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Euro Hunk Kevin Falco fucks Antonio DeLuca raw and then feeds him a hot load of cum

by on Jul.26, 2016, under Randy Blue

Kevin Falco is no stranger to gay porn. He sees Antonio sitting back in the hot tub with his fuzzy chest getting all wet. Kevin is immediately turned on and strips down and joins him in the tub. They begin to make out until their uncut dicks are hard as rocks. Then they take turns sucking each other off. The passion gets to them and they move things into the bedroom where they begin to bareback. Kevin has Antonio sit down on his hard cock and ride it like a pro. Then Kevin fucks Antonio’s tight ass doggy style and on his side before straddling him and cumming right into his mouth. Antonio eats up all of Kevin’s cum and then he nuts all over Kevin’s face. Be sure to check out the free gay porn pics of the hot bareback action here at Randy Blue Universe.
Featuring:   Kevin FalcoAntonio DeLuca
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Back and Forth

by on Jul.24, 2016, under Broke Straight Boys

Jason Sterling And Ryan Fields

Jason Sterling And Ryan Fields

Jason Sterling and Ryan Fields are two BSB vets and they know why they’re here. They don’t need an introduction or any instructions so get right to it! They lie back and make out while feeling each up. The kissing gets both boys hot and bothered, making both of their cocks grow. Jason finds Ryan’s big dick and gets himself a taste. He finds a way to fit most of Ryan’s giant sausage in his mouth. Ryan doesn’t want to be left out of the blowjob action so they 69, sucking each other with passion!

Ready to get fucked, Jason preps his ass for Ryan’s meat. He spreads his legs as Ryan gets behind him before slowly fitting his dick in his tight sweet hole. At first, Ryan takes it easy. Gently moving his cock in and out of Jason’s hole. He picks up the pace and allows every inch of his prick into Jason’s sweet ass. They pause briefly to kiss before flipping and allowing Jason a time at bat. Now its Jason in between Ryan’s legs fucking him hard and raw and getting his fill of ass before they switch again. This time Jason rides Ryan’s cock, pleasuring himself while using Ryan like a toy. They flip yet again, this time with Ryan on all fours and Jason pounding him from the back.  These boys go several rounds before cum is splattered everywhere. Cum inside to see who ends up on top?

Jason Sterling And Ryan Fields

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For Your Viewing Pleasure

by on Jul.22, 2016, under Broke Straight Boys

Introducing Oliver Saxon

Introducing Oliver Saxon

We’re already starting off on the right foot with this one, he named himself after a character on Dexter (one of my favorite shows) and he’s a cutie. He seems a little nervous, but he keeps a smile on his face as he takes his clothes off. Once that shirt comes off its apparent that he hits the gym every single day. Those abs of his are well sculpted and his “V” is pronounced. Then he gets rid of his shorts and underwear, unveiling a thick cock and a nice bubblebutt.

He doesn’t make us wait long before he begins to jack his cock and rub his hot body. He allows his hands to explore his body, eventually playing with his nipples. He finds his way to the bed and begins to really jerk his cock with both hands. Like a professional show off, he turns around and bends over and begins to pump his hips like he’s fucking; giving us the perfect view of his ass and hole. He lays on his side and plays with his nipples while playing to the camera. You’re not going to convince me that he hasn’t done this for a private audience before. Come on in and see this stud blow his load for your viewing pleasure.

Introducing Oliver Saxon

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Taste Test

by on Jul.21, 2016, under Broke Straight Boys

Antonio Ferrari And Tyler Griffin

Antonio Ferrari And Tyler Griffin

Finally we get to see Antonio play with one of our favorite BSB boys, Tyler Griffin. After some small talk, Tyler suggests that Antonio take his pants off. Tyler has his mouth around Antonio’s cock almost as soon as his complies. He works over Antonio’s cock making him squirm with pleasure. Antonio soon returns the favor by going down on Tyler and showing his dick some real love. His skill conveys that even newbies know how to put in work while giving a blow job.

