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Erik Spector makes his debut at Randy Blue getting fucked hard by straight body builder Luke Ward

by on Feb.28, 2017, under Randy Blue

Luke Ward is enjoying a cigarette on the veranda. But over on the couch he sees Erik. Erik is super turned on and wants some attention. Luke throws the cigarette out and comes over to give Erik a shoulder rub. He takes off Erik’s shirt and starts rubbing him down with oil. All of this man on man touching gets Luke very hard. So Erik decides to help relieve him. He pulls off Luke’s pants and starts to suck his cock. He deep throats Luke’s hard uncut cock. Then they switch places. Erik loves feeling this strong body building straight dude deep throating his cock. The blow jobs has Luke so hard that he wanted more. He wanted to raw dog Erik and shove his bare cock deep in his hole. Erik walks over and sits down on it. Luke pumps his raw dick up into him and Erik loves getting his prostate fuck him hard. Next Erik bends over and gets his raw dick doggie style. And finally Luke fucks Erik on the floor until Luke pulls out and cums all over Erik’s muscle chest. Then Luke sucks the cum out of Erik’s dick and swallows it all. Watch the free gay porn pics of the hot bareback action here at Randy Blue Universe.
Featuring:   Luke WardErik Spector
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Taking Down Durham

by on Feb.25, 2017, under Broke Straight Boys

Rowan Hardcore Fucks Jacob Durham

Rowan Hardcore Fucks Jacob Durham

Rowan Adams is quiet around the house and does a good job of keeping to himself. So, it’s not surprise to me that Jacob Durham hasn’t really gotten to know him. But today they’ll have the chance to get know each other in another way. Only, there won’t be much talking.

They begin by making out and rubbing each other’s cock through their sweats. Rowan can’t help himself. He allows his hand to slip into Jacob’s pants so that he can get a good grip on his dick. Jacob kisses Rowan’s neck as Rowan continues to play with this cock. Jacob pushes the issue by ripping off Rowan’s shorts and immediately going down on him. He sucks Rowan’s cock feverishly. He even allows Rowan to fuck his mouth. Rowan loves the blowjob so much he rewards him with a rimjob.

Once Jacob’s ass is ready for Rowan’s cock as he bends over and feels the sensation of having his ass filled with cock. Rowan begins the fuck as if he hasn’t had some ass in a long time. His thrusts are rough and deep but Jacob’s beautiful muscle ass can take it! Rowan pushes Jacob into the bed as he pounds eventually wrapping his hand around Jacob’s throat! He uses Jacob’s ass like he owns it. These boys go at it! You’ll have to come inside to see how rough things get.

Rowan Hardcore Fucks Jacob Durham

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A Boy’s Welcome

by on Feb.23, 2017, under Broke Straight Boys

Mikah Fucks Chris

Mikah Fucks Chris

I feel like it was just yesterday that Chris Taylor was the new, awkward kid on the block. Now he’s been around for a bit and is ready to take on the role of teacher. His pupil today will be Mikah Lake who is nervous be seemingly eager to get started. Let’s get started.

They begin a few gentle kisses before taking off their clothes. Once Mikah is naked Chris goes down on him and feasts on his cock. He uses his tongue to get his shaft nice and wet before the boys switch positions, allowing Mikah to get his first on camera taste of dick.

Mikah has some skill for a “newbie”. He’s takes Chris cock deep down his down over and over. Chris moans as he watches his student work him over. Mikah slides Chris to the edge of the bed where he begins to fuck his throat. Satisfied with oral, Mikah bends Chris over before pushing his raw cock inside of him. Mikah doesn’t take it easy on his teacher. He goes in deep and bangs with with nice hard thrusts. Chris turns over onto his back and takes more of Mikah’s dick while he jacks his cock. Soon cum is unloading from the tip of Chris’ prick. Mikah pulls out and drains his cum all over Chris’s balls!

