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Paging Kaden…

by on Oct.26, 2016, under Broke Straight Boys

The Two Kaden's Fuck Raw

The Two Kaden’s Fuck Raw

You can’t have two guys named “Kaden” walking around without finding out which one reigns supreme; you just can’t. I don’t even know how to tell you about the hotness in this scene without confusing you so we’ll just have to address them by their last names. We find the two Kadens, Alexander (the vet) and Porter (the new Kaden) lying on the bed. Alexander makes it clear what he wants by pointing at his crotch. Porter gets the point and helps Alexander out of his shorts before wrapping his lips around that sweet dick. He bobs up and down on it while simultaneously swiveling his head on it. Alexander sucks wind as Porter impresses him with his oral skills. Alexander then decides to take his turn on the mic. He rips Porter’s clothes off and takes that cock in his mouth and sucks it until it’s nice and hard. The boys 69 so that they can taste each other.

Ready to get fucked, Porter lies on his back, opens his legs, and lets Alexander stick his raw cock right into his ass. From the moment Alexander begins his stokes, Porter is moaning. Alexander can’t help but to exclaim and say how good Porter’s ass is as Porter’s hole grips his dick tightly. It loosens up a little when Alexander picks on the pace and begins to really blast his ass. Porter gets on all fours and Alexander spits inside his hole before continuing to fuck the shit out of him! Please come inside to see Porter’s ass get destroyed by Alexander in this hot scene!

The Two Kadens Fuck Raw

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Mercy, please!

by on Oct.24, 2016, under Broke Straight Boys

Ronan Kennedy Fucks Junior Fernandez Raw

Ronan Kennedy Fucks Junior Fernandez Raw

I love it when guys are so horny they skip the small talk and get right to business. Ronan and Junior dive right, kissing and making out deeply before Junior makes his way down to Ronan’s beast of a cock. Ronan’s cock fills Junior’s jaws to the limit but Junior manages to take most of it. He plays Ronan’s balls while sucking and swallowing his dick. They trade roles and Ronan gets a mouth full of Junior’s dick while also playing with his tight hole, getting a preview of what’s to come.

After some amazing oral, Ronan lifts one of Junior’s legs and pushes his huge prick right up his sweet ass. Ronan is able to get more than half of his monster cock into Junior’s ass as he just pounds away with little to no regard for Junior’s insides. Junior takes as much as he can before Ronan shows mercy by pulling out. Junior’s bravery is then rewarded with a nice creamy facial. Ronan massages Junior’s chest as he rubs one out, shooting off a thick load of his own!

Ronan Kennedy And Junior Fernandez

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Euro Hunks Filip Vacek and Rick Jonas have a hot and heavy bareback session

by on Oct.24, 2016, under Randy Blue

Tattoo hunk Filip Vacek is ready to take his first raw dick. He starts by showing off his body and stripping down. Then Rick enters. He goes right for the nipples and starts to suck on them. Both of them are hard as rocks and the clothes quickly come off. Then Rick goes down on Filip deep throating him to the base of his balls. Next Filip sucks off Rick and realizes that he loves the taste of cock. Rick wants to reciprocate the hot bj with some sexy wet and slobberly rimming. Rick fingers Filip’s hole until he is ready to fit his raw cock inside. The bareback fucking is hard and deep and sexy as fuck. They do it until they are both cumming all over each other. Check out the free pics of the bareback fucking right here at Randy Blue Universe.
Featuring:   Rick JonasFilip Vacek
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Mixing it Up

by on Oct.23, 2016, under Broke Straight Boys

Chaz Berling and Zach Covington

Chaz Berling and Zach Covington

Chaz Berling and Zach Covington have a chemistry that’s is undeniable. They try to hold a brief conversation before deciding to get at each other’s lips. They trade some deep kisses, making out intensely before Chaz gets off the bed and stands above Zach and putting his cock right in Zach’s face. Zach then begins to suck in right before letting him shove his cock down his throat. Zach sucks Chaz’s sweet dick until Chaz gets on top of him and the boys 69.

