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Caging Chris

by on Mar.30, 2017, under Broke Straight Boys

Cage Pounds Chris Taylor's Ass

Cage Pounds Chris Taylor’s Ass

Cage Kafig is back after a short break and I’m ready to fill my eyes with this stud’s hot body and nice hard dick. Chris Taylor will be on the receiving end of Cage’s rock hard cock and he seems all too excited. So let’s let these boys get right to work.

Cage quickly gets at Chris’s cock, blowing him while Chris sits back and enjoys the feeling of Cage’s wet mouth. Chris soon returns the favor, teasing Cage’s sweet cock with his tongue as he licks his shaft and then takes it in his mouth and sucks that dick until it’s hard.

When he’s ready to get fucked Chris straddles Cage’s cock and slowly lowers his ass onto it. He struggles but takes as much as he can of that raw dick. After he bounces up and down on it for a bit, Cage bends Chris over the bed and takes him from behind, fucking him hard, deep and raw while Chris moans as he tries to handle that long shaft.  Chris turns onto his back and Cage spreads Chris’s legs and buries his cock in that ass again, pounding him until Chris cums and then Cage is shooting his load all over Chris!

Cage Pounds Chris Taylor’s Ass

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Just a Taste

by on Mar.29, 2017, under Broke Straight Boys

Introducing Preston Scott

Introducing Preston Scott

Preston Scott is your typical broke straight boy in need of cash. Well, “need” is a strong word in this case. Preston wants money to spend on the simpler things in life: toys and trips! But that works for us as he’ll come crawling back for more money sooner rather than later.

He’s ready to get to business. He strips down and shows us his nice toned body and big booty. He lubes up and begins to stroke his cock before climbing on the bed and touching himself, jerking his dick. He wants to give us more than a look at his cock so he lies on his stomach, ass in the air, and fingers his tight virgin hole.  He slips a second finger in his ass as he continues to stroke his hard cock, moaning while he pleasures himself.

He turns over onto his back and works that fat dick, running his free hand along his body or letting it cup his balls while he masturbates.  As he gets closer to cumming, his muscles tense up and he focuses on the sensitive tip of his cock until he strokes out a nice big load, covering himself in his hot jizz and tasting his own cum. Yum!

Introducing Preston Scott

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Euro Sluts Brick Moorewood and Jeffery Lloyd have a hot and raw massage fuck

by on Mar.28, 2017, under Randy Blue

Jeffrey Lloyd needs to get his hands on Brick Moorehouse. This blond Euro beefcake is so fucking hot. And Jeffrey Lloyd is going to sit on his dick if it kills him. As Brick naps face down, Jeffrey starts to massage him. Brick awakens to the pleasures of Jeffrey’s hands rubbing all over hid body. He removes his shirt and lets Jeffrey put some oil on him. The lotion lubes up Brick’s muscles. He turns over and Jeffrey sees another muscle that needs servicing. Brick starts to get hard through his underwear. Jeffrey sees the massive bulge and pulls out his uncut cock and starts to suck it. Brick gets so fucking hard in Jeffrey’s mouth. Then the face fucking gets intense. Jeffrey feels Brick’s dick going all the way back to his throat. Jeffrey pulls out his huge uncut dick and stands to feed it to Brick. They take turns going back and forth blowing each other until finally Jeffrey bends over and begs to have that dick go inside him. They fuck bareback like rabbits until finally they both cum hot white geysers. Be sure to check out the free gay porn pics of the hot bareback action here at Randy Blue.
Featuring:   Jeffrey LloydBrick Moorewood
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Peter Lipnik is a 19 year cum whore who can only be satisfied by gay 4 pay dude Kevin Falco

