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Jeff Powers shoots a raw load deep inside of Duke Campbell

by on Aug.27, 2015, under Randy Blue

Jeff Powers and Duke Campbell are two southern muscle hunks ready to fuck. They could not keep their hands off each other. They made out which led to hard ons which led to Duke sucking off Jeff. Then they began to sixty nine. After a hot rim job, Jeff shoved his raw dick inside Duke and pounded his wet hole. They barebacked in every position possible until these two hot nude men both came. Jeff shoved his cum deep inside of Duke before they had one final hot long make out session. This is some of the best gay porn you are going to see out there. Be sure to check out the free gayporn pics of the gay fucking here at Randy Blue.
Featuring:   Duke CampbellJeff Powers
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The Lifeguard – Arad -amp; Archer Hart

by on Aug.25, 2015, under NextDoorTwink

Hijinks is always around the next corner at the neighborhood pool, especially when Archer Hart is involved. As lifeguard, Arad, walks down the gravel pathway toward the pool, he hears a splash, then screams of distress. Arad is extremely well-trained in water rescue, so he snaps into the mode of proper procedure. <br></br>He sprints to the pool, removes his shirt, and dives in. Archer is floating lifelessly. Once Arad pulls Archer out and administers mouth-to-mouth, Archer surprisingly begins giggling! Arad realizes the entire thing was some kind of prank. Appalled, he asks, 'seriously?' <br></br>Archer, still smiling, tells Arad that he couldn't help himself, Arad is just too sexy. Arad's upset, but not made of stone. He can't turn down the opportunity to have his way with such a luscious Twink. The two kiss deeply. Archer moves downward and takes out Arad's hard cock. Arad feels the warmth moving up and down his swollen meat. He lets his hands run all over Archer's naked body.<br></br>They move to a pool chair where Arad lifts up Archer's legs so he can experience his ass and dick. Archer can't believe he -- sort of -- tricked the hot lifeguard into sucking his cock and licking his ass! After a little while, Arad stands up and shoves his firm erection into Archer's tight ass. Oh what a feeling on a hot Summer day! This is a pairing you won't wanna miss. Arad's insane body fucking sweet, spirited Archer poolside as warm rays beat down is a memory you'll hold onto to keep warm all year. <br></br>Enjoy!
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Fresh Meat

by on Aug.24, 2015, under Broke Straight Boys

John Henry and Gage Owens

John Henry and Gage Owens

More fresh meat. Gage is back fresh off his solo scene and he’s been put with Gage who is also pretty new. Gage hasn’t bottomed yet but that will all change today. However, he’ll have to do it with John who hasn’t topped before and has no experience breaking in a new ass. Let’s see how these two adjust to their new roles.

The boys lean in for a steamy kiss, neither of them seem shy about swapping spit with the other.  Gage leans back on the bed as John continues to kiss him and sneak his hand down his jeans. John gets Gage out of his jeans and begins to suck on the lad’s already erect cock. He then stands over Gage, dipping his cock into the newbie’s mouth while continuing to suck him off. John is pleasantly surprised by Gage’s skill. He loves how Gage is able to take every inch of his cock down his warm throat.

John brings Gage to the side of the bed where he slowly pushes his raw cock inside the virgin’s awaiting hole. Gage groans loudly as his feels his ass open for John’s dick. Having gone through the pain of losing his anal cherry at the hands of Cage, John at least knows to be gentle. He continuously checks to ensure that Gage is okay. He begins to push more and more of his cock into Gage’s ass as Gage’s moans start to sound more and more like willing consent. His legs are held wide apart as John continues to invade and pummel his ass. John flips him over and continues to fuck his pretty ass from behind. Gage loves it, he soon releases his load all over the sheets. John sprays Gage’s hole with his own milky concoction.

John Henry and Gage Owens

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Brendan Phillips and Dominic Santos have a hot raw fuck

by on Aug.24, 2015, under Randy Blue

Brendan Phillips and Dominic are basking in the pool on a hot summer day. They start to splash around and realize that it is too hot to fuck outside. They move the passion indoors where they quickly remove their bathing suits and begin to suck each other off. Then Dominic rims Brendan and gets his hole nice and wet. He shoves his raw dick deep into his ass and the fuck session begins. They fuck every which way until finally Dominic gets a load cum in his mouth and Brendan gets a load in his ass. What a perfect ending to such a hot fuck. Be sure to check out the free gayporn pics of the hot bareback action here at Randy Blue.
Featuring:   Dominic SantosBrendan Philiips
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Foreign Legion Fucking

by on Aug.24, 2015, under Eurocreme

The new boys arrive, and the Sergeant can’t wait to see how well they suck cock. After a hard training session new recruits Johan and Marco need to release all that built-up tension and a great fuck in the meadow is perfect. Slicking up their thick cocks with saliva, these defined soldiers make each other throbbing hard just as the Sergeant walks past and makes the most of the free show. Johan teases Marco’s hole with his stiff cock and slowly pushes it in, making both Marco and the Sergeant’s cock quiver uncontrollably. The horniness of this scene is unbelievable, and when Marco shoots, the Sergeant joins in the cumfest and his absolutely huge dick explodes in load after load of tasty jizz.

