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Johannes Lars gets a load of cum dumped in his mouth from straight hottie Max Born

by on Sep.20, 2016, under Randy Blue

European hotties Johannes Lars and Max Born are among beautiful pieces of art. But nothing is as hot as these two sexy pieces of meat. They are eyeing each other up and down and they cannot hold back their passions any longer. They start off by sucking each other off. First Johannes take Max’s dick in his mouth and deep throats it. Then Johannes sits back and lets Max take him down to the base. Following the hot blow jobs is the all out bareback fucking Watch these two Euro hunks pound each other into oblivion until they are both cumming buckets. Free gayporn pics of the hot gay fucking is available here at Randy Blue.
Featuring:   Johannes LarsMax Born
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Fuck Buddies

by on Sep.19, 2016, under Broke Straight Boys

Antonio Ferrari And Benjamin Dover

Antonio Ferrari And Benjamin Dover

Antonio Ferrari and Benjamin Dover are already cuddle buddies after having to share a bed at the BSB house. Today their status will be elevated to fuck buddies after Antonio gets a chance to make Mr. Ben Dover earn his stage name! Let’s get started.

The boys get things popping with some kissing. They help each other out of their clothes Antonio takes Ben’s huge dick out and sticks that fat cock with his mouth. He gulps it down as it grows harder and thicker, giving him more to taste. Ben gets Antonio to lay back so that he can have his turn to fill his jaws with cock. He licks Antonio’s shaft up and down before sucking on his balls. Before he knows it, Antonio’s cock is fully erect and ready to drill him. Ben climbs on top of him and slides his tight hole onto Antonio’s member. He rides him hard. Ben using Antonio’s cock for his own pleasure and allows every inch of it to explore his insides.

When Antonio wants control, he bends Ben over onto all fours and pushes his raw dick into him again. Antonio fucks Ben deep and makes Ben’s ass bounce as he pounds him again and again. Ben blows his load all over the bed while Antonio is still inside of him. Antonio pulls out and sprays his own cum on Ben’s ass and back!

Antonio Ferrari And Benjamin Dover

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Roman Candles

by on Sep.16, 2016, under Broke Straight Boys

Mikey And John Henry Fuck

Mikey And John Henry Fuck

After some 4th of July themed small talk, Mikey and John Henry get things started by kissing and pulling each other close. Mikey finds his way to John’s dick and feasts on it, sucking it all the way down to the hilt. John’s cock grows rock hard as Mikey uses his hand and mouth to work him over. John returns the favor by trying to fit Mikey’s huge cock into his mouth. Of course it won’t all fit but his oral skills get Mikey fully erect and ready to fuck.

John lays back onto the bed and spreads his legs; allowing Mikey to drive his bus of a dick right up his asshole. Mikey’s raw cock stretches John’s hole as he picks up the pace. John breathes deeply and jacks his cock. The boys flip and Mikey finds himself on top of John riding his thick shaft. Mikey’s enthusiasm for cock in conveyed by the way he rides. His hips and ass do all the work, making John moan in pleasure. They try another position with Mikey on his back and John continues to fuck the shit of him. Mikey just strokes his big cock as John pounds away. Soon, Mikey is busting a hot load onto his stomach. John pulls out and adds his own spermy concoction to the mix!

Mikey And John Henry Fuck

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Neo Barebangs Andy Star

by on Sep.15, 2016, under BangBangBoys

Andy is on the balcony enjoying the view - all the while craving raw cock. He makes a call and before you know it hung stud Neo walks through the door. He can't wait to shove that cock in his mouth. Neo pulls his handsome face far down onto his cock - Andy gags and chokes.
Neo flips him over to rim his perfect ass - getting it ready to receive his thick beast of a dick. Andy's hole is good and ready and he climbs onto that cock and bounces - swallowing every inch with a grin and a grimace.