Mikah Fucks Chris

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Smooth and hard twinks Martin Muse and Jason Allen are doing it raw and rough

by on Feb.23, 2017, under Randy Blue

How are you getting through this winter? February can be hell. But luckily we have some hot guys ready to fuck you until you’re nice and sweaty. New boy Jason Allen is outside in the snow with Martin Muse. Martin is a ripped twink and Jason is smooth and young but more of a jock than a twink. They are perfect for each other. We needed to get them inside as soon as possible. And when they entered the bedroom, all bets were off. They were all over each other. They were sucking each other’s faces. They were constantly grabbing and pawing at each other. Martin rips off Jason’s shirt and starts sucking on his nipples. But he needed something else hard to suck on. He dropped down and unbuttoned Jason’s pants. His cock popped out and Martin took it down in one big gulp. It was so hot to watch this young twink deep throat a cock that he was jonesing to get up his ass. Martin had never bottomed before, so this was a big deal. Jason took charge and threw him down. He sucked on Martin’s uncut dick before flipping over and begging for Jason to fuck him. Jason was more than happy to obey that request. He slid his raw cock deep inside of Martin’s hole. They fucked raw and bareback until finally Martin shot a load with Jason’s cock way up inside of him. Then Martin bent over and let Jason pull out and cum right Martin’s willing hole. This is a hot one. Check out the free gay porn pics of the bareback action here at Randy Blue Universe.
Featuring:   Martin MuseJason Allen
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Fancy a Swim?

by on Feb.22, 2017, under Broke Straight Boys

Introducing Robb Davis

Introducing Robb Davis

It’s a tale as old as time. Boy needs money. Boy comes to Broke Straight Boys. It works out for all of us; especially when the boy in need is as hot as Robb Davis. He’s got the classic skater boy look but it’s he’s swimmer’s body that draws my attention. If there’s an ounce of fat on his body I can’t find it. After taking off his shirt and jeans, Robb teases the camera by turning around and slowly taking off his briefs. Rob sits on the bed and begins to pull on his cock.

He employs a tight grip around his dick and his jacks off. Robb yanks on his thick member harder and faster, giving his bicep a good workout. He uses his own precum as lube so that he can continue pleasuring himself without stopping. The precum is all he needs because he soon lets out a massive load that paints his torso. I’m looking forward to seeing this hot boy on the receiving end of someone else’s massive load.

Introducing Robb Davis

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by on Feb.21, 2017, under Broke Straight Boys

Levi Jackson Toy Play

Levi Jackson Toy Play

I would make a shitty personal trainer, but in this instance I would love to give Levi I hand. Levi has never bottom so today he will be using toys to help him get used to the feeling of being penetrated. Who wouldn’t want to help this lad out? He’s got three different size dildos to work with and when he takes off his boxers and lies back on the bed, he lubes up the smallest of the three and very slowly eases it into his hole.

He spends some time fucking his ass with the dildo while he strokes his own dick, moaning as his ass takes more and more of the toy.  When he’s feeling brave he grabs the next biggest dildo, and pushes it into his ass. This one takes a little longer for his ass to accept but it soon stretches to accommodate it. When he’s ready, he tries the last dildo and it’s a big one! If you’re wondering if he’s able to take it you’ll have to take a look for yourself! For now, I’ll just say that this boy ends up releasing on hell of a load.

Levi Jackson Toy Play

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Jake Wright is totally gay 4 pay but he is ready to put a a huge cock in his mouth thanks to Jeffrey Lloyd

by on Feb.20, 2017, under Randy Blue

Randy Blue is giving you their first oral only scene in over five years. Jake Wright kind of wimped out on doing the anal sex thing. He was too scared to bareback, but the guy was so hot, we couldn’t just send him home. So we had to have him suck some cock. Jeffrey Lloyd and and Jake Wright started making out at first. And Jake started to warm up to the idea that he was with another man. Jeffrey had a huge package in his pants and once it came out, Jake couldn’t avoid that he was about to do something really really gay. He was going to deep throat a fat uncut cock. This euro hunk took up the challenge and succeeded. He sucked on him until Jeffrey thought his head was going to cave in, form the heavy hoover action that Jake was doing to his cock. But Jeffrey felt he needed to return the favor and pulled out Jake’s throbbing member. He started to suck and suck and Jake could not believe that he was doing nasty gay sex in front of a camera. It turned them on so much that They ended up nutting on each other. Be sure to check out the free gay porn pics of the hot gay suck action here at Randy Blue Universe.
Featuring:   Jeffrey LloydJake Wright
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Vadim’s Return

