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Photoshoot from August 2017

by on Aug.29, 2017, under Broke Straight Boys

In between scenes today, we took a few promo shots just for fun.

Here are some photos from those photos.

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He Wants What He Wants

by on Aug.28, 2017, under Broke Straight Boys

John Henry and Ryan Fields

John Henry and Ryan Fields

John Henry and Ryan Fields begin by making out and feeling each other up. The pull off and toss their clothes, exposing their hot bodies to each other. John goes down on Ryan and swallows his cock whole. Ryan ups the ante by bending John over and munching on his fat bubble butt. John’s toes curl as Ryan’s tongue darts in and out of his hot hole.

Once its nice and wet, Ryan pushes his raw cock deep in his ass, making John moan even more. John hangs tightly on to the pillow as his ass is pounded from behind. Ryan isn’t here to show mercy, he’s here to catch a nut. Each thrust betrays his true intent. With his ass getting sore, John takes control by getting on top of Ryan and riding his cock. He’s not on top long before he’s shooting out a sweet load! Ryan pulls out and releases his man milk right on John’s thigh.

John Henry and Ryan Fields

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Down To It

by on Aug.27, 2017, under Broke Straight Boys

Ashton Taylor Fucks Justin Dean

Ashton Taylor Fucks Justin Dean

Boys that know how to get right to business will always have my utmost respect. Ashton Taylor and Justin Dean are ready to make that list. They jump right in and get things popping, kissing as they undress. Once Ashton gets a glimpse of what Justin is packing, he helps himself to some oral. He licks up and down Justin’s shaft in order to get it nice and wet. The boys switch places and Justin deepthroats Ashton’s prick. While get his cock necked down, Ashton plays with Justin’s tight hole and begins to imagine all of the hot things he’s going to do.
Justin bends over and lets Ashton push his dick balls deep into his hole. Ashton gets right to work and doesn’t hold back. You can tell his excited to fuck Justin’s beautiful ass. He pounds him hard while Justin jacks off, loving every stroke. Ashton flips him on his back and continues to wreck his hole. Ashton is an insatiable little fuck! Soon enough he’s forced to stop when Justin cums all over his chest! Ashton pulls out and hosing the lad down with his own hot load.

Ashton Taylor Fucks Justin Dean

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by on Aug.26, 2017, under Broke Straight Boys

Introducing Jos Alvarez

Introducing Jos Alvarez

Jos Alvarez is cute as fuck! Big brown eyes and kissable lips are a weakness for me and Jos has them in spades. He doesn’t seem very nervous when the cameras begin rolling, in fact he seems eager to show off. He strips down and reveals a sexy body. He then sits down and begins to rub his cock, making it grow nice and thick. He continues to stroke and pleasure himself after lying back on the bed.


As if we need any more eye candy, Jos gets on all fours to show off his tight hairy hole. Damn it looks fuckable! I can’t wait to see one of our guys take it for a test drive. He turns back over and continues to stroke will playing with his fat balls. He jacks and jacks until he finally unleashes a massive load all over the floor!


Introducing Jos Alvarez

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Dark and Handsome X2

by on Aug.21, 2017, under Broke Straight Boys

It’s Sebastian Lee is still in his first week with BSB but this hottie is still ready for anything. He’s been paired with one of our hottest pros, Brad Banks who is eager to use him any way he pleases. The boys make out for a bit before stripping down and beginning with some oral fun. Sebastian goes down on Brad first. He wraps his lips around his fat cock and bobs up and down on it, letting it grow in his mouth. They take a break to kiss but Brad seems to have only one thing on his mind.

Brad bends Sebastian over the bed and gets what he’s been waiting for. He inserts his prick right into Sebastian’s sweet ass. He fills him up good; forcing every inch inside. fills that tight ass up with his long shaft, pushing every inch of his big prick into Sebastian and fucking him hard.  Sebastian breathes deeply as Brad digs into his ass. Brad’s rock hard body rams into Sebastian’s over and over, stretching his hole wide. The boys switch positions and Sebastian gets on his back where he lets Brad have another go at his ass. Brad stuffs his cock back in his ass and fucks him until he pulls out and covers Sebastian with nut! Sebastian follows suit and tugs out a sweet load of his own.

Brad Banks Fucks Sebastian Lee

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Bending Chris Over

by on Aug.20, 2017, under Broke Straight Boys

Benjamin Dover and Chris Taylor Fuck

Benjamin Dover and Chris Taylor Fuck

Benjamin Dover is known for getting right to the business and today is no different. He moves right in for a kiss with his screen partner, Chris Taylor. The make out slowly while discarding their clothes. Benjamin goes down on Chris first. He parts his lips and gobbles down Chris manhood. While sucking him off, he fingers Chris tight little hole, preparing it for what’s to come. Chris makes Benjamin’s prick stand up as he takes his turn giving head. He works it with his mouth and gets it nice and wet.

