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BSB vs College Dudes Continues

by on Apr.29, 2017, under Broke Straight Boys

Cage Dominates Dillon’s Tight Ass

Cage Dominates Dillon’s Tight Ass

Dillon Anderson is small but incredibly sexy. Even though he is new to the site, he is not new to gay porn as he’s been featured on College Dudes. Today he’ll get a little BSB love from one of our vets, Cage Kafig. Let’s let these two make some money…

Cage damn near tackles Dillon and begins to kiss him before going down on him. He gives him a hot blow job before the boys switch places and Dillon wraps his mouth around Cage’s cock. After taking turns devouring each other’s dicks, Dillon decides to get what he came for. He lubes up and slides his warm hole down onto Cage’s beef. He bounces on it while taking every inch until Cage shifts him down some and takes over. Eventually Dillon ends up on his back where Cage really begins to pound the shit out of him, covering his mouth in the process.

The boys switch positions again so that Cage can hit it from the back. Cage doesn’t ease up any. He continues to destroy and pound this cutie’s hole until he can’t take it anymore. Dillon blows his load all over the bed while Cage’s cock stays buried deep. When he finally pulls out, he leaves a milky load right in the crack of Dillon’s hot ass. Now Dillon can make that down payment on his jeep.

Cage Dominates Dillon’s Tight Ass

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He Can Take It

by on Apr.27, 2017, under Broke Straight Boys

Ben Dover and John Henry Fuck

Ben Dover and John Henry Fuck

Ben Dover and John Henry aren’t about talking. These two love to fuck so when we find them they’re already kissing and fondling each other. John quickly gets on his knees and fills his mouth with Ben’s cock. He lets every inch of inch slide down his throat. John has Ben moaning in gratitude with his blowjob skills. Ben bends John over on the bed and admires his ass and his balls. He sticks a finger in his hole as if he’s inspecting it for tightness. Ben’s tongue replaces his finger as he begins to rim and eat his ass. He goes back and forth between John’s ass and cock before they decide to 69.

He pulls Ben’s boxers down and sucks on that thick meat, deepthroating Ben’s long shaft and licking his balls while Ben enjoys the view from above.  Ben gets John on the bed and bends him over, gently massaging John’s balls and cock as he slips a finger into John’s ass and feels how tight his entrance is.  Ben licks and rims John’s hole then runs his tongue over his taint to that dick and sucks it before going back for another taste of that ass while John sucks on Ben’s member.
John lies back on the bed and spreads his legs, letting Ben enter his tight ass with his bareback cock.  Ben fucks John hard. He pounds John’s hole forcing his toes to curl.John demands that Ben fuck him harder and he gets his wish. Ben bangs him harder knowing John can take it. John not only takes it but enjoys it so much that he cums hard! Ben flips him over and takes him from behind, getting balls deep in that ass until he’s ready to bust a nut and then pulls out and nuts across John’s back!

Ben Dover and John Henry Fuck

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Dreaming of You

by on Apr.26, 2017, under Broke Straight Boys

Brandon Evans Fucks Robb Davis

Brandon Evans Fucks Robb Davis

It’s no mystery why Brandon Evans is so hot. Apparently he gets plenty of beauty sleep! He’ll need all the rest he can get today, as he’ll be breaking in newbie Robb Davis. These two don’t waste much time. In under a minute they’re making out and helping each other out of their clothes. Brandon goes straight for Robb’s cock, sucking his fat dick and bobbing up and down on it. He lies back and lets Robb have a turn sucking some cock. Robb is a natural; he takes the prick down to the hilt.

When it’s time to fuck, Brandon lowers his tight ass on Robb’s throbbing cock. He eases on it as it pierces his insides. He then rides Brandon with confidence and bounces up and down on it until Robb takes control and flips him over. Brandon bends Robb’s legs back and he rams his hole over and over again while Robb jacks off. Brandon lays into him and Robb enjoys every thrust. Soon, there’s a hot milky cum flying everywhere.

Brandon Evans Fucks Robb Davis

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A Different Tongue

by on Apr.25, 2017, under Broke Straight Boys

Brenden’s First Time ft. Jared Marzdon

Brenden’s First Time ft. Jared Marzdon

Brenden Steel is nervous as most first time boys are. But he has Jared Marzdon in the same scene with him and it appears that they have something in common: they’re learning French. Learning French takes time, effort, and commitment. Let’s hope that for Brenden’s sake learning to suck cock and fuck guys comes a bit more naturally.