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Gotta have Faith

by on Aug.23, 2015, under Broke Straight Boys

Zeno Kostas and David Hardy

Zeno Kostas and David Hardy

Its funny that Zeno has a cross on his belt buckle today as he rocks the rocker cowboy look, because he reminds me a bit of George Michael. All he needs is a leather jacket and he’ll be all set. By the request of the fans he’s been paired with David Hardy. These are two of my favorite models so I’m going to skip right through the banter and get right to the fucking.

David pulls Zeno in for and kiss and get a rather deep one from him. As they kiss they slowly peel off their clothes. Once Zeno’s shirt is off David goes straight for his pierced nipples, kissing them and gently pulling them with his lips. Zeno losses his jeans and allows David to suck his salty pole. Zeno plays with David’s nipples as the kid satiates himself by feasting on his cock. David stands up as Zeno gets on his knees. He chews on David’s dick through his briefs before pulling them down and finally putting the uncut beauty in his mouth. he sucks deeply, repaying David for his earlier efforts. David bends over on the bed, putting his ass right into Zeno’s face. Zeno knows exactly what to do. He gets busy licking, sucking, and spitting on David’s hot hole.

He alternates between tasting David’s ass and balls. Zeno soon joins him on the bed where they 69, both of them deep throating the other’s stiff rod.

Zeno get David onto his back and eases his cock into his ass. Zeno works his hole slowly at first but soon picks up the pace. He pushes and pulls his cock in and out of David’s ass, causing him to moan loudly. Zeno puts David back on all fours and ties his hands behind his back. With David at his complete mercy Zeno gets right back to fucking David hard. Zeno’s saliva drips from David’s anus as his is pounded. These two go through several positions,allowing David to enjoy Zeno’s cock from multiple angles. Once David has had all he can handle he fires a huge load, painting his own chest and stomach with cum. Zeno pulls out and dumps his load right onto David’s face. And let the church say “Amen!”

Zeno Kostas and David Hardy

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Gay Stud Atticus Fox is a bareback bottom for Straight Hunk Malachi Marx

by on Aug.20, 2015, under Randy Blue

Atticus and Malachi are a perfect match. They are both manly and tall and lean, and they were super into each other. Atticus could not wait to take this straight boy and make him beg to fuck his ass. Atticus has a magic mouth and Malachi got so fucking hard from it being sucked. He could not wait to shove his raw dick deep inside of Atticus. He fucked his ass missionary and then cowboy and then finally doggie style. We ended with buckets of cum and a hot cream pie going deep into Atticus and dripping out of his ass. This is as fucking hot as it gets. Be sure to check out the free gay porn pics of the hot action here at Randy Blue.
Featuring:   Malachi MarxAtticus Fox
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Doctor’s Orders

by on Aug.17, 2015, under Broke Straight Boys

Vadim Black And John Henry

Vadim Black And John Henry

Vadim is back and is apparently recovering from surgery. He had a hernia due to lifting weights. I’m not happy he had a hernia but my God that body is something to appreciate! Because he’s still recovering he’ll get a pass on bottoming and will instead get to fuck John Henry.

John helps Vadim get undressed and for his efforts is rewarded by having Vadim’s cock in his mouth. He absolutely devours it, getting every inch down his throat. He only stops briefly to kiss Vadim, allowing the Russian to taste his own dick. Vadim puts James on his back and goes to work on his beef stick. Vadim’s oral skills never cease to amaze me. He deep throats John and has him panting for more. Turned on, John gets right back on his knees to have another go at blowing Vadim.

Ready to get fucked, John bends over on the bed, offering his ass to Vadim. Vadim lubes up and slowing pushes his wood inside. It’s takes John a second to get used to it, but then Vadim just starts to plow him. Vadim slides in and out of John tight hole, making the boy moan from a mixture of pain and pleasure. Vadim flips him over and fucks him deep. In no time he’s cumming all over John’s chest. John soon follows suit with a nice healthy batch of man batter.

Vadim Black And John Henry

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Blonds are Bigger

by on Aug.17, 2015, under Eurocreme

We love Alex Silvers’ giant dick. Each time he gets it out it looks bigger, thicker and tastier! As he leans back on the tabletop and plays with himself, the solid shaft is the perfect shape and size to cause a lot of grief to a tight bottom boy! Luckily for them, he’s got a fleshjack instead and even manages to stretch that wider than it probably should be! Letting us watch as he strokes himself and fucks the clear sex toy, we can see what it would be like if that were our ass instead and damn it’s a hot thought!

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Nathan Cruz makes his debut with a raw flip fuck with Preston Cole

by on Aug.17, 2015, under Randy Blue

Nathan Cruz has these deep seductive puppy dog eyes that will make you bow down to your knees. Preston Cole has these piercing baby blues that you can get lost in. When their eyes met each other, it was pure lust. Nathan had done a porn scene at another studio, but said that Preston was on another level. They made out and sucked and rimmed their hard cocks before taking turns fucking each other bareback. Finally Preston got cream pied in the end. Be sure to check out the free gay porn pics of the hot bareback action here at Randy Blue.
Featuring:   Preston ColeNathan Cruz
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