by on Mar.21, 2017, under Randy Blue

Peter Lipnik and Kevin Falco have just met. Peter takes Kevin back to his place to get it on. They start off nice and slow. The making out is intense. They kiss each other and start feeling all over their rock hard bodies. At only 19 years old, Peter has a body to die for. This boy builder is ready to fuck and he needs a dick in him - a raw dick. Can Kevin be the guy to bareback him? Of course he is. But Kevin needs some servicing. Peter pulls out Kevin’s huge cock from his pants and starts to suck on it. He plays with the foreskin with his tongue and then deep throats it. Kevin denies to return the favor and gets Peter naked and hard. He sucks him off until Kevin can’t hold back anymore. He slips Peter around and bends him over and slams his dick inside of him. The feeling of a raw dick sliding in him was too much for him to handle. It was so hot. They went and barebacked all over the apartment in different positions until finally Kevin fucked the cum out of Peter. Then Kevin pulled out and nutted all over Peter’s bulging pecs. Be sure to check out the free gay porn pics of the hot gay fucking here at Randy Blue Universe.
Featuring:   Kevin FalcoPeter Lipnik
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That Kiss Tho!

by on Mar.19, 2017, under Broke Straight Boys

Tanner Kissing Then Fucking Robb

Tanner Kissing Then Fucking Robb

The boys begin with a kiss so passionate that I’m forced to begin jacking before I write. Talk about a distraction! Tanner Valentino and Robb Davis are so into each other and they way they make out shows it! As tongues are tied up their hands get busy groping each other crotches. They begin to undress and Tanner decides to suck on Robb’s yummy nipples before wrapping his lips around Robb’s cock. Tanner takes turns sucking his dick and kissing him. He just can’t get away from those sexy lips. Robb gets on his knees and takes his turn sucking cock. He lets Tanner fuck the back of his throat as he holds onto to his hips!

The boys get down to fucking when Robb climbs on top of Tanner and lowers hit butt onto his prick. His hips do all the work as he rides Tanner, making the boy’s toes curl. Tanner takes over and picks Robb up and fucks him midair. He’s having so much fun with that ass. These two go at it for a while fucking in myriad of positions. The result is always the same though, cum stains and satisfaction! Pop in to see how these two get off!

Tanner Kissing Then Fucking Robb

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Steeling the Show

by on Mar.16, 2017, under Broke Straight Boys

Introducing Brenden Steel

Introducing Brenden Steel

Brenden Steel likes to get off right after he finishes his 2 hour gym routine. We have so much in common! This stud is a little soft spoken but he’s ready to jerk for our entertain nonetheless so let’s get down to business. He begins to undress for the camera, showing off his beautiful chest and toned torso. But if you want to be really impressed, wait to see what’s hiding in his pants. Brenden has a pretty cock just waiting for your ogling.

He gives the camera some naughty glances as his hand moves up and down his shaft, grabbing his balls too as he massages them gently between each stroke.  The more he touches himself the more he moans under his breath, his own hand feels so good around his dick as he touches himself in all the right places to work up a nice big nut.  As he gets closer to cumming, he kneels on the bed and closes his eyes tight as he jerks his cock and shoots a big load all over the bed.  Welcome to BSB, Brenden Steel!

Introducing Brenden Steel

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Marcelo BareBangs Maranhao

by on Mar.16, 2017, under BangBangBoys

Marcelo is relaxing on the couch reading when in walks Maranhao. His tanned, tight, tattooed body is clad only in a white jock that barely contains his growing erection. Whilst Marcelo's book was interesting there's no way you could ignore such a vision of fuckability in front of you. Maranhao soon has Marcelo's monster cock out of his pants and in his mouth. He valiantly attempts to consume the entire thick beast and does a good job - only gagging occasionally.

Marcelo then takes his turn at sucking Maranhao's fine cock - then spins him around to inspect his hole with his tongue - lubing it with his spit for its impending bareback fuck.

