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Vadim Black And Drake Tyler

Vadim Black And Drake Tyler

Vadim is back and his arms are huge. This kid is stacking on the muscle and it looks great! He starting to look more and more like a dominant top, much to Drake’s (and my) pleasure.Drake may be a straight guy, but even he must be a little turned on by Vadim’s new guns. Let’s see how these two pair up.

Drake brings Vadim’s face close to his and begins to kiss him deeply. Vadim kisses him back before letting his lips fall all over Drake’s neck and chest. Vadim lays back and allows Drake to undress him and spoil his cock with his tongue and lips. Drake takes every inch slowly down his throat. Vadim moans in satisfaction; whispering “oh fuck” almost every time Drake goes down.Drake picks up the pace, and sucks that dick with true vigor before taking off his shorts and letting the Russian taste his pole. Vadim loudly slurps on Drake’s prick. Drake can’t believe that’s he’s getting just as good of a blowjob as he gave.

Drake gets on all fours and offers his ass to Vadim to taste. Vadim stuffs his tongue right into Drake’s hole. He tongue explores every ripple and wrinkle of Drake’s tight rectum. He gets it nice and slick so that he can stuff his big cock right inside. He pushes in and is instantly moaning, just as Drake is. Vadim delivers deep and long strokes. Good lord, I can only imagine how good those thrusts must feel to Drake. He gets louder and louder as Vadim pounds his tight booty raw. When it’s time, there’s cum everywhere. On Drake’s chest, balls, and his hole.

Vadim Black And Drake Tyler

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