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Late to the Show but Ready to Party

by on Dec.08, 2016, under Broke Straight Boys

Chris Taylor and LJ Richards

Chris Taylor and LJ Richards

Chris Taylor pops into the studio a little late, or “fashionably late” as he would put it. When he comes in he finds an eager LJ Richards waiting for him. LJ has to be stopped from immediately jumping his bones but the thing about horny boys is; they can’t be held back for long. LJ finally gets what he wants when the scene starts; to taste Chris’ lips. The boys make out and undress. When their cocks are hard they start by 69ing before LJ decides to fly solo and deep throat Chris’ cock. He licks the shaft and sucks on the balls, making Chris moan in pleasure. While busy working on Chris’ prick, LJ multitasks by lubing up his ass! That’s the true sign of a boy that wants to be fucked.

The boys move to the bed and LJ sits his raw hole onto Chris’ cock. He rides him hard while Chris plays with his dick. They kiss for a moment before changing positions. They stand up and LJ leans against a wall and allows Chris to pound his hole deep and with no mercy. This is a side of Chris I haven’t seen before and LJ loves every moment of it! They flip and now it’s Chris’ turn to take cock. He lies on the bed and LJ holds his legs open before penetrating him with every inch of his cock. LJ’s dick feels so good that Chris can’t hold back. He releases a large nut all over his stomach. LJ pulls out and adds practically covers Chris crotch with a thick load of cum!

Chris Taylor and LJ Richards

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The Climb

by on Dec.07, 2016, under Broke Straight Boys

Oliver Saxon and Shawn Andrews Fuck

Oliver Saxon and Shawn Andrews Fuck

I had no idea that Oliver likes to rock climb, I thought the only thing he was interested in climbing was a boy. Today he’ll have the pleasure of climbing Shawn Andrews and having Shawn climb him. Let’s see how these two get along.

After Shawn gets close to Oliver by admiring his forearms he makes his move and begins kissing him before working his way down to Oliver’s crotch. Waiting for his is Oliver’s erect dick which he eagerly begins to pacify himself on. Shawn knows exactly what he’s doing. He gives such a good blowjob that Oliver can barely contain himself. The boys switch places after kissing and Oliver ends up on his knees. He starts off by giving Shawn head before turning him around and sticking his tongue up Shawn’s sweet ass. Shawn isn’t a selfish lover. He takes control by pushing Oliver onto the bed and devouring his hole.

Once his cakes are prepared, Oliver’s ass is opened up by Shawn big cock. Shawn delivers nice steady strokes while keeping Oliver’s legs spread wide open. That’s how things start at least before Shawn begins to ready pound his insides. The boys get up and Shawn braces himself against the wall; it’s his turn to take some dick. Oliver gets in quickly and wastes no time before he begins ravaging Shawn’s tight butt. Things get aggressive when Oliver wraps his hand around Shawn’s throat! You’ll want to take a peek inside to see how Shawn survives Oliver’s wrath!

Oliver Saxon and Shawn Andrews Fuck

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Straight beefcake Brick Moorewood barebacks sex hungry gay boy Anthony Bond

by on Dec.05, 2016, under Randy Blue

Anthony Bond and Brick Moorewood are just strangers who met on a dark stairway. Sometimes the best sex is between two strangers. One lean and smooth and submissive. One big bearded beefy and dominant. Together these sexy Euros spark up the bedroom. Anthony cannot get Brick’s clothes off fast enough. He wants to see this gorgeous man totally naked and hard before him. Brick sits back and lets Anthony take out Brick’s hard uncut dick. And then Anthony starts to suck on it. He loves it. Anthony is as gay as they come. He wants to suck and suck harder. Brick loves it and wants to help reciprocate with a hot and wet blow job of his own. He pushes Anthony down on the bed and sucks on him. Then he lays back and lets Anthony sit down on his bare cock. They start to bareback fuck nice and hard. Brick slams into him over and over again. And Anthony wants more. He wants his hot butt to be filled up more. Brick takes a dildo and starts to fuck him with it. Finally they end with a hot facial right into Anthony’s mouth. Be sure to watch the free gay porn pics of the hot bareback action here at the Randy Blue Universe.
Featuring:   Brick MoorewoodAnthony Bond
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Love Hangover

by on Dec.01, 2016, under Broke Straight Boys

Rowan and Ronan Fuck Raw

Rowan and Ronan Fuck Raw

Ronan and Rowan went out last night and broke a few rules. Now they have hangovers and a scene to get through. However, they’re both young, in need of cash, and horny – a trifecta that will help them get through this scene.