Benjamin bends Chris over and pushes his big bareback dick deep into Chris’s hole. He smacks that ass as he fucks him hard and deep. He is tearing Chris’ boy pussy up. He only gives him a long enough break to rim his hole before getting right back to destroying that ass. Chris begs for more cock and Benjamin doesn’t disappoint. He dominates him for the entire scene. You’ll definitely want to check this one out for yourself!

Benjamin Dover and Chris Taylor Fuck

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Just Chillin’

by on Aug.19, 2017, under Broke Straight Boys

Introducing Rick Hazard

Introducing Rick Hazard

Do you like your boys dark and handsome? You like your boys confident but humble (and maybe even a little shy)? Do you like your boys to have bodies worth drooling over? Well we’ve all that in our newest model, Rick Hazard. He’s the perfect example of a hot straight guy that doesn’t seem to know how hot he is. You know the type, I’m sure many of you have crushed on someone similar lol! And now you get see one undress and show you what he’s got.

Rick strips down slowly as he tells us a bit about his tattoos before he begins playing with himself. As his cock hardens it stretches and grows to a massive size. I can’t wait to see this kid tackle some BSB ass. He lies back on the bed, and continues to massage his cock and pleasuring himself. He spreads those legs and jerks harder until he finally blows a hot load all over himself!

Introducing Rick Hazard

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The Joys of Bottoming

by on Aug.17, 2017, under Broke Straight Boys

Ashton Taylor Has His Way with Drake Tyler

Ashton Taylor Has His Way with Drake Tyler

Yes, we know you’re all eager to see Ashton Taylor’s ass get pounded for the first time. Don’t worry; you’ll get that opportunity. He’s not ready to give that ass up quite yet so we’re going to allow him to get some more prime ass, Drake Tyler’s. If anyone can share the joys of bottoming with Ashton, it’s Drake. So let’s watch him work his magic.

They start with some kisses and heavy petting before Ashton finds himself on his knees giving Drake a hummer. Drake moans as his sizable cock is almost devoured by the newbie. The boys switch places and now it’s Drake’s turn to put in some oral work. Drake takes Ashton’s cock in his mouth and gives him head. He deep throats it and lets it grow hard in his mouth. Ashton fingers Drake’s hole while Drake sucks Ashton’s cock, getting it ready for some cock.

Once he’s satisfied, he shoves his raw dick into Drake’s pink asshole. Ashton gets right to pounding Drake, he knows he can take it, he knows that he likes it. He holds his legs apart of he fucks him deep. Drake moans as he gets pounded raw, taking every inch of Ashton’s hard dick. After a hardcore romp, Drake finally cums all over himself before until he’s stroking out a big load and Ashton isn’t far behind, shooting his cum all over as both guys finish the scene with a few more hot kisses!

Ashton Taylor Has His Way with Drake Tyler


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Neo BareBangs Checo

by on Aug.17, 2017, under BangBangBoys

There's nothing like a trip to the beach to get you super horny. Neo and Checo meet up at the beach and pretty soon want to head back to get naked and fuck. Neo has got a huge thick dick - Checo can barely take it all in his mouth - how's he gonna fit it all in his ass.

He jumps on top of Neo's massive pole and buries it deep in his bubble butt without too much of a problem. He rides that massive cock like a bull rider at the rodeo. It feels so good he cums all over Neo's abs. Neo is pleased and cums all over Checo's pretty face.
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Quick and Thorough

by on Aug.16, 2017, under Broke Straight Boys

Justin Dean Takes On Damien Nichols

Justin Dean Takes On Damien Nichols

Wanna see what happens when we let two newbies have at each other? Well this is the video for you. After some small talk, Justin helps Damien out of his jeans as the two begin to kiss. Justin’s lips make their way down Damien’s chest and quickly find themselves wrapped around his big throbbing cock. Justin’s oral skills convey that he’s had some experience in that region. Damien’s prick is standing at attention in no time. The boys switch places and Damien takes his turn giving head. He returns the favor, getting Justin hard and ready to go.

Justin is horned up and ready to take some cock. He straddles Justin and rides him reverse cowboy, moving that sexy ass up and down on Damien’s bareback cock. He rides him hard. Damien breathes hard and looks on as his cock squeezed by Justin’s ass. Justin flips over onto his back and opens that ass up for Damien once again. Damien gives Justin every inch of his cock. Banging his hole hard and deep until both boys release a load of jizz.

Justin Dean Takes On Damien Nichols

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