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Deni Cris take a load in his mouth from smooth hot jock Rick Jonas

by on Jan.31, 2017, under Randy Blue

Deni Cris is waking up to a nice cup of coffee. And then he was surprised by a beautiful jock behind him. Rick starts kissing on Deni’s neck. Although Rick is younger, he decides that he is going to take charge of this hot daddy. Denie is mature and big and tall and muscular. And he is ready to submit to his pure animalistic lust. Deni is bisexual, but right now he only has one focus. He needs to get Rick’s dick in his mouth and his ass as soon as he can. Deni drops to his knees and starts to suck Rick’s uncut cock. He deep throats it and Rick loves how good it feels. Then Rick bends over and lets Deni rim his hole. After worshiping Rick’s young straight bubble butt, it was time for Deni to have his hole given attention. Rick took his raw dick and shoved it deep inside of Deni. Deni loved feeling that cock slam deep inside of him. These two naked musclular men can’t stop fucking. They both are getting close to cumming and they each want to fucking cum on each other’s faces. Deni gets a hot white load deep in his mouth before jumping up and nutting all on Rick’s face. This is hot as fuck. Be sure to check out the free gayporn pics of the hot gay fucking here at Randy Blue Universe.
Featuring:   Rick JonasDeni Cris
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All Over Each Other

by on Jan.30, 2017, under Broke Straight Boys

Issac Lin and Ronan Kennedy

Issac Lin and Ronan Kennedy

Issac Lin and Ronan have yet to have the pleasure of each other’s company but that’s all going to change today. Issac Lin can’t wait to get at Ronan and his big ass dick. He helps Ronan out of his clothes as his lips make a trail down to his Ronan’s crotch. Issac pulls the fabled beach out of his shorts and marvels at it for a moment before trying to take it down his throat. He finds a way to let it slide down his throat. Ronan’s cock grows in Lin’s warm juicy mouth. Ronan doesn’t leave Lin hanging; the boys get in the 69 position so that they can both have a blowjob at the same time. Lin even gets the opportunity to fuck Ronan’s mouth. When he’s ready to have Ronan’s cock fill up more than his mouth, Lin stands up slowly slides his ass over it.

He rides in reverse cowboy, bouncing up and down on it. His tight hole grips onto to Ronan’s prick making him moan in pleasure. Ronan isn’t one to stay passive for too long. So, Ronan stands Issac up, allows him to brace himself against the wall before pounding him hard. Ronan’s balls slap against Issac’s ass with every deep thrust. Issac bends over the bed, letting Ronan continue his all out assault on that hot ass. The cock feels too good forcing Lin to blow his load all over the floor. Ronan doesn’t last too long after Issac cums, he blows his load all over his hole.

Issac Lin and Ronan Kennedy

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Not Too Sore

by on Jan.27, 2017, under Broke Straight Boys

Tanner Valentino fucks Jacob Durham

Tanner Valentino fucks Jacob Durham

Jacob may be sore from his workout but that won’t stop Tanner Valentino from having his way with him. After all, he’ll be the first one to break in Jacob’s ass on camera. He’s such a lucky bastard!

The boys embrace and kiss each other’s necks while undressing. They’re lips finally meet and they share a brief kiss before Jacob’s lips begin a full exploration of Tanners chest and torso. Jacob grabs two handfuls of Tanner’s juicy ass and continues to kiss him deeply. Soon enough the boys’ pants are down and Jacob is sucking down Tanner’s big sweet cock. As he head swivels on Tanner’s prick he plays with his own. They switch places but not before sharing another deep kiss. Once Tanner is on his knees he fills his mouth Jacob’s big dick.

After a lengthy and fucking hot 69ing session, Jacob bends over and lets Tanner dig into his ass with his tongue. Once it’s sufficiently wet Tanner eases his dick in, making Jacob groan in pain. His ass soon adjusts to Tanner’s dick. Tanner feels the difference and takes full advantage by picking up the pace and thrusting his hips harder and faster. Tanner puts Jacob on his back and what unfolds is one passionate fuck one that’s not to be missed! Pop on in to see just hot things get!