Chaz wants to taste more than dick though. He turns Zach over, spreads his cheeks, and begins to eat his tasty ass. He switches from fingering and rimming that tight hole. After his tongue and finger have had their chance, Chaz decides that its time for his dick to get a chance to get in that hole. After lubing him up, Chaz fucks Zach slow and deep, letting him feel every inch of his bareback dick as it goes in and out of Zach’s hole. Zach eventually ends up on his knees and Chaz continues to blow his back out while pulling Zach’s hair and choking him at times. Chaz gets Zach on his back and fucks him until Zach shoots off a wad of cum. Chaz pulls out and adds his own to the mix.

Chaz Berling and Zach Covington

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Turning it Red

by on Oct.22, 2016, under Broke Straight Boys

Dakota Ford Fucks Ryan Fields

Dakota Ford Fucks Ryan Fields

Dakota Ford sits down on the bed and begins to kiss Ryan before going right for his cock. He eagerly sucks on it, licking his balls as he teases the tip of Ryan’s hard dick with his tongue.  Ryan forces his thick meat down Dakota’s willing throat as Dakota tries his best not to gag on it! Dakota continues to suck and handle Ryan’s prick as they undress. Once Dakota has him undressed, he slides his raw cock up Ryan’s ass! With his legs high up in the air, Ryan happily takes each thrust that Dakota delivers.

Ryan flips from his back to his stomach, letting Dakota bury that long cock in him again as he takes that dick, his ass bouncing as he gets fucked raw.  Dakota doesn’t just pound Ryan’s insides, he also bullies his outsides; smacking his ass while fucking him hard. Ryan ass is bright red before turns onto his back, spreading that ass apart and letting Dakota continue to use his ass. Ryan plays with himself while his ass is destroyed, eventually blowing a nice load! Dakota spends a little more time inside of Ryan’s ass before pulling out and shooting some hot jizz on Ryan’s chest.

Dakota Ford Fucks Ryan Fields

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Sexy Euro hunk Martin Muse fucks straight hunk Rudy Valentino raw

by on Oct.18, 2016, under Randy Blue

Rudy Valentino is a bottom virgin. Sure this straight guy has sucked da dick and fucked a guy’s ass. But he has never taken it up the butt before. And now he is about to get it. Martin muse is a ripped sexy twink that loves to top. And he is ready to take on the responsibility of popping Rudy’s cherry. They start off by getting naked and exchanging hot blow jobs. Then after some hot making out and exploring the muscles all over each other’s bodies. They start to fuck. Martin slides his raw dick in Rudy and Rudy screams out in pain and pleasure. As Rudy gets used to it, he starts to get fucked harder and harder. Until finally Rudy comes. Then Martin soon follows and busts a nut inside of him. Be sure to check out the hot creamy bareback pics for free here at the Randy Blue Universe.
Featuring:   Rudy ValentinoMartin Muse
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Ferrari Driving Through Cakes

by on Oct.14, 2016, under Broke Straight Boys

Antonio Ferrari And Kaden Alexander

Antonio Ferrari And Kaden Alexander

Antonio Ferrari and Kaden Alexander are back in the studio and they don’t want to waste any time. They get things with a steamy make out session. Kaden holds Antonio close to him as they lips continue to collide. They barely separate as they undress each other. But once Kaden has Antonio completely nude and on the bed, Kaden goes right for his big cock. He twists his mouth on it and getting it to grow. Junior just watches Kaden work as his dick grows in his mouth. Kaden provides full service with his mouth, tongue, and hand. When they finally switch, Antonio gives an equally impressive blowjob, making Kaden moan loudly.

Ready to fuck, Kaden lowers his ass onto Antonio’s shaft, riding it reverse cowboy. He doesn’t just ride, he shakes and twerks on Antonio’s hot dick. Antonio grips Kaden’s sides as he fucks him raw and deep.  Antonio places Kaden face down on the bed before pushing his dick back inside and pounding Kaden beautiful bubble butt. Antonio fucks those round bouncy cakes while holding Kaden’s arms behind his back and destroying his hole. Kaden moans in response to each deep thrust that Antonio delivers. This scene is loud, nasty, and just downright fucking hot! You’ve got to see this one for yourself.

