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by on Oct.16, 2014, under Broke Straight Boys

Straight Boys Zeno Kostas Fucks Blake Savage Bareback

Straight Boys Zeno Kostas Fucks Blake Savage Bareback

A storm may have ruined their big plans for hiking today, but I’m sure these two can find something to do. Zeno was itching for a hike, there’s no doubt in my mind that fucking Blake’s nice juicy ass will more than make up for it.

After losing their clothes the boys grab a handful of each other’s cocks and gently begin to stroke each other. Their dicks get stiffer and stiffer until Blake’s has outgrown Zeno’s hand. Zeno relieves his hand of duty and begins to use his mouth instead. Zeno lets Blake’s entire monster find its way down his throat. And being the tease that he is, Zeno props his ass up and shows off his hot man hole while swallowing Blake’s shaft. Zeno stands up on the bed and Blake sucks his dick. Blake has Zeno panting in pleasure in no time. They get down on to the bed and get into the 69 position-giving each other mind blowing blow jobs.

Zeno lies back and Blake carefully slides on to his cock. Once he’s on, he begins to ride Zeno hard. Blake soon gets on his back and lets Zeno take over. He starts off with some slow strokes but once he gets his rhythm he begins to dig deeper and faster. Blake transitions and gets on his knees where Zeno spreads his cheeks and continues to fuck the shit out of him until he busts a nice creamy load on Blake’s ass. Blake flips over and fires hot cum all over his chest.

Watch Zeno Kostas Fuck Blake Savage Raw

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Latin Hunk Scotty Marx slides on Zane and his long hard dick

by on Oct.16, 2014, under Randy Blue

Zane and Scotty decided to get on the RandyBlueLive cam rooms and ask their fans directly how they should fuck each other. After some good pointers and countless requests to get naked, the two signed off and started to fuck for real. They took turns rimming and sucking each other. Zane was so hard he needed to get that dick deep in Scotty. Scotty rode it every which way he could, and the dick hit just the right spot that he came without having to touch himself. Then Zane gave Scotty a facial of white hot cum. Be sure to check out the gay porn trailer of the hot gayporn action here at Randy Blue.
Featuring:   Zane PorterScotty Marx
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Pumping Vadim

by on Oct.13, 2014, under Broke Straight Boys

Brandon Beal Fucks Vadim Black Tight Ass

Brandon Beal Fucks Vadim Black Tight Ass

Brandon walks in on Vadim pumping some iron. Vadim wants a real workout so he invites him into the bedroom. The boys begin kissing heavily while undressing. Vadim instructs Brandon to sit back before inserting his dick into his mouth. While Brandon gets to feast on Vadim’s cock we get to feast on the sight that is Vadim’s tight ass.

The boys get into a 69 position and devour each other’s cocks. Vadim even begins to fuck Brandon’s mouth. They get each other’s cocks nice and sloppy wet. Ready to get fucked, Vadim bends over the chair and Brandon jumps right into his ass, beating it down with his cock. Brandon’s cock looks like it barely fits in the hole; Vadim is definitely packed tight. “Pound that ass, pound that ass!” Vadim yells and Brandon obliges. He holds Vadim by the hips and is drilling Vadim deep. Even when Vadim is on his back the battering doesn’t stop; not until Brandon blows a nice load on to Vadim, followed closely by a load of his own. What a hot fuck!

Click here to see Vadim get plowed by Brandon

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Jay Landford Shoves his black cock deep of Andres Moreno

by on Oct.13, 2014, under Randy Blue

Jay Landford and Andres Moreno are hot as fuck. These two men of color have fucking awesome muscular bodies and both are gay men that cannot get enough of dick. Today Jay decides to give the world a lesson in gay fucking and Andres is eagerly coming along for the ride. Jay gives his expertise in all things kissing, sucking, rimming and fucking. And by the end, Andres is left with brutally fucked hole. Andres loved taking that uncut black dick in every position he could. And after when Jay pulled out to cum, Andres made sure to eat every last drop down. Be sure to check out the free gayporn pics right here at Randy Blue.
Featuring:   Andres MorenoJay Landford
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Fair Trade

by on Oct.12, 2014, under Broke Straight Boys

Ronan Kennedy And Brody Lasko Get Some Oral Action

Ronan Kennedy And Brody Lasko Get Some Oral Action

We’ve got two newbies together today. The grudge twink, Ronan will be exchanging blow jobs with the blonde twink, Brody. This will be Brody’s first time giving a blow job and he’ll have to learn quick because Ronan’s cock is huge and can do damage.

Ronan kicks things off by kissing Brody and rubbing on the stiffy that is peeking through his jeans. Ronan gets on his knees and gives Brody and preview of what’s to come by wrapping his lips around his dick. The boys finish undressing and get on the bed where Ronan continues to work on Brody’s long cock. Brody runs his fingers through Ronan’s hair, approving of the job that he is doing. Ready to put his virgin mouth to use; Brody moves to the side of the bed where Ronan sticks his large prick down his throat. Brody licks all over it, and sucks gently on the head. Brody isn’t done. He bends down and starts to suck Brody’s cock again.

