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Agua Caliente

by on Jun.17, 2014, under SD Boys

Diego stops at a nearby creek to splash some water on, and cool off. Playing with a fishing pole, looks like he caught a live one, in Hernan. The boys begin to kiss and grope in this video. Diego's up for using his "worm" to get more than a bite from bottom boy Hernan. Liking what he feels, Hernan drops to his knees and gets Diego hard-er. Sucking that big cock maybe thirsty work, but I'm sure Diego will let him have a "drink" in the end. Diego face fucks Hernan as the pair heat up the water. Lapping the top's balls, Hernan has no intention of leaving this pond without some "refreshment." Direction the boy's lips, Diego then takes Hernan out of the water for some reciprocity. Up on a rock, Diego sucks the boy's toy before entering the real prize. Giving Hernan one last chance to taste, seems like this bottom will do nicely. Next time, the boys take on a sport, but it ain't fishing.

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Tony Found His Willy

by on Jun.12, 2014, under SD Boys

Out on the farm, these two workers take time to enjoy the outdoors. Tony's in the blue and will top. His partner, Willy, is the bottom boy in this barnyard romp. As these guys get to it, they grope and suck, but that's only where it starts. Being farmhands, you know they both can grow things; after some hot oral, the "planting" begins. Heading to the back of a truck, Willy can't seem to get enough of Tony's thick cock and Tony's okay with that until he decides it's time to "seed" Willy. In various positions, we enjoy the fruits of their labor; hard workers they are. In the end, we get a nice "harvest" of cum. It's always the manual labor that gets the job done.

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Wolf Gets A Helping Hand or Two

by on Jun.09, 2014, under SD Boys sexy model Wolf is here to bust a nut. As the porn plays, he tugs to "enlarge." This hot bodied big cock stud likes to put on a show; open wide this may sting a bit at first. Seated, and stroking his "juicy" cock, Wolf gets a helping hand; of course, being as big as Wolf, two hands are needed to handle this monster. Slapping his cock onto his ripped stomach, Wolf agrees "all the ladies love it." Working his balls, a finger also goes down for a touch of that hole. Getting close, Wolf gives a "feels good;" he's not the only one thinking that. Watching his ball sack swell as he's jerked also leads to a gasp, "just like that." With a "there you go, just like that," Wolf busts onto his stomach and groin, leaving one messy boy, WOOF.

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Having A Piece of Peace

by on May.06, 2014, under SD Boys

Being a betting man, I'd say two guys fool around, and both "will cum" for Travis will top and Jason's the lucky bottom. Travis seems to be a natural at getting what he wants, as he directs the bottom's hand to his cock. The two kiss deeply, both rising to the occasion. Travis goes down on Jason; "that feels good" is all the smiling boy gets out before he starts gasping. By the time Travis pulls of his drawers, Jason takes the cock in like its Thanksgiving. Travis then has Jason "spread his drumsticks" and goes to town. By the time this pair blows, we're all gonna be feasting.

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Tony Climbs Mt. Felipe

by on Apr.29, 2014, under SD Boys

Out splashing around, Felipe and Tony begin to mess around. In the bandana, and topping today, is Felipe; here to dry him off and bottom, is Tony. The two make short work of the water, creating their own fun, back at the house. As these boys know, "fun is where the tongue meets the shaft." Felipe goes down on Tony first, then Tony "springs" Felipe free and swallows all he can. They trade off again, before Felipe bends down and "tenderizes" Tony's hole. Legs up in the air and ready to receive all of Felipe, Tony hops on top and "traverses" the pole. Rocking up into Tony, Felipe pounds away. Both Latinos like this pairing, as "big cock, meets tight hole." Kissing and grinding, the pair share sensations and take their experiences to a "hole" new level. "Cum" on back and watch these two finish what they started, each other.

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Flip-Fuck For Fun

by on Apr.23, 2014, under SD Boys

These two Latinos aren't in the kitchen, but they are cooking up something "caliente." has Darwin, in the white underwear, and Ethan, in the blue underwear, here for some flip-fuck-fun. Ethan is first to suck; he pulls back Darwin's foreskin and sucks fully on the glistening head. Slapping his friend on the ass, Darwin then fingers and proceeds to enter Ethan, riding atop. Sliding in and out with such ease, I think these two have been "cooking" for a while. Flipping Ethan over, Darwin thrust from behind, in several positions. At one point, Ethan has to brace himself against the couch, while enjoying the fast-ass-fucking. Taking over, Ethan works his very thick cock into Darwin's hole; it takes a bit, but the sensation is worth it. Slowing the pace, Ethan pumps all the cum out of his partner. He then jacks off, leans over Darwin, and coats the boy with "leche."