Antonio Ferrari And Kaden Alexander

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Bisexual Bodybuilder Maxim Cermak gets a raw load from straight newcomer Tomas Fuk

by on Oct.12, 2016, under Randy Blue

Tomas Fuk walks in on Maxim Cermak jerking off his hard cock. Tomas is straight but anyone would turn gay once they got a look at the perfectly sculpted body of Maxim and his huge uncut cock and piercing blue eyes. Tomas wants to get inside of him. And Maxim is the ready and willing power bottom to give it up. First they start to make out. Then Tomas is the first to suck dick. He deep throats Maxim’s uncut member with ease. Then he lays back and lets Maxim suck on him for a while. Then there is some hot ass play and Tomas fingers and licks the hot open hole of Maxim. Then Tomas starts to fuck him. He lets Maxim sit and ride on his raw dick reverse cowboy. Then they bareback until the jizz is fucked out Maxim and Tomas unleashes a hot load inside of him. Be sure to check out the free gay porn pics of the hot gay fucking here at Randy Blue.
Featuring:   Maxim CermakTomas Fuk
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Energy to Spare

by on Oct.11, 2016, under Broke Straight Boys

Lj Richards And Oliver Saxon

Lj Richards And Oliver Saxon

So, these two obviously had a good time last night. LJ and Oliver seem like the type of dudes that can party all night and fuck all day. So let’s get to the fucking part! LJ gets things started by practically attacking Oliver face, kissing him deeply and with passion. The strip and toss their clothes as they continue to kiss and feel each other’s toned bodies. Oliver quickly finds LJ’s cock and begins to nurse himself on it. LJ’s big dick is fills Oliver’s jaws as he tries to deep throat it. As they switch roles, LJ kisses his way down to Oliver’s crotch and shows off his own oral skills. He has Oliver fully erect and ready for dick in no time.

LJ lays Oliver down and spreads his legs before penetrating his tight little hole. LJ’s big dick makes it way in and out of Oliver’s ass as he pounds him hard. Oliver moans in delight with each thrust LJ delivers. Oliver begs for more as LJ’s big dick fills him up, and the more Oliver moans the harder LJ fucks him. The boys take a break and LJ soothes Oliver’s hole by giving him a rimjob.  With his hole nice, wet, and rested, LJ pushes his cock back in and continues to fuck the shit of him. Cum inside and see how much semen is released!

Lj Richards And Oliver Saxon

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Stone Hard Cocks

by on Oct.10, 2016, under Broke Straight Boys

Kaden Porter And Junior Fernandez

Kaden Porter And Junior Fernandez

Kaden Porter and Junior Fernandez have plans to hike Stone Mountain later today. That will surely be a workout as Junior correctly points out. There’s no better warm-up for a tough hike like that than a steamy fuck session. Let’s watch these two loosen each other up. Kaden gets things started by going in for a kiss. The two make out as their clothes disappear piece by piece. Junior works his way down to Kaden’s sweet dick and begins to suck on it. He obviously loves the taste because he tries to inhale it! The boys switch places and Kaden gets a mouthful of Junior’s thick cock. He has to be imagining what it’s going to feel like when he’s in Junior’s hole.

He soon gets his chance to stop imaging and experience it firsthand. Junior gets on all fours and has his ass slowly invaded by Kaden cock. Junior lets out a loud moan as his ass loosens for Kaden. Kaden begins to destroy Junior’s ass as soon as it’s adjusted to his prick. He shows no mercy as he pounds away and drum against his guts. The boys switch positions and Kaden spreads Junior’s legs so he can continue drilling Junior’s boy pussy! Junior jacks his cock until he cums all over his chest before Kaden pulls out and sprays Junior with his own load!

Kaden Porter And Junior Fernandez

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