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Cage Kafig Fucks Tate Thompson

by on Mar.05, 2014, under Broke Straight Boys

Cage Kafig Fucks Tate Thompson

Cage Kafig Fucks Tate Thompson

“Just because you’re bipolar, it doesn’t make you crazy”, Tate explains as he describes his condition to Kage. Tate says that as long as he is medicated he’s “ok”. Kage begins to undress, unveiling those sexy tats; making me wonder if he thinks he has a cure for Tate. Word has it that he’s a rough fuck but having been topped four times, maybe, just maybe, Tate can handle it. Let’s get started!

Tate lays back. “Relax, just relax, it’s going to be good”, Kage promises right before taking Tate’s cock into his mouth. Kage successfully gets Tate to relax; leaving only his dick stiff. His eyes begin to water while working Tate’s dick, but that doesn’t stop him. When asked “how is it?” Tate says that Kage’s blowjob is a close second to the one he received from Jason Matthews. Is that a challenge? Uh oh!!! Straight boys and bruised egos equal trouble every time! Kage begins to really get into it and moments later he has Tate admitting that he’s taken the #1 spot. Now it’s Tate’s turn to prove himself as a cocksucker. He easily takes Kage’s entire dick in his mouth. Kage watches in wonder with one arm behind his head. “Apparently you’re enjoying this a lot” Tate says while tasting precum. Kage’s rock hard dick is all the testimony we need. He pulls his dick, wet with saliva, out of Tate’s mouth. “You ready to get fucked?” he asks.

Watching Kage strap and lube up his big cock, Tate begs for him to be gentle. I wonder if his plea will work. Tate bends over on the bed and Kage gets right to work. Tate barely has time to arch his back before Kage is pounding away. Kage, after all, has a reputation for a reason. His forceful fucking is hard enough to make Tate’s dick jump and hit his abs. Kage seriously has no mercy and he continues to batter Tate’s insides. “You keep hitting that spot, I’m going to cum” Tate declares. Kage forces Tate onto his side and gets back to fucking his hole. Tate’s expressions tell it all. The slight pain and immense pleasure are plastered all over his face. He once again asks Kage to slow down, fearing that he will cum too soon. Kage obviously doesn’t take requests. He just keeps up the pace. He makes it clear that he is the one issuing orders as he drags Kage to the edge of the bed and continues to bang the life out of him. Tate tries to hold it together but Kage isn’t having any of that. He grabs Tate’s dick and begins to jack and fuck him at the same time. Kage gets redder and redder as Kage unleashes on that ass.

Finally, cum flies from Tate’s dick! Kage gets in a few more strokes before he snatches the condom off and paints Tate’s chest white with his own man cream. “Dick drunk”, “numb”, and speechless Tate taps out when offered a round two with Kage.

If I ever meet Kage I think I’ll challenge his manhood too ;).

Watch Cage Kafig Fuck Tate Thompson

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