They begin by attempting to kiss. Brenden pulls back some but jared guides him in the right direction by not only getting him to kiss but getting his tongue involved. Afterwards, Jared demonstrates the art of sucking dick by going down on Brenden first. He damn near swallows him whole while bobbing up and down on his shaft. Jared finishes his tutorial, kisses Brenden, then stands up and lets Brenden have a taste of his cock. Brenden sucks him off and doesn’t appear to be shy or nervous about it. He does a pretty good job for a first timer. As a treat, Jared goes down on Brenden once more before getting ready to give up that ass

Now the fun begins.

Once Jared is lubed up, he slowly sits on Brenden’s cock but Brenden doesn’t just lie there. He gets up and bends him over the dresser. He starts fucking him deep and slow, forcing Jared to moan loudly. Brenden picks up the pace and really begins to pound his sweet little hole. Jared pleads for him to slow down as if he’s the rookie but Brenden barely eases up until he has him on his back. These two fuck until they both release a nice nut.

Brenden’s First Time ft. Jared Marzdon

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Pierce Hartman drops his raw load inside of Jay Austin in a hot muscle fuck

by on Apr.25, 2017, under Randy Blue

Jay Austin and Pierce Hartman play boyfriends in this sexy scene. They wake up in the morning to find they each have a serious case of morning wood. They decide to remedy this immediately. Pierce goes first and pulls out Jay’s nice hard cock from his underwear. He starts to suck on him. Jay loves the feeling of Pierce’s mouth going all the way down to his balls as he deep throats his cock. Then Jay decides to give it a try. He sits Pierce back and begins to give him the bj of the century. He sucks him off and that is no easy feat since Pierce is packing over 9 inches. But Jay sucks it down like a good boy. Then these two boyfriends take it to the next level with a little rimming. Pierce sucks on Jay’s hole and tongues it to make sure it’s nice and wet for his dick. Jay starts begging for Pierce to fuck him. How can Pierce say no? He takes his dick and slides it easily into Jay’s furry hole. The fucking his hard and intense. Jay loves it he wants it harder and deeper. Pierce is a muscle god so he definitely has the stamina for it. They fuck in a ton of positions before they find themselves locked in missionary. Jay and Pierce are so turned on that they cum at the exact same time. Pierce pulls out as Jay cums and jizzes all over Jay’s ass. Then he sticks the load back inside and fucks the cum deep into his whole. This is a hot creampie you have to see. Be sure to check out the free gayporn pics of the hot action here at Randy Blue.
Featuring:   Jay AustinPierce Hartman
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Caging Rowan

by on Apr.24, 2017, under Broke Straight Boys

Cage Fucks Rowan Adams

Cage Fucks Rowan Adams

Cage Kafig and Rowan Adams engage in some hot kissing action awhile before stripping down. But as soon as Rowan’s cock is out Cage immediately goes for it. He get’s Rowan completely erect while going back and forth between his lips and his cock. Rowan’s up to bat next and he gives as good as he gets. Cage runs his fingers through Rowan’s hair as he watches work his dick over with his mouth.

Rowan wants to give more than a blowjob so he lies and offers his sweet ass. It’s not easy to take a big cock like Cage’s though. Rowan breathes deeply and braces himself as Cage buries himself deep in his guts. Once Cage really starts to fuck, all Rowan can do is hold on as Cage’s huge prick splits his ass. Cage pulls Rowan on top of him and lets him ride that thick cock while Cage plays with Rowan’s dick and then Cage takes over, thrusting his dick into Rowan and watching it disappear up that sweet ass!  Cage turns Rowan onto his back and pounds him some more, getting deep inside of him, filling him with every inch of his big dick until both of these guys cum hard, spilling their seed across themselves and the bed. Don’t take our word for it. Check it out!