With a little bit of Gun Oil the fat piston is ready for action and Maranhao's muscled ass gets pummelled with Marcelo's raw cock. He bounces up and down on that meat stick - taking every inch deep inside his ass. It's a hot session that ends with huge wads of cum on those ripped abs.
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The Beast vs. The Beef Cake

by on Mar.15, 2017, under Broke Straight Boys

Ronan Spanks & Fucks Flip Bareback

Ronan Spanks & Fucks Flip Bareback

Ronan Kennedy has been sleeping all day, which may spell doom for Flip’s ass since Ronan is rested and ready to go. Flip is a big boy though and has enough muscle to handle the beast in Ronan’s pants. Let’s see how this beefy stud handles the task before him.

To get things started, the boys start off with a gentle kiss. As they kiss Ronan’s hand sneaks down to Flip’s crotch. After finding a meaty, growing cock, Ronan’s mouth follows his hand and he begins to blow him. Ronan gives get head as evidenced by how quickly Flip’s cock gets rock hard! The boys switch places and Flip goes down on Ronan in order to return the favor. But once he’s down there Ronan begins to face fucking. Ronan pounds the back of this throat and Flip takes it like a true pro. The guys lube up and Ronan slowly slides his huge dick into Flip’s tight ass, stretching that hole with his bareback cock while Flip moans.  Ronan isn’t gentle as he fucks Flip raw, taking that ass any way he wants and spanking Flip as he pounds his sore entrance.  Flip gets on his back, holding his legs open and letting Ronan fill him up with his massive dick as he starts to jerk his own cock, struggling to take every inch of Ronan’s prick as he pushes it in and out.  As Flip strokes his dick faster, Ronan pounds him harder and fucks the jizz right out of Flip and then pulls out and nuts all over Flip’s ass!

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Battle for Supremacy

by on Mar.14, 2017, under Broke Straight Boys

Cage Fucks Tanner’s Ass Deep and Raw

Cage Fucks Tanner’s Ass Deep and Raw

Tanner Valentino isn’t here to play games. He wants Cage Kafig and he wants him almost soon as the cameras start rolling. He damn near attacks him, forcing his lips onto his, beginning a steamy make out session. They passionately kiss before Cage becomes the aggressor by pulling Tanner’s cock from his short and wrapping his lips around it. Tanner doesn’t let him own the scene, so he rearranges himself and the boys get into the 69 position so that they can continue to please each other. Cage then rims Tanner’s hot ass. He wants it nice and wet for what’s to come.


With his ass wet and ready, Tanner takes over again and lower his tight hole onto Cage’s cock. He takes every inch as he bounces up and down. He’s not in control for long though. Soon enough Cage takes over and begins to pound his hot ass, making it bounce and jiggle.

Cage rolls him onto all fours but Tanner doesn’t remain passive. He backs that ass up on Cage and forcibly rides his cock! These two battle for control throughout the scene until one of them is covered in cum! Pop inside to see how the battle unfolds.

Cage Fucks Tanner’s Ass Deep and Raw

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Brick Moorewood is blond and muscled while Diego is ripped and brunette in the naked bareback fuck

by on Mar.14, 2017, under Randy Blue

Birck Moorewood is so beefy and delicious that he is bursting out of his shirt. His hard nipples and bulging pecs and biceps are just dying to be set free. Diego is more than happy to oblige. He comes up to Brick from behind and wraps his arms around him. Brick is so big, Diego can barely get his arms around. Brick turns and lets Diego know who’s boss. The shirts come off first and Brick’s chiseled chest is freed for us all to salivate over. Then Diego takes off his shirt. This fucker has abs of fucking steel. They kiss and tongue each other until finally Diego needs to get that cock in his mouth. He pulls out the uncut cock of Brick and starts to suck on it. They both take turns deep throating in some good ole sloppy blow job action. Then they go to the living room to take things to the next level - the bareback level. Diego just bends over and offers up his lubed hole to Brick. Brick comes over and shoves it in hard and fast. He fucks Diego raw with his uncut cock and shows no mercy. Then Diego rides Brick until they are both starting to get close. They fuck doggie again until they both cum. Be sure to check out the free gay porn pics of the hot bareback action here at Randy Blue Universe.
Featuring:   Diego FalcoBrick Moorewood
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