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Drake Dominated

by on May.13, 2015, under Broke Straight Boys

Cage Kafig Shows No Mercy On Drake Tyler's Hole

Cage Kafig Shows No Mercy On Drake Tyler’s Hole

Ok, wow. So we’ve got BSB’s best top with one of the best bottoms this site has ever seen?! This is one chemistry set that liable to set your computer on fire. Please note, that BSB takes no responsibility for any fried computing or mobile devices. You know you’re in for a good time when the top says he wants to “dominate” the bottom and the bottom is more than ok with it. Let’s see how this goes.

Drake all but rips Cage’s pants off in order to get to his cock. He inhales it, taking it all the way down to the base. Drake is not only one of the best bottom but he is also one of the best cocksuckers. The kids doesn’t mind sucking till his eyes water. He also allows Cage to fuck the back of his throat. Seriously, it cage could fit dick and balls into Drake’s mouth, he would have tried.

Eager for some grade A ass, Cage quickly lubes and straps up. Drake lays on the floors and props his ass into the air. Cage busts right into his ass, pounding hard from the beginning. He wasn’t lying when he said that he wanted to dominate Drake. He bends Drake of the bed and continues to fuck the shit out of the bubble butt stud. Cage knows Drake’s sweet hole can take a beating so he doesn’t hold back. Drake enjoys it, his moans fill the air with each of Cage’s thrusts. Drake finally gets to use Cage’s dick when he’s on top riding him. He busts his nut all over the bed as Cage continues to use his ass from below. Drake flips over and Cage immediately paints his ass with his cum. I know BSB doesn’t repeat pairings often but these two deserve a rematch.

Cage Kafig and Drake Tyler

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