Cage Fucks Rowan Adams

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Veteran Affairs

by on Apr.24, 2017, under Broke Straight Boys

Rowan Adams and Vadim Black

Rowan Adams and Vadim Black

Rowan and Vadim have been around for quite some time and they both know the drill. They get right to business; making out and feeling each other up. Vadim kisses his body all over before eventually making it down to his cock. He gets it sloppy wet as he spits, sucks, and strokes it. Vadim works over Rowan’s shaft and balls. After Vadim has had his fun deep throating Rowan, the boys switch places and Rowan takes his turn on the mic. He gets Vadim’s cock just as wet as his in anticipation for what’s to come.

Bent over the bed, Rowan braces himself for Vadim. Vadim spreads his legs and buries his cock inside. Rowan moans as Vadim takes him from behind, filling him up with every inch of his prick. Rowan then takes control, sitting on his dick and riding it. Rowan takes it slow, moving his ass up and down on that dick but when Vadim wants it a little harder he gets Rowan on his back, legs spread and Vadim penetrates that ass again.  Vadim punishes that hole over and over until Rowan fires off a hot load of cum. Vadim finishes next; covering Rowan with his sticky jizz.

Rowan Adams and Vadim Black

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Tony Dias BareBangs Italo

by on Apr.20, 2017, under BangBangBoys

There's nothing more dull than doing the dishes so when Italo comes along to distract Tony Dias from the task he jumps at the opportunity. They head to the bedroom and Tony's big dick is soon out of his pants being sucked by Italo. Tony then sucks on Italo's meat before putting him on all fours - spitting on his ass and alternating between rimming his hole, sucking his cock and slapping his ass.

Italo's fine bubble butt is treated to a spit filled licking and then a finger fucking before Tony Dias then gets his rock hard raw cock and starts to fuck that tight hole.
It feels awesome and Italo is very talented in the positions he jumps into with that cock in his ass. He's got 'Hot Boys' tattooed on his ass and a hot boy fucking it - but wait - they flip! And now it's Tony's turn to get fucked. Getting his hole filled sends Tony over the top and he blows his load all over Italo's gorgeous face. Italo licks that cum up like a hungry man! Shower time!
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Straight hunk Diego Falco takes a raw cock from sexy twink Tommy Hunter

by on Apr.18, 2017, under Randy Blue

Tommy Hunter is new to the Randy Blue Universe. But once you see the big uncut cock he is hiding in his pants, you'll be glad that he's arrived. We know Diego Falco is glad. He may be straight, but even his mouths started to water when he got a look at the huge boner Tommy was sporting. It as hot and sexy. And he couldn't help but put it in his mouth. They take turns blowing each other before some hot rimjob action took place. Tommy tongued Diego's open smooth ass hole, before plunging all 10 inches of his cock inside. It was hot and warm and raw. Just the way Tommy likes it. He starts fucking him hard and fast and Diego can't believe how deep it's going. It all ends with Diego covered in a mess of cum. Be sure to catch the free gay porn pics of the hot bareback action here at Randy Blue Universe.
Featuring:   Diego FalcoTommy Hunter
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Brendan Patrick begs for a load of cum up his ass and bisexual hottie Dane Stewart delivers

by on Apr.11, 2017, under Randy Blue

Fuck Dane Stewart and Brendan Patrick look hot together. It is too much to handle. They really want to fuck bad. They can’t be bothered with my interview. Blah blah blah, can we get to the fucking? So I shut up and let the professional gay porn stars get to work. The scene today is aggressive as fuck. Dane takes control and Brendan submits with eagerness. Dane pins down Brendan and kisses the bearded Irishman hard as he rips his clothes off. The next thing you know Dane is demanding that Brendan suck him off. He takes the back of his and shoves Brendan down on his cock all the way tot he balls. Brendan is an expert at deep throating and is up to the challenge. He keeps sucking off Dane until finally Dane wants a piece of that ass. First he warms up that hairy hole with his fingers and tongue before he slides his hard raw cut cock deep inside that bare hole. Brendan screams out in pleasure and pain as he takes that raw dick all the way inside of him. Dane starts to slam him hard and fast in the doggie style position. Then he flips him over for some missionary. Dane is so turned on watching his dick go in and out of Brendan’s raw hole. Then Brendan loses it and comes all over his hairy abs. Then Dane pulls and cums ribbons of hot white jizz all over Brendan’s hairy hole. Then he shoves it all back inside. Welcome back to Randy Blue - Raw Wet and Blue. Yum.
Featuring:   Brendan PatrickDane Stewart
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