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Ricky Case loves playing with his dick

by on Jul.05, 2011, under Randy Blue

There is something so sexy about being alone in a sauna. The heat making you sweat, the feeling of exhibitionism when letting your towel slip away, the steam making you so relaxed and horny that you can't help but stroke your aching hard on. Ricky Case shares an intimate experience with you. It's like you are there with him in the sauna and he's so turned on at the thought of having a voyeur watching his every move. He lets his fingers glide over the light sheen of sweat on his smooth chest. Tracing the lines that form his pecs, they glide down to a light treasure trail that leads to a nice patch of dark curly pubes outlining a thick and meaty cock, which he eagerly wraps his hand around. This horny jock stud loves to play soccer and all the time spent running around a field chasing balls has given him a nice tight build. His hand effortlessly slides up and down the shaft as he looks right at you, almost beaconing you to join him. He loves sex and he loves playing with his dick and wants you to have as much fun as he is. Feeling your balls churn and the heat rise, soon you'll feel that familiar rush as you and Ricky both shoot a nice gusher of spunk.

Featuring:  Ricky Case

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