Rowan rips off his jeans and with very little warning, straddles Ronan’s face. Ronan takes it in stride and puts the cock dangling in his face into his mouth. He suckles on it while pulling his own cock out of his pants and playing with it. As Rowan cock grows in Ronan’s mouth, Ronan’s beast of a prick grows behind his back, just waiting to pounce. The boys switch places and Rowan comes face to face with the monster. He tries to swallow it whole and almost chokes on it. Ronan doesn’t care, he just begins to face fuck him with no mercy.

Ready to get fucked, Ronan eases his tight ass onto Rowan’s raw cock. Once he’s settled he begins to ride him hard. He straight up uses Rowan’s prick as his own personal plaything. He doesn’t get to have things his way for too long. Rowan puts him on his back and drills his hole over and over until Ronan cums, shooting a huge load all over his chest. Rowan pulls out and paints Ronan’s face with his own special sauce. See, not even a hangover can stop to broke and horny boys.

Rowan and Ronan Fuck Raw

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Marcelo Mastro BareBangs Flavio Canto

by on Dec.01, 2016, under BangBangBoys

Whilst the view is pretty amazing on the balcony for Marcelo and Flavio there's no denying that Flavio just wants to get a taste of Marcelo's legendary bare cock in his tight white ass.

The come inside and Marcelo teases Flavio nipples with his tongue. Flavio then dives on top of Marcelo's meaty monster with his lips - attempting to deepthroat it and covering it all in waves of spit to get it nice and wet.

Speaking of getting things wet - Marcelo moistens Flavio's hole with his tongue - now his cock and the ass are wet it's time to enter Flavio's man pussy. It's not an easy task to take Marcelo's cock quickly. At first it's a slow process but then once in Marcelo starts to increase the speed. Flavio jumps on top and Marcelo's raw dick disappears deep inside. Ay ay ay that thing is huge and Flavio is enjoying every single inch.

Lying on his back the look of the hunky Flavio's rippling abs is too much for Marcelo and he cums all over the now well used hole.
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True to This, Not New to This

by on Nov.30, 2016, under Broke Straight Boys

Ryan Fields Fucks LJ Richards

Ryan Fields Fucks LJ Richards

Today we have two boys that have been in the game for a while and are ready to show off their skills. Ryan Fields and LJ Richards get things started by kissing each other softly before getting rid of their clothes. Ryan already has LJ on his knees but it’s Ryan that ends up getting LJ out of his pants first and his dick in his mouth. He works LJ’s cock over, getting him hard and eager for some action. Before LJ can get what he wants he’ll have to put his mouth to work first. Ryan lies back on the bed and LJ blows him. He swivels his head, making sure to get every inch of Ryan’s cock wet and ready to go.

LJ stands up and gets his ass kissed, teased, and lubed up before sliding hole onto Ryan’s cock. LJ struggles at first but soon finds his groove. He lets loose and begins to bounce up and down on Ryan’s hard prick! Ryan takes over and fucks LJ hard from below. He pounds those juicy cakes as LJ plays with his meat stick. After sitting on it for as long as he can, LJ gets on his back and lets Ryan drill him until both boys finally blow their hot loads!

Ryan Fields Fucks LJ Richards

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Don’t Study Too Hard

by on Nov.29, 2016, under Broke Straight Boys

Kaden Porter Fucks Oliver Saxon

Kaden Porter Fucks Oliver Saxon

Oliver is headed back to school and will have quite the course load. The last thing he wants is to have to worry about money while he could be studying. That’s why he’s in the studio today with Kaden Porter. These two are ready to give us a show in order to make some quick cash so let’s get started.

Oliver gets things going by pulling Kaden in for a kiss. The boys get rid of their shirts but neither can break the lip lock. Oliver lays on of Kaden as the two continue to make out and engage in some frottage. Once they’re both horned up, Oliver kisses and licks a trail down to Kaden’s shorts. He pulls it outs and wraps his juicy lips around it. His mouth works the shaft before he lets his tongue have its way with the balls. Kaden’s cock is stiff in no time. They switch and Kaden returns the favor and damn near swallowing the dick whole! He’s not done; he flips Oliver over, lifts his leg onto the dresser, and eats his tight hole. He wants to make sure its nice and wet for what’s to come.