Tyler climbs on top of Antonio and slides his bareback prick up his ass and begins rides it reverse. As Tyler bounces up and down, so does his rock hard cock!  Antonio really wants to dig in Tyler guts, so he stands him up and bends him over and continues to pound him! Tyler moans with each thrust Antonio delivers. The boys head back to the bed where Tyler spreads his legs nice and wide, inviting Antonio to get some more. Antonio slides right back inside of him and continues where he left off, driving his dick deep into Tyler’s core. Tyler jacks off and he can’t hold back, he cums all over his chest. Tyler then scoop up a bit with his finger and tastes it! Yum! Even though Tyler came, Antonio continues to fuck until he’s ready to bust. He quickly pulls out and paints Tyler’s face with his jizz.

Antonio Ferrari And Tyler Griffin

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Uncut Hunks Jay Landford and Jacob Taylor have a hot bareback fuck session

by on Jul.19, 2016, under Randy Blue

Jay Landford has a big beautiful bubble butt that is ready to get fucked raw for the first time. Latin heart throb, Jacob Taylor has a big uncut latin dick that he is ready to shove inside that ready and willing hole. First Jacob Taylor sucks on Jay’s big black dick and gets it nice and hard. Then Jay returns the favor by deep throating Jacob’s massive shaft. The real action starts when the rim jobs begins. Jay loves having a hot tongue wetting up his hole. And he writhes in pleasure and Jacob prepares his ass for a brutal fucking. Jay hasn’t been fucked in a long time and taking a dick as big as Jacob’s is going to be a task. But Jay is up for it. They fuck hard and loud until finally they both shoot their hot white loads. Be sure to check out the free gay porn pics of the hot bareback action here at Randy Blue.
Featuring:   Jay LandfordJacob Taylor
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Who Is The Hottest?

by on Jul.14, 2016, under Broke Straight Boys

Gage Tanner And Brandon Fuck Raw

Gage Tanner And Brandon Fuck Raw

A competition! Really? Who gives a fuck! Gage, Tanner and Brandon are way too sexy to need a competition. The only race I won’t to see these three engage is a race to get their pants off!!! Let’s go!

The boys begin to kiss and help each other out of their clothes. They swap spit and let their hands and lips explore the hot bodies before them. Nipples get sucked and crotches gets groped before the boys decide to lose their britches. Then the boys form some unholy cock sucking triangle, ensuring that each of them has a juicy piece of meat to keep their mouths busy. Brandon then gets some extra attention was Gage eats his sweet home and Tanner sucks his dick.

Once that ass is nice and wet, Gage spreads his legs apart and shoves his cock right inside as Tanner dips his cock down his throat. Gage pounds his hole forces Brandon to moan with a dick in his mouth. Brandon won’t be the only one getting fucked today! Tanner gets behind Gage and slips his dick in  his ass. He lets his prick explore the deepest parts of Gage’s guts before the boys get back to some cock sucking. Gage gets his turn at bat when Tanner leaves his ass wide open while 69ing with Brandon. Gage make that ass bounce until he’s can’t hold it in any longer and busts on Tanner’s back. Then Tanner plants a nice load on Brandon’s face, giving him a milk facial. Brandon finishes last by plastering his chest with his own jizz!

Gage Tanner And Brandon Fuck Raw

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Dessert is Always Last

by on Jul.13, 2016, under Broke Straight Boys

Benjamin Dover And Junior Fernandez

Benjamin Dover And Junior Fernandez

Junior has had his ass pummeled all week and is ready for a break. But first, he needs his dessert, Benjamin Dover. Let’s see how sweet Ben’s dick can be to Junior’s ready and willing hole. They start by sucking face and heavily groping each other.They quickly toss their clothing and Ben pushes Junior back onto the bed. He gets Junior’s cock into his mouth quick and begins to really  work it over, taking it down his throat. Junior pushes his head down further on it, as if he wants to get his balls down that throat too! Junior then gets on his knees to show off his own oral talents. He methodically licks and sucks Ben’s shaft until its hard and wet with saliva. Junior then stands up and forces his cock right back into Junior’s mouth. By the time Junior is done with it this time, it’s dripping with spit!

