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Maranhao BareBangs Tony Dias

by on May.18, 2017, under BangBangBoys

Sitting on the couch Maranhao is getting horny. He pushes Tony Dias' head towards his crotch as a gesture of hey you - let's fuck. With an insanely gorgeous body such as Maranhao's that's about all the convincing that is needed. Tony sucks his cock while it's still partially in his pants. And what an expert cock sucker he is.

Tony then turns his talents to rimming the muscled ass - this is too much - they vacate the couch and head to the bedroom. Once there it's Tony's ass that now gets rimmed getting it ready for Maranhao's thick massive dick that is going to pound the fuck out of it.

You can imagine gazing on that gorgeous form while your ass is being torn apart by that huge dick. It's so fucking hot to watch these Brazilian Bang Bang Boys fucking bareback that you're going to need a box of tissues. Tony ends up with a face full of Maranhao's cum. Lick it up!
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Gay 4 Pay euro studs Markus Hovor and Peter Lipnik have a hot and naked raw fuck session

by on May.16, 2017, under Randy Blue

Two hot jocks. Both full of muscles and cum. Their dicks are bulging and they are about to explode. Peter and Markus are both straight but as soon as the camera says action, they are turn gay as Neil Patrick Harris singing karaoke. Hell yeah these guys are hot. Too hot to handle. Watch them as they make out. These gay 4 pay sluts tonging each other like they’re fucking boyfriends. Watch them pull out their dicks and take turns sucking each other off. They love the feeling of a hard throbbing cock shoved as far down their throat as it can go. But the dick sucking is just the beginning. Soon they move to the bedroom to get to the real action. The fucking is hard and raw. Markus slides his dick into Peter’s tight butt with no condom and barebacks him hard and nasty. They fuck forever in many different positions until hey can’t hold back any longer. Peter comes first and Markus quickly follows. Peter’s body is covered in cum. And your will be too. Check out the free gay porn pics of the hot bareback action here at Randy Blue Universe.
Featuring:   Peter LipnikMarkus Hovor
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The Second Day is Always the Hardest

by on May.10, 2017, under Broke Straight Boys

The Second Day is Always the Hardest

The Second Day is Always the Hardest

It’s only Preston Scott’s second day with BSB but he’s ready for what’s to come. And what’s to come? Some steamy sex with John Henry who’s certainly ready to play the role of teacher. The boys get started by making out and necking. John Henry uses his tongue to explore Preston before helping him out of his clothes. He teases the growing bulge in Preston’s boxers before finally releasing Preston’s cock he fills his mouth with it and begins to suck it. That kind of attention gets Preston hard as a brick! But now its his turn to give a blow job. He tries to take as much as he can but struggles as it grows in his mouth. Perhaps it will be a better fit for his ass.
John bends Preston over the bed and tongue fucks that big juicy ass before fingering that tight hole before putting his prick in it next, gently pushing his bareback cock into Preston’s virgin ass. Preston takes it as John slides in and out of his raw pussy. Once Preston’s ass has gotten used the feeling, John starts to fuck him harder and faster. John dicks him down properly until he finally pulls out and shoots a milky load all over Preston! Preston soon follows suit as he milks his cock and releases a hot load.

Preston Scott gets Plowed by John Henry

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The Three of Them

by on May.09, 2017, under Broke Straight Boys

Tanner, Chris and Brandon

Tanner, Chris and Brandon

Tanner Valentino, Brandon Evans and Chris Taylor are in for some fun today with this threesome scene!  These guys have some fun energy between them and when they get things started, it gets hot real fast!  The three guys exchange some kisses, getting warmed up before they undress and Chris takes both Brandon and Tanner’s cock in his mouth, sucking both at once until Tanner decides to join in on the oral and gives Brandon’s balls a few good licks before standing up and facefucking Brandon with his massive prick!  Chris likes the taste of Brandon’s sweet cock and sucks it while Tanner fingers Chris’s hole and then shoves his dick in it, fucking Chris hard from behind while Brandon fills up Chris’s mouth with his hard dick.

Chris gets spanked as he bottoms for Tanner, getting dominated raw by the guys and taking those dicks like a pro.  Tanner and Brandon switch spots so that Brandon can enjoy that ass and Tanner gets to fuck Chris’s mouth until all of Chris’s holes are full and sore from all that fucking!  Chris gets his ass spanked and his face slapped with Tanner’s huge dick and when the guys swap places again, Tanner fucks the cum out of Chris and then strokes out his own load right between Chris’s ass.  Brandon yanks on his dick until he busts a huge nut into Chris’s mouth and Chris swallows that hot cum before going to get cleaned up!

Tanner, Chris and Brandon

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Euro straight boy James Huck is lost and finds his way inside Erik Spector and his raw hole

by on May.09, 2017, under Randy Blue

James Huck asked Erik Spector for directions. Erik decides to claim this lost boy for his own. He leads James back to his place and makes a pass. James is startled at first, but then caves to sheer hotness of Erik’s muscled up body. They start to kiss passionately and soon Erik gets James’ shirt off. Then he pulls off his pants and starts to suck on James’ hard uncut cock. They exchange wet and hot blow jobs, trying to see which one of them can deep throat the furthest. I think they both won! Then James lays back and let’s Erik ride him like a cowboy. They bareback nice and gentle at first, but the thrusts get harder and the moans get louder. Soon they are all out gay fucking. James flips Erik over and fucks him bareback doggie style. They both love it. They love it so much that they are soon cumming buckets all over Erik’s ripped bod. Be sure to check out the free gay porn pics of the hot bareback action here at Randy Blue Universe.
Featuring:   James HuckErik Spector
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Tag This!

by on May.08, 2017, under Broke Straight Boys

Dillon Anderson Fucks Oliver Saxon

Dillon Anderson Fucks Oliver Saxon

The boys had a great night out playing laser tag but now things are going to get a little more personal between Dillon Anderson and Oliver Saxon. These boys already seem pretty chummy so today’s event should only bring them closer. Let’s see how close.