Brody sits up and takes over. He is determined to conquer the monster that is Ronan’s cock. He almost gets all of it down his throat! If he keeps practicing he may become the go to boy for head around BSB. Ronan decides he wants more of Brody’s dick and he takes it. He wraps his mouth and hand around Brody’s cock and gets back to work, bobbing up and down on it. And voila! Brody nuts all over himself. Ronan lets Brody jack his dick until he shoots thick ropes of cum.

Watch Ronan Kennedy And Brody Lasko

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Robin Borg & Steve Johanson

by on Oct.09, 2014, under

Robin and Steve have both been spending a lot of time at the gym lately. They're checking out their physiques in the mirror comparing muscle definition. Turns out they're both impressed with each other's progress and turned on by each other's bare muscled chests as well. One thing leads to another and blow jobs leads to muscles straining as tight asses are being fucked.
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Austin Wolf fucks straight boy Angel Santiago

by on Oct.09, 2014, under Randy Blue

Angel Santiago was nervous after looking at some pictures of Austin Wolf. He is not used to the other guy in the scene being bigger. But I assured him that Austin will take good care of him. Austin walked into the room and took one look at Angel and gave me a big smile. He approved. He pushed Angel up against the mirror and began to passionately make out with him. Then he flipped around and started right away by eating out his ass. Austin did not want to beat around the bush. He stood up and pulled out his hard cock. He was ready to fuck. And he slid that thick meat deep inside Angel. Angel moaned out as Austin pumped him full of dick. They moved to the couch and exchanged blow job techniques. Angel practiced taking Austin down all the way while he tweaked on his nipples. Then Austin fucked Angel cowboy and then ended things with some hot missionary. After they both came, they laid down and kissed gently as they let the afterglow of their hot gay fucking come to an end. This is one for the books, my fellow Randy Blue fans. You will be coming back to this video again and again. Be sure to check out the free gay porn pics of all the hot action.
Featuring:   Austin WolfAngel Santiago
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by on Oct.07, 2014, under Teens And Twinks

Blontie gets his thick meat out for a hot masturbation session in this video. He produces some of the hottest facial expressions we've seen on a twink too.
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Zach Ramos is the tatted up muscle hunk of your dreams

by on Oct.06, 2014, under Randy Blue

Zach Ramos is a personal trainer. That means he spends all of his time helping people get a body as hot as his. This boy is quiet, but there is a smoldering heat coming from behind those Latin eyes. This hunk is is covered in tattoos, and hard sweaty muscles and I was eager to get him to show them off. He started off quite shy, but as soon as he got his clothes off, he got hard immediately. The thought of doing something so dirty, made this straight stud get excited. He began to pump his cock while staring at himself in the mirror. Soon he walked over to the couch and bent over to show off his fuzzy hole. Next up he flipped over and covered himself in a white hot load. Zach may be quiet, but who needs conversation when you have a nice hot dick fucking you hard and fast. Be sure to check out the free gay porn trailer of the hot HD gayporn action here at Randy Blue.
Featuring:   Zach Ramos
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Boy Beaters vs Jaw Breakers

by on Oct.06, 2014, under Broke Straight Boys

Ayden Troy Fucks Ronan Kennedy

Ayden Troy Fucks Ronan Kennedy

I’m so happy Ayden Troy is back around. He’s been working his ass off lately but today he’ll be rewarded with a little boy booty; Ronan’s booty that is. Ayden says that he is going to pretend that Ronan is his girlfriend while he fucks him. I hope Ronan is ready to have his ass plowed like pussy.

Ayden can’t even get undressed before Ronan pulls his cock out and begins to suck and slurp all over it. Ayden soon shows the same enthusiasm and tries to take as much of Ronan’s dick in his mouth as he can That’s a tall order though as Ronan’s dick has been officially classified as a jaw breaker.

Once it’s time to fuck, Ronan slowly sits on Ayden’s boy beater. It takes him a couple of minutes to get used to it but when he does he picks up the pace; bouncing up and down on every inch of it. Ayden looks like he’s almost in a trance, that hole must feel awesome. Ronan turns around and rides it in reverse while Ayden jacks him off. While they fuck, I can only imagine why neither of them has busted yet. I wouldn’t be able to contain myself with that kind of action! Ayden puts Ronan on his side and takes control, hitting every inch of wall space in Roan’s tights hole. After fucking his conquest from behind, Ayden cums hard…all over Ronan’s back. Ronan flips over and his face is beet red from getting pummeled; but he releases a fat load which tells me he didn’t mind so much.

Just when Ronan thought he was going to be the top dog around BSB, Ayden came along and wants to contend the throne. I wonder how many rounds these boys will go.

Check out the video right here!

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