by on Feb.19, 2017, under Broke Straight Boys

Vadim Black and Brandon Evans

Vadim Black and Brandon Evans

It’s been over a year since we’ve had Vadim in the studio. Him and Brandon have both made their rounds in the porn industry and but now they’re together on the BSB set. Let’s see how hot things get. The boys begin to kiss and grope, marveling at each other’s bodies. They get naked, revealing their flawless bodies. Damn! They’re both eager to get cock in their mouths so they opt to 69 and indulge.

After their oral session, Vadim spreads Brandon’s legs, pushing them over his head, and then slowly pushes his huge cock into Brandon’s sweet ass. He fucks Brandon deep and makes Vadim moan in pleasure. Vadim goes balls deep in Brandon’s tight ass, pounding him while Brandon jacks off. Vadim turns Brandon around and takes him from behind. He blasts his ass and Brandon’s ass jiggles and bounces in response. Brandon flips over and Vadim continues to slide in and out of his hole. Brandon takes as much dick as he can before blowing a load all over his chest! Vadim pulls and adds his own cum to the mess on Brandon’s chest!

Vadim Black and Brandon Evans

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Flip’s Facial

by on Feb.17, 2017, under Broke Straight Boys

Gage Owens Tops Flip

Gage Owens Tops Flip

Flip and Gage Owens don’t waste much time. After a very brief exchange, Gage leans back and gently pushes Flip’s head down to his crotch. Flip gets into his pants and finds his cock before taking it in his mouth and sucking it. Fip deep throats it enthusiastically until he begins to gag. They lose all of their clothes and make out while rubbing their cocks together. Gage decides to return the favor by kissing his way down to Flip’s cock and deepthroating it until he gags and then getting up on his knees and letting Gage have a taste of his meat next!  Gage goes down on Flip, taking that whole cock down his throat and then placing kisses across Flip’s abs and chest as he makes his way back up to Flip’s delicious mouth, making out while Gage rubs their cocks against each other. Gage kisses his way down to Flip’s cock. Once his journey is complete he’s rewarded by having his hot mouth fucked. The boys switch roles once more so that Flip can have one more taste of Gage’s cock. While Flip sucks his cock, Gage fingers his asshole. Gage’s then turns him around and gives Flip a nice, wet rimjob. Gage really know how to eat an ass. He buries his tongue deep and gets Gage’s entrance slippery.

Gage gets himself worked up by having his tongue deep in his hole. He’s ready to fuck. He slowly slides his raw meat in before fucking him deep. Flip moans loudly as he takes that fat dick, his sexy ass bouncing with each of Gage’s deep thrusts. Gage flips him over and takes him that way, Flip strokes his own dick.  You’ll have to come inside to see the sloppy cum filled finale!

Gage Owens Tops Flip

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by on Feb.16, 2017, under Broke Straight Boys

Rowan Adams Fucks Tanner Valentino

Rowan Adams Fucks Tanner Valentino

Everyone knows that Tanner is the house cook. But I doubt anyone realizes how much work it can be to cook for a house full of horny boys. Tanner’s is ready to relax and Rowan is going to help take a load off. They begin by kissing and feeling each other’s bodies. They slowly undress and Tanner is the first to find himself nude. Rowan gets to work sucking on Tanner’s cock, deep throating it. They then 69, each filling their mouth with a hard cock.

Done with oral, Tanner lays on his stomach and allows Rowan to fill his hole with cock. Rowan eases his way in and fucks him slowly at first before picking up the pace and drilling him deep. He smacks his ass as his plows his butt. Tanner’s ass bounces in response to the banging Rowan is delivering. He flips Tanner over spreads his legs far apart and fucks him hard. Tanner jacks his prick while enjoying the feeling of getting fucked.  Soon enough, Tanner is covering his chest and stomach with cum.  Rowan uses Tanner’s hot cum to jerk off with until he busts a nut too, spraying Tanner with his jizz. And now, it’s dinnertime!

Rowan Adams Fucks Tanner Valentino

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