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Speaking of Chicken

by on Aug.25, 2016, under Broke Straight Boys

Benjamin Dover And Jason Sterling

Benjamin Dover And Jason Sterling

After a short but spirited conversation about chicken, Benjamin Dover gets today’s scene started by standing up, putting his crotch in Jason Sterling’s face and saying “you ready to get some?” Um, yeah! Jason doesn’t blink. He quickly gets Ben’s cock in his mouth and begins to work it over. He twists his head up and down the dick until is wet and hard. Ben watches with pleasure as Jason’s lips travel the length of his fleshy shaft. Jason lies back and lets Ben return the favor by blowing him. Ben sucks with vigor, only stopping to kiss Jason.

Benjamin gets on all fours on the bed and allows Jason to fill his ass with cock. Jason pounds that butt bareback while Ben jerks his own cock. Benjamin twists around to make out with Jason as he gets banged out. They flip and now its Jason’s turn to get some hard cock. He’s legs are opened up by Ben who then slides his member right inside his tight hole. Ben doesn’t take any prisoners when he fucks. He holds Jason’s neck  tightly as he forces his meat stick deeper into his guts.

Benjamin fingers Jason’s hole when he pulls out and then they flip again and when Benjamin gets topped this time but he can’t hold his cum in for very long! Once he cums Jason soon follows suit and paints himself with his own man milk.

Benjamin Dover And Jason Sterling

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We Grow ‘Em Right Down South

by on Aug.24, 2016, under Broke Straight Boys

Vincent Russo Jerks Off

Vincent Russo Jerks Off

He may be part Italian but Vincent Russo was raised down south where we know what we’re doing. He’s a former rodeo boy so you know he can perform under pressure. He’ll have to call upon those skills today as he’s going to be jacking his dick for the first time on camera. Let’s see how he does.

He takes his shirt off and gives a guided tour of the tattoos that cover his sexy chest and back before removing his shorts and showing off his ass. Vincent then moves to the bed where he gets started on his solo scene by grabbing his cock, massaging it gently as he looks into the camera with a sexy smirk.

As he strokes that cock it gets harder and harder, playing with his balls a little in between as he begins to run his hand across his shaft faster.  He gives the camera some coy smiles as he works his dick, masturbating until he lets out a few quick moans and strokes his load out onto his abdomen.  He was saving up a nice load for us! I can’t wait to see this southern charmer paired up with one of our BSB hunks.

Vincent Russo Jerks Off

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Thomas Ride creampies Marco Marcconi with his white hot cum

by on Aug.23, 2016, under Randy Blue

Marco Marcconi is sitting his chair lusting after Thomas Ride. Thomas puts on a little strip show for Marco and his audience. We all are pretty into it. He gets naked and reveals his massive pecs and humongous biceps. And by the time they both free their uncut cocks from their underwear, they already have their arms around each other. They start making out which leads to some hot blow jobs. Then after the hot knob slobbing, Marco bends over and readies his hole for a serious pounding from Thomas’ huge thick dick. He slides it in raw and they begin to bareback with fierce thrusts. Marco gets fucked really hard until they both cum ropes of white hot jiz all over each other.
Featuring:   Thomas RideMarco Marcconi
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Birthday Wishes

by on Aug.20, 2016, under Broke Straight Boys

Dakota Ford And Mikey Raw

Dakota Ford And Mikey Raw

So for my last birthday I received some awesome gift cards, a nice dinner with some friends, and an alcoholic dessert. I didn’t think to ask for some alone time with a BSB pro! That’s exactly what Mikey’s did! It’s his birthday today and he’s made a special request to have Dakota Ford. Dakota is a good guy and is more than happy to fulfill Mikey’s birthday wish and fuck his brains out.

Mikey doesn’t want a quickie so the boys begin by making out and groping each other. Dakota soon finds himself on his knees and somehow takes almost half of  Mikey’s huge cock into his mouth. He almost chokes on it and the Mikey’s snake tries to travel down his throat. I don’t know how he does it but he even takes a face fucking from Mikey and that big dick of his.

After Mikey returns the favor and blows Dakota, he gets bent over the bed and Dakota shoves his cock into his ass. His raw dick slides in and out of Mikey’s ass as he pound him over and over. Dakota grabs Mikey’s neck for leverage so that he can bury his prick in even further. Once Mikey is on top, he calls out Dakota’s name as he rides that long prick reverse cowboy style.

Mikey’s prick bounces all over as he slides up and down on Dakota’s bareback cock before  Mikey lies on his back. Dakota pushes his big dick inside again and destroys Mikey’s hole until cum and squirting from Mikey’s cock. Dakota soon follow suit, only his load finds a home right in Mikey’s ass for a rare BSB breeding! Happy Birthday!

Dakota Ford And Mikey Raw

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Silence is Golden

by on Aug.18, 2016, under Broke Straight Boys

Ryan Fields Fucks Junior Fernandez

Ryan Fields Fucks Junior Fernandez

Talking is overrated…apparently. Ryan Fields and Junior Fernandez don’t say anything to each other; they’re ready to work and put on a show. The begin by tasting each others lips before Junior’s leave Ryan’s mouth and head down to his bulging dick. He gets on his knees, wraps Ryan’s cock with his mouth, and gets to work blowing him until is standing at attention. Then its Ryan’s turn to taste dick. He not only gets a taste, he damn near tries to swallow the thing whole!