Benjamin spreads Junior’s legs and slides his long cock right into that ass. He begins to have a field day with his muscle booty. He pounds it hard from every angle as he gets deeper and deeper, making Junior moan with each thrust! At this point, I halfway expect for Ben’s balls to make a surprise appearance in Junior’s rectum. Ben puts the lucky boy on his stomach and continues to destroy his hole. Pop on inside and see just how much cum Junior sprays out while getting fucked hard and deep by Ben!

Benjamin Dover And Junior Fernandez

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Speechless and Breathless

by on Jul.12, 2016, under Broke Straight Boys

Ryan Fields Fucks Zach Covington

Ryan Fields Fucks Zach Covington

No words are necessary between. Zach Covington and Ryan Fields; they get right down to business by tasting on each other’s lips and pulling on each other’s clothes. They slowly lose their shirts and pants, revealing hot bodies and erect dicks. Ryan’s meat stick draws Zach’s undivided attention. He kisses his way down to it and begins to suck away. He relishes Ryan’s cock, taking his time to taste every inch of it. Ryan must be in heaven with his cock in such a talented mouth.

Ryan returns the favor by giving Zach some amazing head. Before deep throating it he starts at the balls, teasing and excited Zach. Dick hardened and ready to fuck, Zach climbs on top of Ryan and sits his pretty hole right on his prick. Zach grinds his hips as his expertly using Ryan’s cock as a fuck toy. When he slows down, Ryan takes it upon himself to pound him from below.

Zach goes reverse cowboy and rides that cock, playing with himself as he gets his ass filled with Ryan’s fat dick!  Ryan consistently shoves his entire cock in and out of Zach’s ass before putting the boy on his back to continue the pounding. Zach jacks his dick as his hole is rammed, eventually unleashing a load of hot cum on his stomach and chest. Ryan soon pulls out and ass his own sperm milk to the mix!

Ryan Fields Fucks Zach Covington

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Bi Body Builder Maxim Cermak get barebacked by straight top Rudy Valentino

by on Jul.12, 2016, under Randy Blue

Maxim Cermak is the new guy in town. He strips down to nothing and shows off that he has a flawless body builder physique. He gets oiled up by straight hunk Rudy Valentino. These European stallions start to make out and that leads to sexy wet and sloppy cock sucking. After their uncut shafts are nice and wet, Rudy eats out Maxim’s ass and gets it ready for his raw dick. They bareback nice and hard and Maxim loves feeling Rudy’s long cock sliding in and out of his butt. Finally They both cum buckets and kiss passionately. Be sure to check out all the free gay porn pics of the hot gay fucking here at Randy Blue Universe.
Featuring:   Rudy ValentinoMaxim Cermak
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Hard And Wet – Dustin Gold -amp; Liam Riley

by on Jul.11, 2016, under NextDoorTwink

Next Door Twink has teamed up with the award winning Helix Studios, to give you eight sizzling hot scenes featuring some of the best young talent out there. Give your opinion on this twinky collaboration in the comment section below, and let us know if you want more of these fresh faced fuckers. <br><br>Liam Riley is in the shower, cleaning his smooth and tight body. He calls out to Dustin Gold for some help on scrubbing his back. Once he joins Liam in the shower, these two studs start to make out. Slowly feeling his partner's getting hard, Liam wastes no time to get down on his knees to suck on his friend's tool. <br><br>Dustin wants to prepare the young man for his long cut dick, so he turns him around against the wall and spreads his ass cheeks. He rims that hairless hole, loosening it with his tongue. Ready to take on his cut cock, Liam tells Dustin that he wants to continue the fun in the next room.<br><br>Now that the boys are all cleaned up, it's time to get down and dirty. They head to the sofa, where Liam sits on Dustin's laps. Dustin takes his hard thick cock and slides it up Liam's tight hungry hole. He watches Liam bouncing up and down, riding his dick. The young man decides to change it up a bit. He places his knees on a chair and arches his back for Dustin, who is pounding away from behind. Liam can't stop from moaning at every thrust. When he feels that he's about to cum, Liam stands and spills his cum all over the floor. Dustin continues to fuck Liam a little while longer, until he feels like he's about to climax. Before he does, he pulls out of Liam and shoots his load on his twink's back.
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