Dillon moves in for a kiss and the boys engage in some hot tongue work. Eventually they begin to lose their clothes and Oliver begins to suck Dillon’s cock, giving him some slow and sloppy head. Oliver then straddles Dillon’s face while continuing to suck his dick. This is how you 69! Dillon’s tongue digs deep into Oliver’s sweet ass. He bites and nibbles at it making Dillon moan in appreciation.

Ready to fuck, Dillon turns Oliver onto his stomach and fills his tight little ass up with his long shaft. Dillon pounds his hole feverishly making it bounce and jiggle. Oliver takes over by climbing on top of him and ride his cock reverse cowboy, sitting all the way down on that raw cock as he thrusts his hips against Dillon.  Dillon flips Oliver onto his back and takes him hard, his balls slapping against Oliver’s ass as he fucks him until he’s forced to pull out and paint his ass with cum. Afterwards, he reenters Oliver and cums all over himself.

Dillon Anderson Fucks Oliver Saxon

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Just Go For It

by on May.07, 2017, under Broke Straight Boys

Jared Marzdon and Ben Dover

Jared Marzdon and Ben Dover

Some guys like to just go for it. Jared Marzdon and Ben Dover are two such boys so they do just that. They get things started quickly by kissing and feeling each other up. Jared eventually makes his way down to Ben’s crotch and helps him pull out his fat cock before making it disappear in his mouth. Jared is masterful with a dick between his lips, the look on Ben’s face bears testament to that fact. Ben returns the favor by sucking Jared’s cock with equal skill. He runs his tongue along Jared’s shaft and down to his balls, giving Jared oral just the way he likes it as he gets hard in no time.

Done with foreplay, Jared tries buy fails to take all of Ben’s big cock by sitting on it. So he does what all good bottoms do, he bends over (into my favorite position) and let’s Ben hit it from the back. It takes a second for Jared’s ass to adjust but once it does Ben is off to the races. He forces every inch of his cock into Jared’s guts while pounding away. These two put on a show that will make you want to trade places with either of them! Pop on in to pick you poison.

Jared Marzdon and Ben Dover

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Vadim Takes a Dip in the Lake

by on May.06, 2017, under Broke Straight Boys

Vadim Black Fucks Mikah Lake

Vadim Black Fucks Mikah Lake

It’s time to watch yet another newcomer experience an onscreen deflowering. Today’s fortunate newbie is Mikah Lake who will be in the very talented hands of Vadim Black. He’s so fucking lucky! Let’s see how these boys get on.

Vadim gets things started by leading in with a kiss. They kiss slowly as Mikah clothes start to disappear. Once Mikah’s clothes are out of the way, Vadim goes down on him. He shows off his oral talents by deep throating Mikah’s cock and taking the shaft down to the hilt. Vadim then strips down and allows Mikah to take over. Mikah may not be so new to this! He does a damn good job deep throating Vadim’s meaty cock.

Once it’s slick with saliva, Vadim’s ready to penetrate Mikah’s tight ass!  Vadim slides his dick into Mikah’s hole and fucks him raw and deep. He finds time the kiss him while continuously plunging into his hole. Vadim lifts one of Mikah’s legs into his air so that he can get even deeper into his ass before flipping in him over and making his ass bounce with each thrust. Vadim pounds Mikah’s ass from all angles until both boys get off and blow huge loads.

Vadim Black Fucks Mikah Lake

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by on May.05, 2017, under Broke Straight Boys

Introducing Sebastian Lee

Introducing Sebastian Lee

Sebastian is a looker. He’s got a devilish grin and a hot body and I can’t wait to see what’s underneath those clothes. Thank goodness I don’t have to wait long. He strips his clothes off and shows off that hot body and it’s clear this guy spends a lot of time at the gym!  He’s got amazing tattoos that cover that beautiful body of his. When the underwear come off he sits back on the bed and takes his uncut cock in his hand, stroking it slowly as he closes his eyes and focuses on getting himself hard.  It doesn’t take long. The dick hardens quickly and he stands up to show if off while continuing to jack beside the bed.

He lies down and continues to tug on his shaft as his free hand along his thighs, balls and chest. This boy looks so sexy pumping that dick harder and faster as he gets closer to shooting his load.  His muscles tense up when he’s close and he finally strokes out a nice big load, letting the cum fall onto his stomach as he rides out the orgasm!

Introducing Sebastian Lee

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Chris’ Facial

by on May.04, 2017, under Broke Straight Boys

Tanner fucks Chris Taylor Silly

Tanner fucks Chris Taylor Silly

Tanner Valentino and Chris Taylor don’t have time for pleasantries. We find them already in a hot make out session. Chris slowly makes his way down to Tanner’s cock and fills his mouth with it. It’s a quick blowjob though because Tanner wants more than oral. Tanner lies back on the bed he invites Chris to wrap that hole around Tanner’s throbbing, erect cock.

As soon as Chris lowers his ass onto Tanner’s dick Tanner takes over and fucks him hard. He pounds his little hole hard from below making Chris moan loudly. Tanner’s cock slides in and out as he pulls Chris’ cheeks apart. The boys switch places as Chris lies on his back and opens his legs wide, letting Tanner penetrate him with his bareback cock while Chris yanks on his own hard dick.  Chris takes as much cock as he can while jacking off but it soon becomes too much and he blows his load with Tanner’s cock is buried inside of him! Ready to help, Chris begins licking his shaft until he’s rewarded with a cum facial!

Tanner fucks Chris Taylor Silly

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