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Griffin Matthews Fucks Kyle Johnson

by on Aug.20, 2013, under Broke Straight Boys

The time has come! Kyle Johnson is giving up some ass for his fellow newbie Griffin Matthews. They’ve come such a long way since their first appearance on BSB, in this update they push way further.

“I’m kind of nervous,” Kyle says to the cameraman. “I’ve never had that done before.”

Griffin has fucked a guy before, but he was drunk. This will be his first sober man fuck.

“Kind of curious on how things turn out,” Griffin says.

The boys get naked. Griffin drops to his knees and services his bud eagerly. He pays special attention to the head, just the way Kyle likes it.
“Take it all,” Kyle whispers.

Griffin licks the tip, his mouth filled up with pre-cum.

“Look at me as you’re sucking my dick,” Kyle orders.

I guess Kyle is being cocky because he secretly wants Griffin to fuck him harder. Smart move.

Soon it’s Kyle’s turn to suck Griffin’s thick cock. Griffin sits comfortably on the lounge chair and Kyle slurps and sucks his cock until it is completely hard.

“Yeah, that’s really good,” Griffin notes.

Notice how Griffin shakes when his shaft is licked?

“Look up at me and take it as deep as you can,” Griffin gently orders.

Kyle can only go half-way, but Griffin doesn’t complain.

The main event has arrived. Kyle gets on the chair, his ass pointing in Griffin’s direction. Griffin gets some lube and puts some in Kyle’s hole.

“You’re a little tight, aren’t you,” Griffin asks.

That’s OK, Griffin. You’ll open that ass up soon. LOL!

Griffin saddles up, and slowly enters. Bare. Kyle grunts but takes it like a man who needs dick. Griffin pounds deep and long, and Kyle moans to the heavens.

“Oh, my god,” Kyle whimpers.

The initial shock wears off, and Kyle needs that sausage to fill him up.

“It’s so deep,” Kyle moans.

Just the way you like it, baby. LOL!

The fucking gets more vigorous, the sound of flesh against flesh.

“Show me who’s boss,” Kyle demands.

Griffin does, slapping those cheeks as he strokes away. He grabs Kyle’s hips and fuck away, like that hole is moist pussy.

“That’s the g-spot,” Kyle groans.

Kyle gets on his back, his tool hard enough to beat a drum. When Griffin reenters, Kyle doesn’t offer resistance. He knows Griffin owns his ass. As for Griffin, he’s marking Kyle as his pass around party bottom.

“That’s so deep,” Kyle cries.

All of this fucking proves too much for Kyle. His first stream of cum reaches his shoulder. Kyle stays in position as Griffin fucks him and suddenly Griffin reaches his climax and dumps his load in Kyle. He’s one happy camper.

Click to see the entire scene with
Griffin Matthews & Kyle Johnson 

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