It feels good - really good - insanely good and Andy cums all over himself while Neo is filling his hole. Now Neo takes charge and keeps barebanging Andy until Andy's hole is covered in Neo's cum.
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The Monster is Back!

by on Sep.14, 2016, under Broke Straight Boys

Kaden Porter And Ronan Kennedy

Kaden Porter And Ronan Kennedy

It’s been almost 2 years since we’ve had Ronan in the studio. He’s back and looks better than ever with a new haircut. Surely Kaden has heard stories about the monster in Ronan’s pants. If he hasn’t, he will soon come face to face with it. The boys start by locking lips and feeling each other up. While Kaden’s lips are busy, his fingers are also working at Ronan’s zipper. The moment he frees the beast from the cage he shakes his head in disbelief…and Ronan isn’t even aroused yet. Ronan helps relax Kaden by going down on him, feeling his mouth with his member. He sucks him steadily until he’s rock hard. Then it’s Kaden’s turn at bat. He tries but has a difficult time getting it all into his mouth, who wouldn’t?

Once Kaden has had his fill of having his jaws stretched he puts Ronan on his back and stuffs his raw dick up his ass. Ronan’s ass has been fucked in a while but Kaden doesn’t care! He pounds Ronan hard, fucking his ass raw as Ronan plays with himself as he takes Kaden’s hard cock. Now it’s Kaden’s turn. He cautiously lowers his hole onto to Ronan’s monster dick. Somehow, every inch fits in his rectum and Ronan begins to pound him. He slaps his ass as his cock goes in and out of Kaden’s stretched hole. Ronan fucks until he’s ready to explode and these boys wrap up by giving each other a milky facial!!

Kaden Porter And Ronan Kennedy

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Is This Yoga?

by on Sep.13, 2016, under Broke Straight Boys

Jason Sterling Fucks Zach Covington

Jason Sterling Fucks Zach Covington

Jason quickly helps Zach out of his clothes so that he get to his cock. The moment it’s free, Jason wraps his mouth around it and swallows it. His oral skills forces Zach’s dick to grow and get rock hard. They switch places, allowing Zach to his chance to taste Jason’s shaft and balls. He strokes it and lick it while his lusty eyes look up to meet Jason’s.

But we all know Zach isn’t here to just suck cock. He wants his ass fucked. Ready to get plowed, he bends over the bed and invites Jason in. Jason pushes his cock in slowly so that he can enjoy the feeling of his tight hole. But then he gives Zach exactly what he wants, a good, fast, and hard pounding. As his member enters and exits, Zach’s ass bounces and wobbles in appreciation. Jason pulls out momentarily to finger that pretty hole before putting Zach back on his side and continuing to drill his insides. Jason can’t decide what position he wants to fuck Zach in. He takes that ass while Zach is on his side, from behind, while standing, and in warrior pose (joking lol). Jason finally cums when Zach is propped up on his hands and feet, damn near in downward dog! Jason then fingers Zach’s ass until he blows his on load on his stomach. I hope these boys stretched!

Jason Sterling Fucks Zach Covington

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Hunk of the hour Brick Moorewood loses his gay cherry to straight power bottom Luke Ward

by on Sep.13, 2016, under Randy Blue

Randy Blue brings you two masc. 4 masc. guys. Brick has never done it with a dude before. His first time is broken in by the straight body builder power bottom that is Luke Ward. This massive piece of man meat calls Brick over with his hard uncut cock and his bulging pecs and biceps. Brick strips down and they kiss. The passion erupting in their boners is not to be denied. They start to suck each other off, but Brick wants to see what a it feels like to stick his raw dick inside of Luke’s warm muscled bubble butt. He wants to do it bareback and they fuck every which way until Luke cums all over himself. Brick follows shortly behind and gives him a hot cream pie. Be sure to check out the free gay porn pics of the hot bareback action here at Randy Blue Universe.
Featuring:   Luke WardBrick Moorewood
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The Get Down

by on Sep.10, 2016, under Broke Straight Boys

Tyler, Levi And Ryan Fuck Raw

Tyler, Levi And Ryan Fuck Raw

It’s time for another threesome and today we have Tyler, Levi and Ryan on hand to fulfill our fantasies. They get things started with a hot make out session with fondling for good measure. Soon enough, hot erect dicks are present and Ryan is the first to get a taste by sucking off Levi and Tyler. Soon after, Ryan and Tyler begin to 69 and just when you think Levi has been left out, he begins to eat Tyler’s ass.