Tanner Valentino fucks Jacob Durham

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Gay jock Dmitry Osten fucks Dom Ully condomless and then eats his load

by on Jan.24, 2017, under Randy Blue

Dmitry Osten and Dom Ulla were walking in the cold prague streets. This Russian gay hottie and bi euro twink were horny as fuck and needs to back inside where it’s warm. Once they get inside they start to kiss. This leads to the hot twinks stripping. Then Dom gets down and starts to suck his dick. He deep throats it with ease. Dmitry pulls out his own cock and starts jerking off. He then lays back on the bed and lets Dom show off his cock sucking skills. After a long and wet blowjob, Dom bends over and Dmitry starts to rim his smooth tight hole. But all this is just the prelude to the main event. Dmitry takes his bare uncut cocked shoves it in Dom. Dom yells out as he gets barebacked nice and rough by Dmitry. They fuck hard until finally Dom cums right into Dmitry’s open mouth. Watch the hot facial in video and wathc all the free gayporn pics of the gay fucking here at Randy Blue Universe.
Featuring:   Dmitry OstenDom Ully
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Worshipping Shawn’s Ass

by on Jan.20, 2017, under Broke Straight Boys

Kaden Porter Fucks Shawn Andrews

Kaden Porter Fucks Shawn Andrews

Kaden Porter has been sleeping all day and it’s a good thing, because he’s going to need it to handle Shawn’s juicy ass. They’re both excited to get going and it shows in the way they move right in to kiss each other. Kaden quickly fills his mouth with Shawn’s cock as soon as he lays eyes on it. He sucks Shawn’s hard dick and licks his balls, making Shawn’s cock brick hard! Pleasure covers Shawn’s face as Kaden works him over. Kaden wants more so he turns him around, revealing Shawn’s sexy jockstrap before rimming his hot hole.

After Kaden has warmed Shawn’s ass up with a rimjob and his finger he decides to give his cock a turn. He pushes it in and slowly fucks him for a bit before pulling him up for a kiss. Then things heat up and Kaden begins to pound Shawn’s framed fatty. Shawn’s bubble butt bounces in response to each thrust Kaden delivers. His hole takes some serious abuse and only gets a break when Kaden decides to fill his mouth with cock instead. Shawn soon misses the feeling of Kaden’s warm hole so his has Shawn ride him in reverse cowboy! This is a hot scene that ends with some serious cum shots. Pop on in and witness the fireworks for yourself.

Kaden Porter Fucks Shawn Andrews

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by on Jan.18, 2017, under Broke Straight Boys

Rowan Adams and Jared Marzdon Fuck

Rowan Adams and Jared Marzdon Fuck

Damn, Jared Marzdon and Rowan Adams are so into each other that we catch them in the process of making out and embracing before the scene is set to start. Oh well! Boys will be boys. They continue to kiss and fondle each other until Jared finds himself eye to eye with Rowan’s cock. He wraps his mouth around it and deep throats him, taking every inch he can. He sucks that sweet dick and then Rowan leans over to give him head too, 69ing as both guys get turned on.

Ready to fuck, Jared sits on his cock, lowering himself onto Rowan’s bareback dick. Rowan’s entire cock disappears right up Jared’s tight hole. Rowan is gentle with him first but once that hole is loose he fucks him harder and faster; he shows no mercy. He should have, because after a few minutes it becomes Jared’s turn to get some ass. Jared goes easy but soon remembers the pounding he took and decides to give on back in kind. Jared moans as his dick explores Rowan’s insides. When Rowan gets on his back and lets Jared fuck him hard, it’s not long until both these guys are shooting their load, leaving Rowan covered in sticky hot jizz.

Rowan Adams and Jared Marzdon Fuck

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Cooking with Valentino

by on Jan.17, 2017, under Broke Straight Boys

Tanner Valentino Fucks Oliver Saxon

Tanner Valentino Fucks Oliver Saxon

Tanner is back and has decided to cook up some Chicken Parmesan for the boys. That is if he has enough energy after fucking with Oliver Saxon! Oliver is all too eager to get things started. He leans in and the boys begin to kiss and feel each other up. As they do they remove their clothes. Oliver places kisses up and down Tanner’s body, leaving very little untouched. He doesn’t linger in any place too long, not until he reaches Tanner’s cock. Tanner’s big dick is too enticing to pass up; Oliver quickly swallows as much of it as he can.

Tanner gently fingers his asshole before Oliver lower’s it onto his cock and slowly allows it to fill him up. Tanner fucks him for a bit before Oliver stands up and sticks his cock in Tanner’s mouth. Once he’s satisfied, Oliver bends over and once again offers his ass to Tanner.

Tanner pounds him raw, forcing him to moan as his ass is destroyed. Tanner slowly pulls his cock in and out of Oliver’s ass slowly so that he can feel every inch of that cock inside of him.  Tanner climbs on the bed with Oliver and takes that ass until he drains his cum all over Oliver’s cock and balls and then goes back inside that ass to make Oliver bust a nut too!