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The Verse of Travis Gunn

by on Apr.13, 2014, under SD Boys

Oh the things Travis Gunn will do for money, and a dick, for This 20 year old Midwest guy likes porn and doing things outdoors. Chatting us up about his first time, Travis is now verse, but really likes to bottom; a "hole" after my own cock. As I film, and he removes his shirt, he is a fit boy with a good bit of hair, front and backside. Once his underwear are where we want them, on the floor, we see his nice, uncut cock; he says he jacks off multiple times a day. After I "regroup," I let him do his thing. Wanting to "try something a bit more," Travis has me help him out, by going in. As he tastes, this boy has been practicing for porn, and it shows. Sliding those nice soft lips over my shaft, he definitely is into guys. With multiple cameras, I try and capture all the sensations; needless to say, Travis is a great bottom. Getting comfortable with my girth, he "rocks" back onto me and grabs the sheets. Travis is a moaner, and I do like that in a boy, especially while I'm in him. Turing him over, we both admit, this "feels so fucking good." As Travis jerks, I pull out and bust onto his groin; what can I say, 20 years old asses do it for me. Going back in, just to help Travis, he says, "I'm gonna cum," and does so, in nice heavy streams. Yep, Travis is on his way, at least that's the way I "gauge" it.

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Eric Martin Blows Off Some Stream

by on Apr.09, 2014, under SD Boys

Studying hard, Eric Martin feels stressed and needs to blow off some "stream." Peering at some porn, what else is a laptop for, he quickly switches to "shifting his gear," and stroking one out. Looks like "Cal. State's" going to have to wait as this guy has some fun before getting some work done. Panning up his toned body to his nice hairy chest, Eric is my kind of student; I think his "Champion" underwear says it all. As he pulls out his meaty-sized cock, this hottie is working with more than just a pencil. Rubbing his shaft on his thigh, he comes up quickly and goes to his knees. As he jerks, his eyes glaze and he throw back his (other) head, rolling his cock against his happy trail; he is indeed worth studying. Legs spread, he settles into a nice rhythm and "works hard" on himself. By the time Erick bursts, the guys on the porn have blow, as have I. A cream-filled stomach is laydened and our student is happy with his "marks," as are we.

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Ay Caramba

by on Apr.06, 2014, under SD Boys

"Que rico," these two sexy Latinos are on the menu today. is serving up some spicy carne. Lukas is dark-haired and in the white tank; Cristian is in orange and both like to fuck and be fucked; lucky we found them. Both are hard from the start as they tug and rub one another. Face fucking is only one of the foreplay activities for these boys. As the camera captures all the fun, these two just keep going. Even before the fucking, Cristian cannot hold out, and blows all over Lukas' face. "Sharing is caring," as these two have no problem partaking in a sloppy kiss. Panting and grunting, Lukas' hole is "fully" explored by Cristian's cock. The two intertwine like snakes and undulate nicely. Lukas then takes over topping, power drilling Cristian's hole. Bending every which way, these two were born to fuck one another; the sweet smell of cock and ass hang heavy as the boys just keep going. To blow his load, Lukas has his partner lie on top as he tugs. The creamy streams flow in jets onto his stomach. Exhausted, the pair again lie on top of one another and kiss.

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Profiles Of Passion

by on Apr.02, 2014, under SD Boys

Looking for a hook-up, both Preston and Joey are horny and searching for a cock. Checking out each other's online profiles seems like they can put away the technology and get tactual. Getting some action going, the boys find what their looking for, on the same bed. Preston is quite impressed with Joey's hot body and savors all the right spots; fuck Preston's a lucky guy. Joey reciprocates with some tongue of his own. With a "come on" from Preston, Joey sucks long and hard, all the way down Preston's shaft. Pushing Joey back onto his back, Preston will be topping, and Joey will be enjoying all the fruits of the top's labor. Lubing up and fingering Joey's sweet hairy hole, Preston gets ready to slide in; these guys are ripe for the watching. "Yeah, push in on my cock," moans the top as his meat glides in and has the bottom gasping from the get go; a welcoming hole is always a great place to be. Fucking, Preston gives a "that's so nice," as he continues to thrust; up close, I have to agree. Rolling the bottom boy over, this sexy pair find better and better positions to enjoy one another; Preston's balls deep and their contrast of skin is arousing. It won't be long before both "cream up" and add even more color to their bodies.

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