Once it’s nice and wet, Kaden buries his fat meat into Oliver’s booty. Oliver doesn’t need anytime to warm up. He opens right up as Kaden shovels his way into his guts. Kaden gets Oliver on all fours, which gives us the perfect view to watch Oliver’s ass bounce with each thrust Kaden delivers. These two deliver a passionate, lust filled scene that will have you wondered if they’ve both been turned out. Pop on in to see just how hot things get!

Kaden Porter Fucks Oliver Saxon

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Jazz Jones eats a white hot load after a bareback flip fuck with Filip Vacek

by on Nov.29, 2016, under Randy Blue

Jazz Jones is making his debut at Randy Blue Universe. But what is he going to do? Should we have him top or bottom? I’ve got a great idea. Let’s give him the best of both worlds. This long haired adonis looks like he came right off the cover of a romance novel. He is ready to make all of your fantasies come true. Whether you want him to be a bototm or top, he is going to do both for you. Filip Vacek is the lucky twink that gets to be Jazz’s first at Randy Blue. They kiss pasionately and let their tongues dart back and forth exploring every inch of their muscled physiques. Then They each exchange blowjobs. Filip gets so turned on sucking off Jazz that he sits right down on Jazz’s cock raw. Jazz pumps into a bit before going in for a rim job. Then Jazz pumps his dick deep into Filip. Then Filip wants to get in on the top action and shoves his dick inside of Jazz. Jazz takes the bareback pounding like a champ. And the next thing you know they are coming, and Jazz is lapping up every last drop of Filip’s cum. Be sure to check out the free gay porn pics of the hot bareback action here at Randy Blue.
Featuring:   Filip VacekJazz Jones
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by on Nov.26, 2016, under Broke Straight Boys

Antonio Ferrari And Ronan Kennedy

Antonio Ferrari And Ronan Kennedy

It’s the end of the week and the boys are ready to get paid. But before they can leave, Antonio and Ronan have just one more scene to deliver and it’s going to be a hot one! It’s been a while since we’ve seen Ronan bottom but today he’ll have to give up that ass. Let’s get cracking.

Antonio leans in to kiss Ronan and the boys begin to make out. As their lips mix and mingle, their hands go to work, racing to undo each other’s pants. Ronan wins the race, getting Antonio’s cock out of his pants. For his reward he gets a mouth full of uncut cock. He blows it and makes it grow hard and stiff in his mouth. The boys make out some before switching places. Antonio kneels down, grips the base of Ronan’s fat dick and begins to suck as much of it as he can. Antonio does his best, but he can’t fit more than half of that beef stick in his mouth. Ronan doesn’t care, he loves the feeling of it anyway. Antonio joins Ronan on the bed and they begin to 69 to taste each other’s cocks.

Ready to fuck, Antonio bends Ronan over and buries his hard, raw dick into Ronan’s tight little ass!  As Antonio gets the work pounding, filling the room with the sounds of flesh on flesh action, Ronan moans with pleasure. Antonio isn’t holding back. He forces every inch of his cock into Ronan’s rectum who takes it like a champ. These two fuck in a couple of different positions until one of them is covered in cum. Join us inside to see just how hot things get!

Antonio Ferrari And Ronan Kennedy

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When Confidence Meets Experience

by on Nov.25, 2016, under Broke Straight Boys

Jared Marzdon Fucks Isaac Lin Raw

Jared Marzdon Fucks Isaac Lin Raw

Jared Marzdon is very confident and unlike most newbies, he’s excited for his first scene with another guy. He will be paired up with Isaac Lin, who as actually has some experience in porn. Isaac gets things started by going in for a kiss and to his surprise, Jared more than reciprocates, he damn near takes over. The boys are soon all over each other. They kiss, grope, and find their way out of their shirts. After passionately making out, they lose their pants and Isaac gets to Jared’s cock and begins to suck on it making it stiffen and grow in his jaws. Jared, being as confident as he is, doesn’t want to just watch. He decides to get on the action and now both boys are getting and giving oral.

Isaac, ready for some cock, lies on his back and spread his legs. Jared quickly lubes up and slides his dick into Lin’s tight little hole. He starts off slowly to get used to the feeling of ass. Isaac puts his legs on Jared’s shoulders and then Jared starts to get into it. Before you know it, poor Isaac’s ass is being ripped into. Isaac flips over and Jared continues to dig deeper and deeper into his guts. When Jared can’t take anymore of Isaac’s hot boy pussy he pulls out and dumps his load all over Isaac. Isaac follows suit by massaging a milky load of his own out of his cock.

Jared Marzdon Fucks Isaac Lin Raw

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