Once he’s had his fill on dick, Ryan’s lubes up as Junior gets on all fours and braces himself for what’s to come.  Ryan slides his bareback cock into Junior’s ass and immediately begins to pound away. Moans permeate the room as Junior’s ass is fucked harder and harder by Ryan. Its easy to tell that Junior’s ass has Ryan near his limit pretty early on…a nice tight ass will do that to the best of us! The boys flip over so that Junior is on his back. Ryan holds Junior’s legs in the air and digs in that tight ass with his fat cock. Junior strokes his own hard dick until he releasing a creamy load all over himself.  When Ryan sees all that jizz he pulls out paints Junior with his cum.

Ryan Fields Fucks Junior Fernandez

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Hugo Barebangs Vinicius

by on Aug.18, 2016, under BangBangBoys

Hugo and Vinicius head out to the beach to enjoy the scenery and stretch out. But the two of them are far too horny to hang outside so they go indoors and start undressing each other. Hugo has a big thick dick and Vinicius relishes shoving the whole thing into his mouth.

Hugo then lubes up Vinicius ass with his spit and his tongue before he fucks him bareback. Having his ass full of Brazilian cock is so hot Vinicius cums all over his abs. That inspires Hugo to pull his cock out and cum on Vinicius' gorgeous face - Vinicius swallowing every drop.
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Gotta Love that Bounce

by on Aug.17, 2016, under Broke Straight Boys

Benjamin Dover Fucks Tyler Griffin

Benjamin Dover Fucks Tyler Griffin

When you’ve got two guys as hot as Tyler Griffin and Benjamin Dover, you’re not going to have a prolonged conversation. Hormones will kick in, dicks will get hard, and holes will get penetrated. So I’m not surprised when just moments after the camera begins to roll, Ben asks Tyler to suck his dick. Tyler happily obliges and quickly has a mouth full of cock. He stops a couple of times to kiss Ben and gently jack his member. The boys switch roles putting Ben on his knees as he gives Tyler some deep throat service.

Tyler gets on all fours on the bed and allows Ben to push is thick sausage right into those plumps cakes of his. I absolutely love the way Tyler’s ass bounces as Ben pounds it. The sloppy skin to skin smacking sound that accompanies the bounce only adds to my excitement. Ben seems to enjoy it as well as he allows his cock to play and frolic in Tyler’s rectum. Eventually Tyler is put on his back where Ben continues to punish his insides with long hard thrusts. Tyler blows a massive load while Ben fucks his brains out. Come inside to see the unique way Ben gets off and just how much man milk he adds to the mix.

Benjamin Dover Fucks Tyler Griffin

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Luke Ward and Andy West are straight body builders that love to fuck raw

by on Aug.16, 2016, under Randy Blue

Luke Ward and Andy west are ripped as fuck. They are both jacked, juiced and stacked. This is one hot muscle fuck. They start with making out which leads to hot blow jobs of their hard uncut cocks. Then Luke fucks the hell out of Andy. He puts his raw dick inside of Andy’s straight man butt. They fuck like rabbits until finally they both cum. Andy gets a hot cream pie as Luke shoves the cum deep inside of Andy’s hole. Get the free gay porn pics of the hot bareback action here at Randy Blue Universe.
Featuring:   Andy WestLuke Ward
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So Excited

by on Aug.12, 2016, under Broke Straight Boys

Levi Jackson Fucks Zach Covington

Levi Jackson Fucks Zach Covington

Whenever you have Zach in a scene you know it’s going to be full of passion and excitement. That’s exactly what we get when this one kicks off. Zach runs out of the bathroom and jumps on the bed with glee, excited to get things started with his hot partner, Levi! The boys start to kiss deeply before stripping down to their underwear. Zach rubs on Levi’s cock through his briefs while the boys continue to make out. He kisses a trail that lead right down to it before pulling it through the piss hole and sucking on it! Levi’s cock gets wet and stiff in Zach’s mouth so he returns the favor and begins to blow Zach, also though the piss hole.

When both boys have had their fill of oral, Zach is bent over so that Levi can get in that ass. Levi pushes his way in and begins to pound away! I love watching Zach’s ass bounce as its fucked hard and fast. Zach doesn’t just Levi do all of the work, he also tosses it back and uses Levi’s cock like a toy. Levi gets Zach on his back and continues to plow his hole as Zach moans loudly, loving every inch of Levi cock. Zach climbs on top of Levi, taking full control, and rides him until his hosing him down with his hot load. Levi soon follows suit and cums all over Zach’s bubble butt!

Levi Jackson Fucks Zach Covington

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Acquiring the Taste

by on Aug.10, 2016, under Broke Straight Boys

Levi Jackson Fucks Zach Covington

Levi Jackson Fucks Zach Covington

Oliver Saxon is still new to BSB and needs to be broken in which, as you know, can only mean good things for us! Let’s see how this boy performs under John’s tutelage. They start things off by kissing and gently feeling each other up. They make out while slowing getting rid of their clothes, piece by piece until Oliver is naked and exposed. John begins this blowjob lesson by going down on Oliver first, damn near swallowing his cock. Oliver’s dick hardens as John puts in work. John slurps and licks the shaft, really showing his partner how its done.

Now it’s Oliver’s turn. He’s a little clumsy at first and doesn’t go down much. That changes when John puts his hand on the back of his head and forces him to take more down his throat. John’s cock grows rock hard as the amateur’s skills progresses in the span of seconds. He started this blowjob as a newbie, but ends it sucking like a pro!

For doing such a good job, John rewards Oliver with a chance to get some ass. John lies back on the bed and spreads his legs allowing Oliver to push his dick right into his tight hole. Oliver may not have given a blowjob before but he knows how to fuck. He digs deep as his thrusts come faster and faster. Pop on in to see just how much dick John takes before this newbie blows a hot load!

Oliver Saxon Fucks John Henry Raw

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