After some oral fun,  Ryan’s ass is invaded by Levi’s bareback cock. Levi fucks Ryan on his back as Tyler looks on for a moment before deciding to slide his ass right onto Ryan’s dick. He bounces up and down as Levi continues to pound Ryan. Levi is a bit greedy though. He lifts Tyler off of Ryan’s cock and begins to fuck him as Tyler lies on top of Ryan. Levi goes back and forth, fucking Tyler one moment and then Ryan the next. With two delicious asses to choose from you would think Levi would bust fucking one of them but he doesn’t instead he uses their feet to jerk himself before cumming on them. To each their own. You’ll have to come inside to find out how the other two boys get their rocks off. Here’s a clue, someone will need to swallow!

Tyler, Levi And Ryan Fuck Raw

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Too Slick

by on Sep.08, 2016, under Broke Straight Boys

Antonio Ferrari Fucks Ryan Fields

Antonio Ferrari Fucks Ryan Fields

Ryan may think he’s slick, but I can see right through him. He gets Antonio to take his shirt off so that he can get a better look at his tats. As even the most astute elementary smart ass will tell you, you look with your eyes and not with your hands. Ryan not only uses his hands but his lips as he begins to kiss Antonio’s neck and chest. Antonio isn’t innocent. He kisses Ryan back and things begin to get steamier. Ryan gets on the bed and allow Antonio to tea bag and eventually face fuck him. Antonio forces his cock down Ryan’s throat almost making him gag. Soon, Antonio finds himself on his knees with a mouthful of Ryan’s meat. He works that cock with his mouth, getting Ryan hard.

Afterward, Ryan is bent over and his ass is invaded by Antonio’s raw dick. Each thrusts makes Ryan’s juicy ass wobble and bounce. He moans loudly as his hole is force fucked and slapped by Antonio who continuously drives his cock in deep. The boys switch position and Ryan ends up on his back. Antonio pounds him until he can’t take it anymore. He pulls out and paints Ryan with a thick load. Ryan kneels beside Antonio and jerks his own dick until he cums onto Antonio’s stomach. He then cleans him up by licking off his own jizz!

Antonio Ferrari Fucks Ryan Fields

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Like a Flashback

by on Sep.07, 2016, under Broke Straight Boys

Kaden Alexander And Zach Covington

Kaden Alexander And Zach Covington

Well, well, well…guess who’s back! Kaden has returned and is ready to start making some money. Here to welcome him back with all the warmness BSB has to offer is Zach Covington.

After talking about the changes to the set, Kaden gets things started by pulling Zach into him and deeply kissing Zach. Zach is all to eager to hook up with Kaden. He presses his body against his as they make out. They undress as Kaden gets on his knees to blow Zach. He works Zach’s member over with his hand and mouth, getting Zach fully erect. The boys switch so that Zach can taste Kaden’s cock. He somehow manages to get most of it into his mouth and gives Kaden some amazing oral action. Kaden returns the favor by aggressively getting Zach on his feet, turning him around, and sticking his tongue up his ass! Kaden’s tongue flicks quickly all around Zach’s sweet hole. The boys assume the 69 position where Zach takes his turn eating Kaden’s big bubbly butt.

Now it’s time to fuck. Kaden lubes up as Zach braces himself on all fours. Kaden pushes his giant dick inside, going slowly so that Zach’s hole can adjust. Once it does, Kaden begins to bash his insides with relentless, hard thrusts. They switch positions allowing Zach to get on top. Zach rides that dick reverse cowboy, playing with his own cock in the process. They switch positions one more time and Zach jacks his dick while he lies on his back with Kaden between his legs. After a few moments of pounding, Zach cums blows his load. Kaden follows suit by shooting a massive about of jazz all over Zach!

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