Tanner Valentino Fucks Oliver Saxon

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Alessandro Katz comes home from work to a hard bareback fuck from muscle jock Ryan Cage

by on Jan.17, 2017, under Randy Blue

What would you want to come to after a tough day at work? A home cooked meal? A great TV show? Or how about a sexy massage from boy friend Ryan Cage? If you didn’t pick the last one, then what the fuck are you doing on this site? Alessandro starts to get rubbed down by Ryan, and he slowly undresses Alessandro from his work clothes. Ryan begins to disrobe too. The touching of the hard and taut muscles are too much for both of them. They can’t contain their passions anymore. They being to kiss passionatley. Then Alessandro drops to his knees and begins to suck off Ryan. Ryan loves that Alessandro can deep throat his fat uncut dick. Then Ryan pushes him back shows Alessandro that he can deep throat a dick too. All of this leads to a hot doggie style bareback fuck. The fucking continues from position to position until they end up on the bed fucking spooning style. It all ends when Ryan pulls out his raw cock and nuts on Alessandro’s hot smooth hole. Be sure to check out there free gay pornporn pics of the raw gay fucking here at Randy Blue Universe.
Featuring:   Ryan CageAlessandro Katz
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Unending Flip

by on Jan.13, 2017, under Broke Straight Boys

Jacob Durham Fucks Flip

Jacob Durham Fucks Flip

We all fantasize about working out with a hot jock and then getting to have our way with them. Jacob Durham is about to live that fanstasy with Flip. These boys worked out together and according to Jacob, he was quite distracted by Flip’s ass and now he’ll have a chance to fuck it!

Jacob plays the aggressor and pulls Flip in for a kiss. The kiss is deep, passionate, and erection inducing. It’s clear that Jacob wants this boy and that Flip is more than willing to be taken. Jacob pulls down his shorts lets out his already brick hard cock. Flip goes right for, filling his mouth with it and swallowing more than half of it. Jacob’s dick is so thick that it causes poor Flip to tear up. Flip looses his clothes, gets on the bed and bends over as he continues to suck Jacob’s sweet prick. As he sucks Jacob fingers his ass, getting it ready for what’s to come. He soon decides to replace his finger with his tongue by rimming Flips tight hole. From this angle I can see why Jacob stared at it for so long. How couldn’t he? It’s big and beautiful!

Once that hole is nice and wet, Jacob lubes it up and slowing pushes his muscle meat inside. The look on Jacob’s face as he enters Flip says it all. There’s nothing like getting into a nice tight ass. Flip moans as he fills as rectum forced open by the thick cock. Sensing his pain, Jacob starts off slowly before his animal insticnts takes over and he begins to really pound Flip’s muscle ass. Jacob forces Flip to arch his back as he wrecks his beefy booty! Jacob’s sexy glutes tighten as he thrusts into Flip over and over. Flip turns over onto his back and spreads his sore ass for Jacob to eat and soothes with his tongue. Then he gets right back to pounding him some more, his balls slapping Flip’s ass with each pump of raw cock until Flip cums all over his torso add chest. Jacob pulls out and eats Flip’s ass yet again before blowing his own load onto Flip. This was definitely one of the best fucks I’ve seen in awhile! Come on in to check it out for yourself.

Jacob Durham Fucks Flip

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4th and Long

by on Jan.11, 2017, under Broke Straight Boys

Ronan Kennedy Fucks Gage Owens

Ronan Kennedy Fucks Gage Owens

Ronan Kennedy and Gage Owens don’t need to converse so they get right to business my making out. They lie on the bed and kiss, pulling their bodies closer to each other. Ronan helps Gage’s cock get free of his shorts and soon Ronan has a mouthful of Gage’s sweet prick. The boys switch places and now its Gage turn to deliver a sweet blowjob. Gage licks that shaft and deep throats it, leaving no inch of Ronan’s huge prick dry as he pleasures him with his mouth.

Once Ronan is fully erect, Gage spreads his ass cheeks and slides down on top of his huge cock. Gage shows no fear as he confidently bounces up and down on it. Ronan flips him onto his back and fucks him hard and deep! Gage’s moans graciously. He loves the way his ass feels with a huge cock plugging it! Ronan’s balls slam against Gage’s ass as, pounding him raw until Gage explodes all over himself, almost giving himself a facial!  And a few more seconds in Gage’s sweet ass has Ronan blowing his own milky wad next!

Ronan Kennedy Fucks Gage Owens

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