Kissing passionately, the two are up and give one another a hand, anyway. Travis is first to take a taste; guess he likes the "salty dog"; Ty's thick cock is no match for Travis' wanting mouth. Ty ungulates his hips; his cock and Travis' mouth meet in the middle. Ty then takes over to arouse his partner, orally. "You wanna fuck me in the ass?" asks Travis as he is ready to be stimulated, internally. Ty slides in and gasps at the tightness; Travis whispers, "yeah." Pulling the camera back to get it all in, I film Ty's slim body flexing as he pounds Travis; Travis' cock wags in agreement, Ty is hot.

Going a bit faster, Ty's rhythm has got Travis red and red hot. As Travis opens up a bit, he starts to push back against his partner. The boys change to a missionary position and work to get Ty's cock in. Ty strokes Travis' gentiles as he glides in and out. A view from behind shows the deep penetration and hard work these two are up to, nice. I don't think I've seen Travis so pliable, as he is here today with Ty; his legs wave high above. Both are breathing heavily as they copulate.

Travis then says, "now it's my turn;" Ty pulls out anally, and goes down orally. Travis is hard as a rock; guess Ty knows a thing or two about boy's anatomy. While caressing Ty's bicep, the two hand hands; Ty's mouth stays firmly planted on Travis' cock. Looking up at his partner, Ty asks, "you wanna fuck me?" "Oh yeah," answers Travis. Starting off doggie style, Travis has his buddy grinning and panting from the start; Ty rolls his eyes back with each thrust. Up close, you can see how much he is enjoying being taken. "Damn, you got a tight ass," comments Travis as he makes his way in fully.

Filming from above, Travis is balls deep and both are wanting to try something a little kinky before Travis cums. Ty lies on the floor and is pile-driven by his partner. It is so erotic to see them totally relish their pairing. Ty does not take his eyes off of Travis, who is having a wonderful time in this position. The boys then move back to the bed, for missionary style. Both are spent, and Travis is close. Before long, Travis pulls out of Ty and strokes himself; "fucking shoot that load all over me," exclaims Ty. The amount of jizz that sprays from Travis, along with the coverage, has Ty both excited and surprised; I think I got wet too. Ty slaps Travis on the ass and the two end as they began, with a sensual kiss.

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